What Is 711’s Minimum Hiring Age? (All You Need To Know)

711 is one of the most popular convenience stores around the country. Therefore, it is an entry-level job that requires little previous job history, so working at 711 may look like the perfect job for a teenager or someone entering the job force for the first time.

However, it isn’t odd for stores to have minimum hiring ages, which restrict teenagers from applying. To find out if 711 fits in this category, take a look at the rest of the article below!

What Is 711’s Minimum Hiring Age In 2024?

711 usually does not hire anyone under the age of 18, as they often sell alcohol in stores as of 2024. Many states have laws restricting teenagers from selling alcohol, which is a serious problem for 711. However, local laws do vary, so the minimum hiring age at 711 may vary as well.

For information on specific ages and different state laws, keep reading!

Does 711 Hire 15-year-olds?

Unfortunately, 711 sells too many tobacco products to hire anyone as young as 15.

While it would be possible for them to hire a 15-year-old for a non-cashier job, it would be irresponsible for the store to allow a 15-year-old to handle tobacco products.

Plus, 711 stores often only have one employee working at a time. Therefore, this scheduling would not be possible if one of the workers was only 15.

Based on this, 711 stores have simply decided that it is better to not hire 15-year-olds at all.

Does 711 Hire 16-year-olds?

711 does not hire 16-year-olds either. These teenagers would be unable to handle the alcohol and tobacco products that 711 stores often carry, which would not allow them to do their job.

In fact, 711 could get in legal trouble if they hired a 16-year-old to work at its store. In many states, it is illegal to hire someone under 18 if the store sells tobacco or alcohol products.

Does 711 Hire 17-year-olds?

In most 711 stores, the company will not hire 17-year-olds, either.

In all states, the minimum age for selling beer is 18. Therefore, 17-year-olds would not be allowed to handle any of the alcohol.

In some areas, it is even illegal to have a 17-year-old on staff if the store carries alcohol.

Occasionally, stores may make an exception if that specific 711 does not carry alcohol.

However, many stores still carry tobacco and vaping products, which may restrict the ages it can hire, as well.

Does 711 Hire 18-year-olds?

Does 711 Hire 18-year-olds?

Most 711 stores will hire those over the age of 18. For the most part, this is the minimum age required to handle and sell tobacco and alcohol.

Therefore, this is the youngest employee that a 711 store can hire.

However, this may not be the case for all 711 stores. For instance, in Utah, the minimum age to sell alcohol is 21.

Therefore, 711 stores in Utah that sell alcohol will not be able to hire anyone until they are 21.

With that said, the Utah law also states that those aged 17 to 20 can sell alcohol for off-premise drinking.

However, someone over the age of 21 must supervise them. Therefore, it is still not often possible for 711 to hire those under 21, as there is sometimes only one employee at the store.

Some other states may have similar laws (like Kentucky and Indiana), which may complicate 711 hiring anyone who is 18.

What is the Youngest Age You Can Work at 711?

To work at 711, you must be at least 18 years old. As the company does not offer jobs to teenagers, only adults.

For the most part, this is likely because it sells alcohol and tobacco. Therefore, teenagers cannot legally work at most 711 stores.

Furthermore, since this age minimum is due to local and federal laws, you are unlikely to find exceptions to the rule.

Even if you are only a few months from turning 18, the store will likely wait until you are 18 to hire you.

By providing an age minimum at 18, the store prevents any confusion over who can sell what.

Therefore, if a 17-year-old accidentally sold cigarettes or another restricted item to someone, the store could face legal trouble.

So, from the store’s point of view, it is simply much easier to have only adult employees.

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For the most part, 711 does not hire anyone under the age of 18. However, the store may rarely make an exception for a 17-year-old if local laws allow it (like it does in Maine). With that said, some other stores may have higher minimum ages.

Furthermore, some state laws don’t allow anyone under 20 to sell alcohol. In these states, 20 would be the minimum age to work at 711. Though, if your local 711 does not carry alcohol, then the minimum age is a bit different.

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