What CRM Does Amazon Use? (All You Need To Know)

Customer relationship management (CRM) is crucial for all successful businesses. CRM software allows modern companies to manage client communications and keep track of outreach efforts.

Considering the importance of customer relations, coupled with the rise of online shopping through huge retailers like Amazon, you may be wondering what CRM Amazon uses. I must admit I was curious about the same thing, so I looked into it more, and here is what I found out!

What CRM Does Amazon Use?

Amazon has its own in-house CRM, which is tailored to meet its comprehensive needs for both shoppers and sellers. While the e-commerce company relies on its own tech, it also has a relationship with Salesforce, which is used for innovative cloud platform solutions on Amazon Web Services.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s CRM, including how its customer relations software works and the retailer’s relationship with Salesforce, then keep reading for all the details.

What Does Amazon’s CRM Do?

Amazon is primarily known as a huge e-commerce retailer, but it’s actually a technology company with highly advanced software and innovations.

Thanks to Amazon’s rapid rise to the top of the ranks, including earning the No. 2. Spot on the Fortune 500 list, the company needs a dedicated CRM to manage all of its customer interactions.

As a shopper on Amazon’s website or app, you may have reported a problem or contacted Amazon directly for help. Basically, Amazon’s in-house CRM keeps track of all these conversations to ensure you receive the highest level of service.

In fact, Amazon’s in-house CRM software collects customer information whenever they make a purchase, and these insights are used to enhance future shopping experiences.

That’s why you may see recommended items when you visit Amazon again or even receive tailored email reminders with special sales and items you could be interested in.

Why Does Amazon Have Its Own CRM?

Why Does Amazon Have Its Own CRM?

Amazon relies on its in-house CRM to manage all customer interactions, from their first orders to direct contact with Amazon regarding problems with orders or other inquiries.

For a company as large as Amazon, it makes more sense to have a special CRM made specifically for its platform.

Remember, Amazon is a tech company, so it has the resources to create and maintain its own CRM software compared to other organizations that have less of a focus on tech development.

Amazon accounts for around 40 percent of U.S. online shopping, and as e-commerce activity continues to rise, it’s super important to have its own platform for maintaining custom communications and relations.

Rather than relying on an external CRM platform for all of its needs, Amazon maintains full control with its own technology, customized to meet the needs of its thousands of workers and millions of shoppers.

With a dedicated in-house CRM, Amazon can quickly troubleshoot tech problems and ensure its customer service representatives have around-the-clock access to customer orders and account details in case they need help.

What Are Amazon Web Services?

When thinking about Amazon’s CRM, it’s important to distinguish the main Amazon shopping website from Amazon Web Services.

While Amazon has its overarching in-house CRM for shopping, it integrates Salesforce solutions with Amazon Web Services, which is a division of the company offering cloud computing platforms for different businesses.

Startups, established businesses, and government agencies have all signed up for Amazon Web Services to power cloud database services.

Although CRM is in the company’s backend and an everyday person shopping on Amazon won’t necessarily know the difference, Amazon Web Services is more integrated with Salesforce for cutting-edge customer management.

What Is Amazon’s Relationship With Salesforce?

When you reach out to request help with an Amazon shopping order, your communication is monitored and managed via the retailer’s in-house CRM.

Amazon’s relationship with Salesforce comes into play with Amazon Web Services for entrepreneurs and businesses who need a cloud computing platform.

A global strategic partnership between Amazon Web Services and Salesforce allows developers to manage customer applications, data connections, and workflows across both platforms.

While Amazon Web Services includes video, voice, and AI, Salesforce has innovative business applications, and the combination of the two technologies helps Amazon stay in front.

Currently, this Amazon Web Services relationship with Salesforce is the only example of Amazon using an external CRM, however, these close ties mean more integrations and opportunities for CRM development may arise in the future.

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