What Happens If You Fail the Walmart Assessment Test?

If you have recently applied for a job at Walmart and failed your assessment, you may be wondering what happens next. Are you out of luck, or will a retake be available for you?

Because it’s one of the top employers in the country, I wondered the same thing and researched this topic. Keep reading to learn more about what happens when you fail the Walmart Assessment!

Walmart Assessment Failed

Applicants who fail the Walmart Assessment will have the opportunity to retake the examination after six months but will not be eligible for employment until a passing score is received. At Walmart, the assessment is taken on the computer and tests subjects like math and reading comprehension. Also, the Walmart Assessment asks straightforward questions with easy-to-find answers.

Rather than be discouraged if you fail your Walmart Assessment, read on to learn more about what to do after failing and receive helpful tips for your next try!

Why Is Walmart’s Job Applicant Assessment Required For Employment?

Potential Walmart employees must take an assessment test that measures their aptitude in five areas: math, reading comprehension, problem-solving, sentence skills, and vocabulary.

Essentially, managers can provide applicants with the right opportunities to be successful based on the test results.

That said, this assessment helps managers understand applicants’ natural talents, communication style, natural work orientation, and how applicants interact with others.

Although the exam does not have a graded score, applicants must pass each section to be considered for employment with Walmart.

With that, applicants who fail or do not take the exam will not be considered for employment.

Moreover, Walmart’s requirement for applicants is to ensure they can complete tasks like counting inventory and processing invoices quickly and accurately.

Is the Walmart Assessment Test Hard?

Applicants may wonder if the Walmart Assessment exam is challenging.

No, the Walmart Assessment Test is not considered too hard, as the questions are straightforward, and the answers are easy to find.

To not show any bias, the Walmart assessment test is designed to provide fair, equal access to potential employees, ensuring that the hired people are best suited for the position.

How Do I Find Out If I Passed the Walmart Assessment Test?

Since the Walmart Assessment is a computer-based test, applicants immediately know whether they have passing or failing scores once the exam is complete.

For example, those who pass will receive a green passing notification, and those who fail receive a notification in red.

Do You Have To Pass the Walmart Assessment To Be Hired?

Since the Walmart assessment is a test that aims to determine whether a candidate is a good fit for Walmart, applicants must receive a passing score before moving on in the selection process.

Am I Able To Retake the Walmart Assessment?

Am I Able To Retake The Walmart Assessment?

After receiving a failing score, applicants can retake the exam after six months but need to re-apply for an open position. 

What Should I Know Before Retaking My Walmart Assessment?

If you cannot get past the Walmart assessment, it will be a huge stumbling block because managers will doubt you possess the skills to make you a successful Walmart associate.

However, Walmart is constantly hiring, so applicants have multiple chances to re-apply and retake the assessment.

Before choosing to retake your exam, it’s helpful to do additional preparation to avoid missing points on your next attempt.

Since this test is an essential step in the hiring process, it is necessary to take it seriously. Below are some of the common mistakes applicants make when taking this assessment test.

  • Not taking the test seriously
  • Choosing not to review the online training
  • Choosing not to complete any practice assessments before taking the real one

What Type Of Questions Will Be On My Walmart Assessment Retake Test?

Depending on the position you are applying for, you will be given a situational assessment to determine problem-solving skills related to that role.

That said, applicants will need to review a situation and rank the responses from least to most effective.

For success on these situational assessments, it’s essential to understand basic customer service skills as addressed in the training modules that have been made available to you.

Given that the exam also includes testing basic mathematics, reading, and vocabulary skills, it’s also helpful to give yourself a refresher in these areas before retesting.

Since these tests are pretty generic, it is simple to find free test guides like this online.

Also, these types of guides have practice questions and come with valuable tips.

So, a few tips I found include:

When you have a difficult math question, round up numbers to make them easier to manage. For example, if you are given the following question:

Larry invested a third of his $6,216 earnings in the stock market. What was the size of his investment?

  1. $879
  2. $2,072
  3. $2,804
  4. $3,120

Although you may not know what $6,216 divided by three is, you can probably manage to calculate $6,000 divided by three in your head.

Since $6,000 divided by three is $2,000, it’s safe to estimate that the answer should be slightly above this, making $2,072 the correct answer.

Similarly, reading comprehension tests use methods of approximation to find answers.

So, don’t stress if you are asked to find the meaning of words and are unfamiliar with the word.

For example, try finding connections between the other words.

So, let’s say the test asks you to find the word that doesn’t belong among creek, spring, tributary, pool, and pond, but you don’t know what a tributary is.

As you can see, creeks, springs, and ponds are all-natural bodies of water, although you know a pool is manufactured.

Therefore, even if you have no clue what a tributary is, you know a pool is different from the majority.

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