Does 711 Hire Felons? (Must Read Before Applying)

When you’re a felon, getting a job can be difficult. Therefore, If you’re interested in getting a job at 711 but are concerned about your background you might be wondering, does 711 hire felons?

We looked into 711’s felony hiring policy, so keep reading to find out what we’ve discovered!

Does 711 Hire Felons In 2024?

711 is a franchise company, therefore, its policies differ substantially from store to store in 2024. Some have no problem hiring felons, while others might. It all depends on the owner and the manager of that particular store. However, if they do hire felons, be sure you enter the process prepared as it can be challenging.

For more information on getting hired as a felon at 711, keep reading!

What Are the Odds of 711 Hiring a Felon?

Each 711 store is independently owned (though some individuals may own multiple stores).

However, there are few company-wide policies so it’ll be up to the owner of that particular 711 if it wants to hire a felon.

Does 711 Support Any Felon-Hiring initiatives?

There are several policies and pledges that support the hiring of felons. For instance, the Fair Chance Business Pledge promotes eliminating barriers for those that have a criminal record.

Therefore, this policy allows felons and others a chance for employment.

Furthermore, the Fair Chance Pledge is another initiative that promotes welcoming formerly incarcerated people into the community.

However, 711 is not on any of these lists and has not taken any pledges. With that said, things are a bit more complicated because this company franchises.

Therefore, each store is independently owned. So some owners may support hiring felons, while others will not.

Does 711 Do Background Checks?

Does 711 Do Background Checks?

Based on the information we gathered, it appears that most stores do not do background checks.

However, because each store is independently owned, it varies from store to store.

Additionally, those that do run them usually run your background back five years. However, we don’t know how they consider crimes that do show up.

While many people imagine that there is a national 711 policy on background checks, there is not.

Therefore, we highly recommend that you ask your local store if you are particularly concerned.

Does 711 Hire People with Misdemeanors?

Some stores readily hire those with a criminal history, however, others do not.

The overarching company does not have its own policy and does not require any stores to take a particular stance on the matter.

How To Get Fired at 711 with a Felony?

711 does not require previous experience, so they do not require you to have a resume.

However, you may still want to provide one that takes your felony into account.

Moreover, there are several ways to go about this. While it isn’t necessary, it is recommended when you have a felony that you need to explain a little bit about what happened.

Furthermore, if they are running a background check, we recommend being forthcoming about your past.

Additionally, there are lots of guides online about getting hired as a felon. We recommend reading as many as you can and taking their suggestions into account.

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711 does not have any official guidelines regarding hiring felons. As a franchised company, it all depends on the owner, different owners have different policies.

We highly recommend that you ask if you are concerned about your past getting in the way. Furthermore, most stores will work with you, especially if you are proactive and approach the situation with confidence.

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