What Is A Facebook Recovery Code? (Your Full Guide)

It happens to everyone: you try to log into your Facebook account only to realize that you completely forgot the password. Sometimes, you may even forget the username, too. 

Luckily, Facebook provides you with many ways to recover your account. For example, one of these is with a Facebook recovery code. Furthermore, let’s take an in-depth look at these codes below!

What Is A Facebook Recovery Code In [currentyear]?

A Facebook recovery code is used during account recovery and two-step authentication in [currentyear]. Usually, this code is sent to your phone and then typed into the Facebook website to access your account. Furthermore, because this code is sent to your phone, the company uses them to ensure that it is you logging into your account. 

For information on how to get this code and more, keep reading! 

How Do I Find My Facebook Recovery Code?

Finding your Facebook recovery code requires taking several steps. Unlike other features, the code is buried in the settings. 

Therefore, first, you need to open the menu, and you can do this by tapping the three lines near the top right corner of the Facebook app. 

Next, scroll until you find the settings option. Once in settings, tap Security and Login. 

After that, you’ll have the option to select two-factor authentication. 

This option will require two steps when logging in, which is helpful if you’re worried about someone getting into your account. 

Once that option is changed, the account will ask you to log in again. 

Then, after your password has been entered, you can tap continue. Now, there should be an option to get your recovery codes.

Furthermore, these codes are for when you do not have your phone with you, such as if it is lost or you’re traveling. 

Additionally, these codes appear in bulk, which means that you’ll have many login options at a time. 

However, you’ll want to use the first code first, the second code second, and onwards. 

Does Facebook Send a Recovery Code?

If you have two-factor authentication on, Facebook will automatically send a recovery code every time you try to log in. 

Additionally, for those with business accounts, this two-step login helps ensure that your account stays safe. 

Generally, having this turned on is recommended, however, not everyone wants to deal with two different steps to log in, so Facebook has it turned off by default. 

Luckily, you can turn it on in settings at any time. 

Furthermore, if you lose your account, there are several ways that you can get it back. 

For instance, one of these ways is using the “trusted contact” feature. 

Simply put, this feature allows you to select three to five of your Facebook friends. 

Then, if you ever need access to your account, your friends can generate codes on their Facebook accounts and give them to you. 

Facebook does not directly contact friends. Instead, the friends must generate codes on their account and then give them to you on a different platform (usually via texting or messaging). 

However, this method has been linked with several phishing incidents.

Luckily, though, there are other ways to access your account, such as sending a message to your email or phone. 

Of course, all of these methods must be set up ahead of time since Facebook must have your phone number or email on file.  

How Do I Find My 6-Digit Facebook Code?

How Do I Find My 6-Digit Facebook Code?

If you lose access to your account or have two-factor verification turned on, Facebook may ask for a code to login into your account. 

Usually, this code is directly sent as a text message to the phone number on file. 

On some devices, you’ll need to type in this code into the box provided. 

However, other times, simply pressing the code will allow you to login. (Newer phones often have this feature.)

Additionally, you may be able to utilize a third-party app that is associated with your Facebook account to receive this code. 

Often, this is useful if you don’t have a phone number associated with your account. 

Furthermore, you can use a printed recovery code, however, you’ll need to get these codes from your account beforehand. 

This is because they cannot be gotten without logging in, so they aren’t extremely helpful after the fact. 

How Can I Recover my Facebook Password Without a Code?

Using a code is the primary way Facebook allows users to access their accounts. Therefore, if you can’t get a code, things can get a bit complicated. 

Fortunately, if you have an email associated with the account, you can have a link sent to that email.

This link allows you to reset your Facebook password, assuming you can access the email account. 

Sadly, for security reasons, the phone you use for the two-step verification cannot be used to retrieve a lost password. 

Therefore, you’ll need a different phone number or email address on the account to reset your password. 

Additionally, for those still having trouble, Facebook does have other options for accessing your account. 

However, these usually involve going through their customer service team, which can be a bit more complicated than the other options. 

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Like many websites today, Facebook recovery codes are utilized to ensure that you are logging into your account. Furthermore, the company uses these codes for two-factor authentication and account recovery. 

However, you’ll need to use two different phones for each of these purposes. Additionally, for security reasons, you can’t use your same phone number for both two-factor authentication and account recovery. Luckily, you can use your email for account recovery, as well. 

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