Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico? (Yes, Here’s How)

One of the primary reasons Amazon is such a popular place to shop is the convenience of finding the exact product you are searching for and the insanely quick shipping times.

But, if you live in Puerto Rico, you may be curious whether you can order products from Amazon and have them delivered to your address there.

Here is everything you need to know about shipping Amazon packages to Puerto Rico!

Does Amazon Ship Products To Puerto Rico?

Amazon does ship most products to Puerto Rico. The shipping costs to Puerto Rico range between $7 and $12 (or free for Prime members), and FedEx, DHL, or the USPS will deliver the orders. Most products on Amazon qualify for shipment to Puerto Rico, which customers can see on the checkout page. 

Keep reading to discover more about the shipping process for Amazon orders entering Puerto Rico!

What Items Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico?

Most products that are shipped within the United States can also be shipped to Puerto Rico at an inexpensive rate.

If you do not use the designated international product page on Amazon, you may not discover that some products are ineligible until you reach the checkout page.

Customers can start their product search with the Amazon international product page to avoid wasting time with items that do not ship outside the United States.

This page filters out any of the USA-only products that cannot be shipped to Puerto Rico.

Even after applying this filter, some products, like certain electronics, are restricted from entering Puerto Rico because of government regulations.

However, Amazon will notify you before making any payments whether or not the products are eligible for shipping.

How Do You Get Amazon Purchases Delivered To Puerto Rico?

To ensure that any product you find on Amazon can be shipped to Puerto Rico, you must set your address in Puerto Rico as your default address.

To check if your Puerto Rican address is your default address, you must go to your ‘Purchase Preferences’ to see which address is the default.

If your default address is not your Puerto Rican address, go into your settings and save the new changes.

Additionally, it helps if you are an Amazon Prime member when it comes to getting packages delivered to Puerto Rico.

When you are an Amazon Prime member, you have access to a broader array of products and faster shipping options.

Are There Additional Ways To Get Amazon Packages Delivered To Puerto Rico?

Does Amazon Ship To Puerto Rico

One other way to get a package delivered from Amazon to Puerto Rico is to use a package forwarder like Planet Express. A package forwarder requires you to open an account with the company.

After creating an account, the package forwarder will accept your Amazon purchases at their warehouse in the United States and forward them to you in Puerto Rico.

Usually, package forwarders will send you notifications directly to your email or smartphone on the whereabouts of your order.

Once your package arrives at the forwarder’s warehouse in the United States, you can select the shipping time (either standard or priority) and whether you want insurance on your package.

Usually, companies like FedEx or DHL provide shipping for products entering Puerto Rico.

Additionally, insurance on packages is only recommended if you are shipping an expensive product.

However, you can always opt for insurance coverage if you want.

How Much Does Shipping Cost To Deliver Amazon Packages To Puerto Rico?

The shipping costs Amazon charges to have packages delivered to Puerto Rico vary depending on the package’s size and how much it weighs.

However, the shipping charges usually range between $7 and $12 for the average package.

Additionally, some package forwarder companies allow you to calculate the shipping cost before placing your order!

Unfortunately, no free shipping options exist to have Amazon orders delivered to Puerto Rico.

Who Is Responsible For Delivering Amazon Packages To Puerto Rico?

The United States Postal Service delivers most of the packages sent to Puerto Rico.

However, some of the other boxes are delivered through FedEx or DHL.

The delivery service depends on what company manufactures the product or what service the Amazon seller uses.

How Long Does It Take Amazon Packages To Get To Puerto Rico?

If you are an Amazon Prime member, almost all of your orders to Puerto Rico will be eligible for free shipping.

However, Prime’s two-day shipping Amazon advertises in the United States is not possible for most orders going to Puerto Rico.

Instead, Amazon guarantees Prime members in Puerto Rico will receive their order between three and seven days via ‘Parcel Pool.’

The United States Postal Service provides Parcel Pool, and you can pay an extra fee for expedited shipping. If you are not an Amazon Prime member, some orders may take up to two weeks to ship.

Customers who have ordered Amazon packages to Puerto Rico in the past report the average time it takes to receive an order is between 10 and 14 days.

If you want to know more about Amazon’s services, you can also read our related articles on how Amazon ships products so fast, if Amazon delivers to Mexico, and if Amazon ships to Alaska.


You must set your home address in Puerto Rico as your default address on Amazon to have your orders delivered to Puerto Rico.

The cost to ship Amazon orders to Puerto Rico usually ranges between $7 and $12 but can be higher depending on the weight and size of the item.

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  1. Many things are correct in your article however, for some address Amazon takes up to a month before articles are delivered with Prime membership. The confusion I see from Amazon is that when an address says Box it is assumed that it is a PO Box and automatically categorized and flagged for parcel pool. However many rural addresses in PR (start with HC because it is a contracted route) say box. That is a bummer because then packages that should only take 3 to 5 days are taking in some cases between 15 to 22 days to get here.
    Another thing and I think Amazon is fully responsible for this is that they are waiting at times 2 weeks to even ship an article that is for a rural address.
    I know this is the case because I ordered an article for me and then proceeded to order the same article again with an address in town and while mine took 18 days to arrive the one with the town address only took 4 days.
    It is also exclusively an Amazon problem because Walmart and many other stores are NOT doing parcel pool and are delivering in a very reasonable time.

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