What Does Shipped Mean on Amazon? (All You Need to Know)

With easy access to millions of items from the convenience of an online platform, Amazon has become the go-to retailer for many consumers across the world.

Sometimes, however, Amazon is vague with the status of your order. One such instance of this is when an order from Amazon says it’s “shipped.” So, what does it mean? Keep reading to find out!

What Does “Shipped” Mean on Amazon In [currentyear]?

“Shipped” on Amazon means that it has left the hands of the seller in [currentyear]. It is either with the company that’s going to ship it or it’s on its way to them. It still has to go on to your local distribution center where it’s going to be picked up by the delivery driver.

To learn all you need to know about your order’s status saying “shipped” on Amazon, including when to expect it, other related statuses you might see, and more, read on!

What Does “Shipped with Amazon” Mean?

When your order says it was shipped with Amazon, it means that it was delivered by Amazon itself through the Amazon Logistics segment.

Sometimes, an order shipped by Amazon Logistics does not say “Shipped with Amazon” but “AMZL_US” instead.

Amazon Logistics is Amazon’s last-mile delivery service, which means it’s the final service used to get packages to the customer’s address.

Amazon does not always use Logistics; rather, it’s only meant to complement the other shipping companies it uses like FedEx and UPS.

Amazon Logistics is currently not available everywhere, meaning that not every Amazon customer is likely to see the “shipped with Amazon” status.

What Does “Shipped with 4PX” Mean on Amazon?

When your order says it was shipped with 4PX, it means that the seller used 4PX to get the package to the Amazon warehouse or fulfillment center.

4PX is a warehouse and fulfillment company based in China, but with operations in several more places.

4PX’s main focus is cross-border operations, so it’s used by sellers in countries that don’t have Amazon fulfillment centers or warehouses, most of whom are based in Europe and Asia.

If your Amazon order says it’s shipped with 4PX, it was likely made in China and the seller got it directly from the manufacturer.

What Does “Delayed Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

What Does “Delayed Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

When your order on Amazon says it’s “delayed – not yet shipped” it means that there has been an error that has made it impossible to deliver your package within the estimated delivery time.

Sometimes this status is displayed due to a technical issue, and the package could still arrive on schedule.

One of the ways this happens is when the status of your order has not been updated in Amazon’s systems, but it’s moving through the process as expected.

In some cases, however, your package actually will take longer to ship.

This might be because you ordered the item when it was out of stock but the system hadn’t been updated and the company is trying to get it for you.

It could also be the result of unforeseen factors that are placing an unusual strain on the process, such as supply chain disruptions and natural disasters.

What Does “Shipped with Other” Mean on Amazon?

When your order from Amazon says it was “shipped with other,” this means that the item was delivered in the same package as something else.

This usually happens when you buy more than one item around the same time so Amazon packages them together to simplify the whole process.

Some items such as Book Box orders cannot be shipped with others, so this isn’t always a given when you buy multiple things.

Certain vendors will ship your purchases with other items if it’s something sensitive that you wouldn’t want people to know you bought.

What Does “Not Yet Shipped” Mean on Amazon?

When your Amazon order says it’s “not yet shipped,” this means that the company has received it either at the warehouse or fulfillment center but hasn’t yet sent it out from there.

It usually shows up as a result of a slower than usual workflow at the facility or human error where the status hasn’t been updated in the system.

When you see this status, it usually means that Amazon hasn’t packaged your order in boxes or logged most of the information it needs but that they don’t expect any long delays.

This is where it differs from the “delayed – not yet shipped” order status on Amazon.

When it says delayed, it means that there’s very little chance that Amazon can make the estimated delivery window.

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When an order says it’s “shipped on Amazon,” it means that the fulfillment center has either received it from the seller or that it’s on its way. When it says “shipped with Amazon” or “AMZL_US” it means it was delivered to you using Amazon Logistics.

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