What Is Amazon Glow? (How It Works + Other FAQs)

Amazon is constantly finding and inventing new products to attract customers to the e-commerce platform. In addition to allowing third-party sellers to offer products on the site, Amazon also creates its own products to cater to even more customers.

If you have been browsing products on Amazon, you may have come across something called Amazon Glow. But what is Amazon Glow, and who is this product designed for? I wondered the same things and researched it more. Here’s everything I found out about Amazon Glow!

What Is Amazon Glow In [currentyear]?

Amazon Glow is a technology device with a 19-inch screen that allows people to video-chat, play games, and participate in learning activities as of [currentyear]. Amazon Glow is designed for kids and their families to use and costs $299.99 plus $2.99 a month for Amazon Glow+. Amazon Glow+ features thousands of books, games, and learning activities.

If you want to learn more about Amazon Glow, how you set the device up, whether or not it comes with a warranty, and it works, and much more, keep reading! I have researched all you need to know!

What Is Amazon Glow?

Amazon Glow is a toy for kids that allows them to learn, read, create, and play in a way different than ever before.

With that, Amazon Glow is a small device with a screen that allows for video calls, collaborative games, and learning activities.

Essentially, Amazon Glow wants it to feel like an in-person experience. Further, families and kids alike can enjoy Amazon Glow by making video calls or enjoying games and activities.

How Does Amazon Glow Work?

Amazon Glow requires an easy set-up that is laid out clearly in the product instructions. Also, if a family member wants to video-chat with an Amazon Glow customer, they must download the Amazon Glow app.

With that, you can use the Amazon Glow app on a tablet or smartphone. According to the Amazon Glow product description, the device is not a toy.

Instead, the product is a learning tool and video-chat device which children must use with adult supervision.

What Else Does Amazon Glow Include?

The Amazon Glow device itself is a 19-inch touchscreen rectangle, but the product comes with a few other services. For example, here are some of the things that come with an Amazon Glow purchase:

  • One year of Amazon Kids+ (includes hundreds of games and activities and thousands of books)
  • Access to Amazon Glow games, books, and learning activities
  • A warranty

Does Amazon Glow Come With A Guarantee?

Yes, every Amazon Glow device comes with a two-year worry-free guarantee. Therefore, if the device breaks, you can return it, and Amazon will replace it at no additional cost to you.

Does Amazon Glow Take Privacy Into Consideration?

Yes, Amazon Glow takes customers’ privacy into consideration. That said, the device allows you to instantly disable cameras and microphones by clicking the privacy shutter.

How Much Does Amazon Glow Cost?

Amazon Glow costs $299.99 if you make a one-time payment. With that, you can choose to make five monthly payments of $60 a month. Additionally, the Amazon Glow+ subscription costs $2.99 a month.

Although this subscription isn’t mandatory, it gives you access to thousands of books, games, and regularly updated activities.

How Do You Set Up Amazon Glow?

How Do You Set Up Amazon Glow?

Fortunately, setting up Amazon Glow is not a difficult feat. First, plug in your Amazon Glow device and connect to your Wi-Fi. Also, make sure you download the Amazon Glow mobile app on your phone or tablet.

Next, you can add any contacts that have the Amazon Glow app. After that, you are ready to use your Amazon Glow!

How Is Amazon Glow Different From Other Devices?

Amazon Glow is different from other devices in that it combines activity-based video technology with a hands-on projection experience that allows users to feel closer to one another.

What Content Is On Amazon Glow?

Amazon Glow allows users to read books, play interactive games, create artwork with the various themed art packs, and combine physical and digital worlds.

Also, you must subscribe to Amazon Glow+ to get access to thousands of books, activities, and other games.

Does Amazon Glow Have Parental Controls?

Yes, since Amazon Glow is an Amazon Kids product, it has built-in parental controls. For example, kids can only video call pre-approved contacts their parents select.

Additionally, parents can always see who their kids are contacting with the Glow device with the Amazon Parent Dashboard.

Moreover, Amazon Glow allows parents to instantly disable the camera and microphone by closing the visible privacy shutter.

Is Alexa Built-In To Amzazon Glow?

Currently, Alexa is not built-in to Amazon Glow. With that, there is no indication whether this feature will be added later or if Amazon will continue to leave it out.

Do Customers Like Amazon Glow?

Yes, according to customer reviews and the product’s 4.5-star rating, customers like the Amazon Glow device.

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Amazon Glow is a device designed for children and their families. That said, the device includes several books, interactive games and activities, and the ability to video-chat.

Further, Amazon Glow costs $299.99 upfront or five monthly payments of $60. Additionally, the Amazon Glow+ subscription is $2.99 a month, granting access to thousands of books, games, and activities.

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