Where Is Big Lots? (All You Need to Know)

In the recent past, Big Lots has been on the frontline of opening up stores and aggressively penetrating new markets within the United States.

As a result, the company continues to gain more popularity and brand visibility. If you would like to know where Big Lots is located today, read on and find out what I discovered!

Where Is Big Lots In [currentyear]?

Big Lots is an American-based discount retailer initially founded in Ohio, with physical locations across 47 states as of [currentyear]. The company had previous operations in Canada but resorted to closing all Canadian stores to focus on the domestic market. Currently, Big Lots headquarters in Columbus, Ohio, oversees all operations in more than 1400 stores in the US.

If you want to find out more about Big Lots locations, including information on the headquarters, the states of operation, the numbers of Big Lots stores, and much more, keep reading for more facts!

Where Is the Big Lots Corporate Headquarters?

The Big Lots Corporate headquarters is located in Columbus, Ohio. The physical location of the Big Lots’ headquarters is as follows:

  • 4900 E. Dublin Granville Road
  • Columbus, OH 43081-7651
  • Phone: (614) 278-6800

Where Did Big Lots Begin?

Big Lots began in Ohio, US, and was founded by Sol Shenk in 1967. Before operating as Big Lots, the company operated as Consolidated International. Later, in 1982 it launched the Odd Lots/Big Lots chain.

Afterward, the company opened several stores with operations under Big Lots, Odd Lots, Pic ‘N’ Save, and Mac Frugal’s Bargains Closeouts until 2001 when the single identity, “Big Lots,” began.

Is Big Lots a National Chain?

Big Lots is a national chain with several stores spread across 47 states in the United States.

The company is committed to reinforcing its business operations in the American market and has no operations outside the US.

Currently, the company operates a chain of over 1400 stores within the US, with more than 35,000 associates working for the store.

The number of Big Lots stores in the national retail chain continues to proliferate.

How Many Locations Does Big Lots Have?

Big Lots has one headquarters location in Ohio, with 1429 locations in the US. These locations include stores operating within different cities in 47 American states.

Is Big Lots Available in All 50 States?

Unfortunately, Big Lots is only located in 47 US states.

However, the company is currently experiencing rampant growth, with several plans to increase the number of stores, meaning there could be stores in all 50 states in the near future.

What States Are Big Lots Stores Located In?

What States Are Big Lots Stores Located In?

Currently, Big Lots is located in the following 47 American states:

·        Alabama ·         Iowa


·         Nevada ·         South Carolina
·        Arizona ·         Kansas ·         New Hampshire ·         Tennessee
·         Arkansas ·         Kentucky ·         New Jersey ·         Texas
·         California ·         Louisiana ·         New Mexico ·         Utah
·         Colorado ·         Maine ·         New York ·         Vermont
·         Connecticut ·         Maryland ·         North Carolina ·         Virginia
·         Delaware ·         Massachusetts ·         North Dakota ·         Washington
·         Florida ·         Michigan ·         Ohio ·         West Virginia
·         Georgia ·         Minnesota ·         Oklahoma ·         Wisconsin
·         Idaho ·         Missouri ·         Oregon ·         Wyoming
·         Illinois ·         Montana ·         Pennsylvania ·         Mississippi
·         Indiana ·         Nebraska ·         Rhode Island  

How Many Big Lots Stores Are In The United States?

Currently, Big Lots has 1429 stores in the United States. The number of stores per state is as follows:

·         Alabama- 29 ·         Iowa -3 ·         Nevada-13 ·         South Carolina- 35
·         Arizona – 34 ·         Kansas -7 ·         New Hampshire-6 ·         Tennessee- 47
·         Arkansas – 11 ·         Kentucky -40 ·         New Jersey -29 ·         Texas-114
·         California – 151 ·         Louisiana -20 ·         New Mexico- 11 ·         Utah-7
·         Colorado -18 ·         Maine – 6 ·         New York – 67 ·         Vermont-4
·         Connecticut- 14 ·         Maryland – 27 ·         North Carolina- 74 ·         Virginia-42
·         Delaware – 5 ·       Massachusetts-23 ·         North Dakota-1 ·         Washington-27
·         Florida – 106 ·         Michigan -46 ·         Ohio -101 ·         West Virginia-16
·         Georgia – 50 ·         Minnesota 1 ·         Oklahoma-18 ·         Wisconsin- 9
·         Idaho -6 ·         Missouri -24 ·         Oregon – 15 ·         Wyoming-2
·         Illinois – 34 ·         Montana -3 ·         Pennsylvania-71 ·         Mississippi – 14
·         Indiana- 44 ·         Nebraska-3 ·         Rhode Island- 1  

Which State Has the Highest No of Big Lots Stores?

California has the highest number of Big Lots stores, followed by Texas and Florida, respectively. California has 151 stores (approx. 10% of total location), while Texas and Florida have 114(7%) and 106 (7%) stores, respectively.

Additionally,  California and San Diego tops the list with 4 Big Lots stores.

Which City Has the Highest Number of Big Lots Stores?

Houston city located in Texas, has the highest number of stores, with 8 Big Lots stores in Northwest Houston (2), North Houston, East Houston, Willowbrook, Museum District, Greater Heights, and Galleria. San Antonio, Texas, follows Houston with 7 Big Lots store locations.

Which States Have the Smallest Number of Big Lots Stores?

The states with the least Big Lots stores include Minnesota, North Dakota, and Rhode Island, each having only 1 Big Lots store.

The Big Lots store located in Minnesota is Blaine, while the stores in North Dakota and Rhode Island are in Bismarck and Warwick, respectively.

Which States Have No Big Lots Stores?

Hawaii, South Dakota, and Alaska are three states with no Big Lots.

The US states and territories with no Big Lots stores include Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Alaska, South Dakota, American Samoa, District of Columbia, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, and the U.S. Virgin Islands.

How Many Big Lots Are Left?

Currently, Big Lots has more than 1400 stores. Although the company closed down all stores in Canada and some underperforming stores in the US, there are plans to increase the number of stores within the US.

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Big Lots is an American-based retailer with corporate headquarters in Columbus, Ohio.

The company is primarily centered in the American market, with store locations in different cities spread across 47 states in the United States. However, plans are underway to open more store locations in the US.

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