What Is Amazon Day? (All You Need To Know)

One factor that attracts many people to Amazon is the insanely fast delivery times. For example, some products can be delivered to your house as soon as a day!

If you’ve been on Amazon recently, you might have noticed Amazon Day and asked, what is Amazon Day, and how do I use it? I was curious about the same thing, so I looked into the topic further. Here’s everything I uncovered!

What Is Amazon Day In [currentyear]?

Amazon Day is a free delivery option where Prime members can choose up to two preferred days of the week (Monday through Saturday) to receive orders they place throughout the week in a single bundle as of [currentyear]. Most products qualify for Amazon Day shipping, making shopping more convenient and reducing Amazon’s overall carbon footprint. 

If you want to learn more about Amazon Day, how you select it as a shipping option, why Amazon introduced it, and much more, then keep on reading! I’ve looked into everything you need to know!

What Is Amazon Day?

Amazon Day is a delivery option available for Amazon Prime members where they can choose up to two preferred days of the week for receiving items.

Then, when a customer places an order throughout the week with Amazon Day delivery, their orders are delivered on the preferred days.

Along with Amazon Day, Prime members can still access same-day, two-day, and no-rush shipping options.

That said, Amazon Day is simply another choice for Prime customers regarding delivery options.

Who Can Use Amazon Day?

Any Amazon customer with a Prime membership can use Amazon Day at no additional cost. With that, Amazon Day is most attractive to customers who regularly place orders on Amazon.

So, if you are not in a rush to receive your items, Amazon Day is a convenient shipping option.

Additionally, Amazon Day is perfect for people who like or need to be home when receiving their packages.

Are All Items Eligible For Amazon Day?

No, every product that Amazon sells is not available for Amazon Day. However, most items eligible for Prime Delivery or shipped by Amazon are eligible for Amazon Day.

That said, if a product is not available on Amazon Day, the website will indicate this during checkout.

Also, although most Prime Delivery products qualify for Amazon Day, it is still important to double-check when you finalize your purchase.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Amazon Day?

Amazon Day can have several advantages if you are already an Amazon Prime day and frequently place orders from the eCommerce giant.

All Products Arrive Together

With Amazon Day, you have the opportunity to receive all your items on the same day, as Amazon combines your orders whenever it is possible.


Amazon Day strives to make shopping as convenient as possible. So, you can continuously add products throughout the week and have them delivered when you schedule.

Additionally, when you use Amazon Day, you gain early access to special deals, Prime exclusive brands, and video and music streaming services.

Makes Shopping Predictable

Perhaps the most desirable benefit of using Amazon Day is predictability.

For example, you know exactly when your products will arrive no matter when you placed your order when you have Amazon Day.

Therefore, you do not have to guess or worry about when your orders are shipped and when you can expect a delivery.

It Is Better For The Environment

When you use Amazon Day, multiple orders are combined into a single box, so less waste occurs.

Therefore, bundling shipments results in fewer boxes and a smaller environmental impact regarding shipping. On top of that, Amazon Day helps reduce Amazon’s overall carbon footprint.

How Do You Use Amazon Day?

How Do You Use Amazon Day?

Choosing Amazon Day as your shipping option is incredibly simple.

That said, when you are on the checkout page, you will see that Amazon Day is a delivery option below the various other Prime delivery choices.

So, click on “Choose Your Amazon Day,” and a pop-up window will appear.

After that, select the day (or days) you wish to receive your Amazon order (orders can be delivered Monday through Saturday).

Then, your Amazon Day preference is saved, and you can expect all your orders on the day you select.

Additionally, all your orders will arrive on the chosen day as long as you place the order at least two days beforehand.

Why Did Amazon Create Amazon Day?

Amazon created Amazon Day for two reasons; to make shopping more convenient for Prime members and to reduce the company’s carbon footprint.

With that, Amazon has become an outlet to purchase almost everything under the sun, and customers take advantage of that.

So, with Amazon Day, Prime customers do not have to try and keep track of multiple orders and when they will arrive.

On top of that, Amazon takes its environmental impact seriously, and Amazon Day helps reduce its carbon footprint because of fewer boxes and deliveries to one home.

Further, Amazon aims to make 50% of its shipment net-zero carbon by 2030.

Can You Change Your Preferred Amazon Days?

Yes, Amazon allows you to switch your preferred Amazon Days at any point, so you are not locked into a specific day.

Also, Prime members can still select same-day or two-day shipping options if they need a particular product in a hurry.

When Did Amazon Introduce Amazon Day?

Amazon initially introduced the Amazon Day shipping option to Prime members in February 2019.

How Much Does Amazon Prime Cost?

For a typical household, Amazon Prime costs $14.99 a month or $139 a year if you prefer to pay upfront.

Also, Amazon offers a Prime Student membership for those in college at a discounted rate. With that, Amazon Prime Student memberships cost $7.49 a month or $69 annually.

Finally, people that qualify for EBT, Medicaid, and other government assistance programs can access a Prime membership for $6.99 a month.

Still, if you are unsure if Amazon Prime is right for you, you can take advantage of the 30-day free trial.

What Are The Other Benefits Of Having An Amazon Prime Membership?

In addition to having access to Amazon Day, a Prime membership comes with numerous other benefits, including:

  • Free same-day delivery on more than one million items
  • Access to one or two-hour delivery on tens of thousands of products (in select cities)
  • Amazon Prime Day (a two-day sales event with incredible discounts on popular products)
  • Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card (gives cardholders 5% cash back on Amazon and Whole Foods purchases)
  • Lightning Deals (early access to short-term discounts on technology and fashion products)
  • Access to Prime Video, Music, Photos, Gaming, Reading, Pharmacy, and Fresh
  • Ability to get groceries delivered from Whole Foods (in select markets)
  • And much more!

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Amazon Day is a shipping option available exclusively to Amazon Prime members. With Amazon Day, customers can select a preferred day for all their Amazon orders to be delivered.

Therefore, when you place orders throughout the week, you know exactly what day (or days) you can expect them to arrive.

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