What Happens When USPS Loses an Amazon Package? (Guide)

Nothing is more frustrating than waiting patiently for a package to arrive, only for it to get lost. Unfortunately, it does happen, especially when Amazon uses one of its third-party shipping partners like USPS.

Well, in this article, we’ll explain why Amazon is shipping with USPS, and what you can do if USPS loses your Amazon package. Keep reading to find out more!

What Happens When USPS Loses an Amazon Package In [currentyear]?

When USPS loses an Amazon package, it’s best to contact Amazon’s customer service first. A representative may be able to track your package or start the replacement/refund process if it’s been more than 36 hours since the planned delivery date. In most cases, Amazon will refund your payment within 2 to 3 days in [currentyear].

To learn more about what to do if USPS loses your Amazon package, and more, keep on reading!

Does Amazon Deliver with USPS?

Before answering questions about what to do when USPS loses an Amazon package, it’s important to understand why USPS had your package in the first place.

After all, doesn’t Amazon have entire fleets of little blue vans for making deliveries?

While Amazon does have more than 70,000 semi-trucks and vans, the retailer also depends on FedEx, UPS, and USPS for many of its deliveries.

In fact, USPS completes 30% of Amazon’s last mile deliveries.

Amazon partners with USPS because it allows the eCommerce giant to ship to an extensive delivery network for cheap.

That’s because USPS has an organizational imperative to deliver to every address in the United States, even the most remote (and consequently, the most expensive) ones.

Therefore, Amazon is able to reach every address in USPS’ network, while keeping its own delivery costs down.

What If USPS Loses an Amazon Package?

What If USPS Loses an Amazon Package?

If you notice that your Amazon package was supposed to be delivered by USPS, but that something has gone wrong, you have a few options.

Before doing anything else, make sure to thoroughly look around your home or apartment for your package.

Check under bushes, at the back, or ask neighbors if they picked up your package.

If that doesn’t yield any results, call Amazon’s customer service at 1-888-280-4331 and speak with a customer service representative.

Representatives are available to take your call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

A third option is to wait 36 hours after the expected delivery date and time to file a missing package claim. You can file a claim here.

Usually, Amazon will either send you a replacement item, or issue a refund to your original mode of payment.

How Do I Complain to Amazon About USPS?

If you’ve had repeated incidents with USPS losing your Amazon packages, it’s tempting to complain.

You can do so by reporting the incident to Amazon’s delivery customer service number at 1-844-311-0406.

Representatives are available 24/7 to listen to your complaint and offer a solution.

In most cases, you’ll have the choice between receiving a replacement item or getting a refund.

You can also try talking with your local post office about the delivery issues you’ve experienced.

Depending on the post office, the employees may be able to take your concerns under consideration, and improve their service on future deliveries.

Can You Request That Amazon Not Use USPS?

It seems like it may be possible to request an alternate carrier for your Amazon packages; however, success seems rather unlikely.

That’s because Amazon partners with many sellers, all of whom set their own shipping practices.

So, if you order an item from a company that only ships with USPS, then Amazon is unable to fulfill your request to ship with an alternate carrier.

Similarly, even if you buy something that’s coming from an Amazon fulfillment center, USPS may be the only shipping option based on the cost to ship, the size of your item, and where you live.

Think of it this way- Amazon wants to get as many orders as possible out the door while maintaining its reputation as a fast shipping service.

If that means USPS makes the delivery, then USPS will make the delivery, regardless of how much that might annoy customers.

That being said, if you live in an urban area, or are willing to pay more for overnight shipping, then there’s a good chance that USPS won’t end up completing your delivery.

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Hundreds of thousands of Amazon packages are delivered by USPS every single day. However, there are plenty of incidents where things don’t go as planned.

So, if USPS loses your Amazon package, try waiting a few days, then if nothing shows up, contact Amazon about a refund or a replacement. Amazon’s customer service is available 24/7 to help and usually offers a good solution.

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