What Did Big Lots Used to Be Called? (All You Need to Know)

Big Lots has been in the retail industry since the mid-90s, although the company’s history provides several names before the resolution to use Big Lots as the company’s brand name. 

Hence, due to the appearance of several brand names and the transformation of some popular stores into Big Lots, you might wonder: what did Big Lots used to be called? Here’s what I discovered!

What Dig Big Lots Used to Be Called In [currentyear]?

Initially, Big Lots used to be called the Consolidated Stores Corporation. The Consolidated Stores Corporation previously ran a chain of closeout stores under the brand names: Odd Lots, Big Lots, Mac Frugal’s Bargains closeouts, and Pic ‘N’ Save. Afterward, the company took advantage of Big Lots’ popularity to brand all stores as Big Lots, which it’s known as in [currentyear].

If you want to find more information on how Big Lots changed its name to become what we know of today, keep reading!

What Was the Name of Big Lots Before It Changed?

Before Big Lots obtained its name, the store was formed under the name, Consolidated Stores Corporation. Founded in 1967 by Sol Shenk, the Consolidated Stores Corporation ran a chain of closeout stores under the same name.

In 1970, the company began operating as Consolidated International Inc and launched the Odd Lots/Big Lots closeout chain in 1982.

Over the years, the company’s business operations grew rapidly, which yielded the launch of other closeout stores with different brand names.

Hence, Consolidated International Inc. had business operations under brand names such as Odd Lots, Big Lots, Pic N’ Save, and Mac Frugal’s Bargains Closeouts.

How Did Big Lots Get Its Name?

Big Lots got its name due to the popularity of the “Big Lots” brand name at a time when Consolidated International Inc. operated stores under different brand names.

Therefore, the company took advantage of this popularity to maximize general sales and the company’s revenue.

Did Pick N Save Turn Into Big Lots?

Did Pick N Save Turn Into Big Lots?

After several years of business operations, Pick N Save turned into Big Lots. Initially, Pick N’ Save Corporation operated one of the largest closeout retailers in the United States.

However, the company closed several stores due to financial troubles within the company, and later on renamed the remaining stores to Mac Frugal’s.

In 1997, the Consolidated Stores Corporation acquired Mac Frugal’s as one of its close-out stores. Later on, Pick N’ Save stores were rebranded, alongside other closeout stores by Consolidated Stores Corporation into Big Lots.

It’s important to note that the Pick N’ Save store rebranded into Big Lots is not the same store as the Pick N’ Save operating under Roundy’s Supermarkets.

When Did Pick N Save Become Big Lots?

Pick N Save became Big Lots in 2001 when the company decided to converge all store names and company identities, including Pick N’ Save, into a national brand, now known as Big Lots.

The move to rebrand into Big Lots was because the brand name had gained recognition in the retail industry. Therefore, the common name would help the company achieve a national outlook and consistency within the market space.

What Was the Store Before Big Lots?

The store before Big Lots was Consolidated International Inc. However, the current Big Lots was not rebranded from a single store, but a consolidation of several closeout stores under Consolidated International Inc.

When Did Odd Lots Become Big Lots?

According to Big Lots history, Consolidated International Inc. rebranded all of its closeout stores, including Odd Lots in 2001.

What Happened to Mac Frugal’s Before It Became Big Lots?

Before Mac Frugal’s stores became Big Lots, the company closed down some of its stores and sold the remaining Mac Frugal’s stores in 1997 to the Consolidated Stores Corporation for $995 million in stock.

However, Consolidated International Inc. converted the stores into Big Lots brands. In addition to this, the name change came with a better look and an improvement of the company’s customer service.

Furthermore, all product offerings at Mac Frugal’s remained the same.

What Did Mac Frugal’s Sell Before It Became Big Lots?

Before Mac Frugal’s became Big Lots, the store sold basic household items like houseware, food, stationery, clothing, and toys, among other items.

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Big Lots used to be called Consolidated International Inc. before the company decided to rebrand all of its closeout stores into one national brand, Big Lots. The decision to rebrand the closeout stores was due to the popularity of the name among consumers.

Other closeout stores that were rebranded into Big Lots include Odd Lots, Pick N’ Save, and Mac Frugal’s bargain closeout stores.

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