What Is A Dairy Queen Blizzard? (All You Need To Know)

One of the most popular items to ever appear on the Dairy Queen menu, Blizzards, has become a classic treat enjoyed across the globe.

But what exactly is a Dairy Queen Blizzard? This article will give you all the information you’ll need on these famous frozen treats!

What Is A Dairy Queen Blizzard In [currentyear]?

A Dairy Queen Blizzard is a treat made with soft serve and various candy or chocolate toppings as of [currentyear]. The toppings are blended in, creating a thick consistency. Blizzards are often served upside down, a testament to just how thick the soft serve is in those blue Dairy Queen cups.

Keep reading to learn more about how Blizzards work and why you might like to try one!

Is A Blizzard A Milkshake?

Although they are both served in cups and made with soft serve, Blizzards and milkshakes are not the same.

That said, milkshakes are blended with added milk and additional flavors, while Blizzards are essentially DQ soft serve with chocolate, candy, or other toppings mixed in.

At Dairy Queen, milkshakes come in seven or eight standard flavors at participating locations, including chocolate, hot fudge, vanilla, peanut butter, caramel, banana, and strawberry.

In contrast, Blizzards come in many more varieties. Also, Blizzards are a lot thicker than milkshakes and have chunks of sweet toppings mixed in.

Overall, it’s a distinct treat invention that has become famous for good reason.

What Is Dairy Queen’s Most Popular Blizzard?

The most popular Blizzard flavor in the US is the Oreo Cookie Blizzard; it’s a classic combination of flavors and textures that people can’t get enough of.

In Asia, the most popular Blizzard flavor is Green Tea, which is not available in America.

Why Do Blizzards Not Fall Out Of The Cup?

One reason why DQ Blizzards always stay in the cup is the amount of air added in when frozen.

For example, the added air and lower milk fat content allow the soft serve to have the proper viscosity to settle into the cup and stay there.

Also, another reason DQ soft serve doesn’t fall out of the cup is the relatively warm temperature at which it is stored.

That said, while most ice cream is kept extra cold, Dairy Queen soft serve is kept at 23 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, the higher temperature allows the soft serve to properly move as it is poured into the cup. Then, it is blended with the toppings, and more air is added, making it thick and sturdy.

Why Do You Flip A Blizzard?

Why Do You Flip A Blizzard?

Dairy Queen’s pledge to serve every Blizzard upside down is a promotional strategy for its popular soft-serve treats.

Essentially, the company is so confident that the Blizzard won’t fall out of the cup that it has made a guarantee.

What Happens If An Employee Doesn’t Flip Your Blizzard?

If a DQ employee forgets to tip your Blizzard upside down before serving it, you’ll get a coupon for a free blizzard on your next visit.

But, you may come across a DQ location here and there that doesn’t participate in the Blizzard flipping protocol. However, most locations do participate.

What Are The Blizzard Sizes?

Dairy Queen Blizzards come in four different sizes; mini, small, medium, and large. Additionally, some locations may also have a jumbo size.

How Big Is A Small Blizzard At Dairy Queen?

A small Dairy Queen Blizzard contains about 12 ounces, which is twice as much as the mini size, containing only six ounces.

What Size Blizzard Is The Best Value?

Mathematically, the best value you can get in a Blizzard is a large size. For example, at just about $0.31 per ounce, it’s the best price out of any Blizzard size.

What Is A Royal Blizzard?

Royal treats include various items on the Dairy Queen menu. At participating locations, you can get a Royal Blizzard, which is a Blizzard with a filling down the middle.

Moreover, the Royal Blizzard flavors are New York Cheesecake and Ultimate Choco Brownie, and the fillings for each are strawberry and cocoa fudge, respectively.

Also, the Royal Blizzards come in all the same sizes as the standard Blizzards, but the only difference is the filling inside.

When Did Dairy Queen First Serve Blizzards?

The DQ Blizzard first came out in 1985, and the idea is credited to a franchisee from Missouri named Samuel Temperano.

Further, he owned 67 Dairy Queen stores and came up with the idea for Blizzards when an ice cream competitor started selling frozen custard.

What Does The Hawaiian Blizzard Have In It?

The Hawaiian Blizzardwas discontinued from most official menus. However, it is still possible to order at some Dairy Queen stores as a secret menu item or sometimes a location-specific item.

That said, it consists of a vanilla soft serve with coconut, banana, and pineapple blended in. Not all locations will carry these ingredients, but it won’t hurt to try.

Remember, each franchise location is individually owned and operated, so specific menu items will vary.

What Is In A Banana Split Blizzard?

The Banana Split Blizzard is an item available at some Dairy Queen locations.

Further, it is made with strawberries, pineapple, bananas, and chocolatey topping blended in DQ’s soft serve.

Also, you can order it as a custom Blizzard at locations that sell banana splits.

Can You Build Your Own Blizzard At Dairy Queen?

Creating your own Blizzard at Dairy Queen is easy to do. That said, simply order a Vanilla Blizzard and add in any toppings you’d like!

Also, extra toppings are an additional $0.59 per topping.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Dairy Queen makes custom cakes, does Dairy Queen has chocolate ice cream, and does Dairy Queen has smoothies.


Blizzards are one of the most popular items at Dairy Queen and are made with vanilla soft serve and added toppings and are almost always tipped upside down before serving.

Also, they differ from milkshakes because they contain fewer ingredients and are thicker and chunkier.

Moreover, there are many different Blizzard flavors, including seasonal flavors and location-specific creations.

Finally, you can also order a custom Blizzard by adding whichever toppings you’d like.

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