What is 711’s Dress Code? (Uniforms, Colored Hair + Other FAQs)

When you are looking to get a job, the dress code may be an essential part of the deciding process. If you’re considering working at 711, then you may be wondering what the dress code is.

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What is 711’s Dress Code In 2024?

Since each 711 location varies widely, it all depends on the owner of the store in 2024. Some stores are rather strict, while others just want you to look professional. Therefore, you’ll need to ask the specific store regarding the dress code policy. However, usually, it includes black slacks, and many stores provide the uniform.

For more information on tattoos and piercings, take a look below.

What is the 711 Dress Code?

Usually, 711 will provide a uniform to its employees (which is great if you’re trying to get out of buying your own).

Additionally, this uniform consists of black slacks and a 711 shirt. However, other stores provide white polo shirts instead of the 711 shirts.

Furthermore, black shoes are usually requested, but you often have to purchase these yourself.

All stores are independently run. Therefore, the exact dress code does vary widely from store to store. However, most will model its employees off other 711 dress codes.

Can You Have Head Tattoos Working at 711?

Most 711 stores allow head tattoos and other tattoos. However, because they are all independently run, the exact policy will vary from store to store.

With that said, most stores that allow tattoos will also allow you to get tattoos while working without risking your job.

Furthermore, most stores also allow other accessories and piercings as well.

However, if you’re worried, we highly recommend that you ask your management beforehand.

Can 711 Employees Wear Capri-Length Pants?

Can 711 Employees Wear Capri-Length Pants?

Once again, this varies, some stores will allow employees to wear shorts. However, others will not, it all depends on the manager and owner of the store.

There are many reports of some stores allowing you to wear capris, while some others do not.

Are 711 Employees Allowed to Wear Shorts?

Usually, they do not allow you to wear shorts. However, if you are in an especially hot area and have flexible management, they may allow you to wear them.

Furthermore, while they may not officially allow shorts, some stores may not punish employees for wearing them.

Does 711 Hire People with Face Tattoos?

711 does not have a national dress code, so it depends largely on what the owner chooses. Usually, they will have the same general dress code (such as the black slacks).

However, beyond that, it depends largely on the individual owner.

Some stores may be more conservative and not allow face tattoos (or piercings).

However, some other stores may be more lenient and allow them. When in doubt, it is best to ask, especially because there is no company-wide policy.

Does 711 Allow Colored Hair?

Once again, it does depend on the exact location. However, many will allow you to have unnaturally colored hair, It all just depends on the owner.

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711 is a franchised company. Therefore, the dress code will vary from store to store. Some of them are very lenient, while others provide a very strict code. For instance, while some allow head tattoos and piercings, others do not.

Luckily, many stores do provide the uniform (except the shoes). Therefore, you usually do not have to purchase the uniform with your own money. However, there have been cases where the store requires you to buy them yourself.

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