What Is Amazon Kinesis? (All You Need To Know)

Most people know Amazon is a leading online retailer, but it’s actually so much more than that. Amazon also leads the way in cloud-based business solutions that support virtual connections with a high level of privacy.

If you’re intrigued by Amazon Web Services, you may be wondering what is Amazon Kinesis? I started looking into this too and here is what my research uncovered!

What Is Amazon Kinesis In 2024?

Amazon Kinesis is a web service that processes real-time data streamed from thousands of video and informational sources. AWS account holders can collect and analyze Kinesis streams for greater insights into their operations and services. Kinesis can be used with audio or video sources as well as websites and apps depending on your business needs.

For all the details on Amazon Kinesis, including how it works and what the benefits are, keep reading through this helpful guide!

How Does Amazon Kinesis Work?

Amazon Kinesis starts with an input device, which could be a camera, website, phone, tablet, or another electronic system.

This information is collected and sent to Amazon Kinesis, which stores the data before processing and analyzing it through customized apps like Kinesis Data Analytics or similar programs.

The final step is output, so you can better understand the data from different streaming sources, whether it’s for security measures, machine learning, or internal reviews.

In other words, Kinesis handles data collection, processing, and analysis for more efficient streaming.

It’s cost-effective and lets you scale streaming to meet your video and audio data needs. Website and app data may also be used to inform analytics and development.

One other thing to note about Amazon Kinesis is that it collects and processes data in real time, so you don’t have to wait until all the information is collected.

What Are Amazon Kinesis Capabilities?

What Are Amazon Kinesis Capabilities?

There are a few key capabilities you should be aware of when using Amazon Kinesis, starting with video streams.

This technology lets you record, process, and retain video streams from phones, computers, and other camera-supported devices.

Secure video streaming opens up machine learning opportunities and enhanced analytics, so it’s one of the most popular functions on Amazon Kinesis.

There’s also scalable data streaming that records gigabytes per second and Firehose, which automatically loads data for instant analytics using Amazon’s top tech tools.

Speaking of analyzing data, Kinesis Data Analytics works with Apache Flink or SQL so data can be processed quickly without the need for new programming parameters.

What Are Benefits Of Amazon Kinesis?

One of the biggest benefits of Amazon Kinesis is that it handles data incredibly fast, so you’re not waiting around for hours or days on end for data to upload and process.

Not only does Kinesis take just minutes or even seconds to process incoming data, but it also runs without any infrastructure management on your end.

This frees up your resources so you can rest assured video and audio streaming is being captured and processed in the background.

Also, Amazon Kinesis is completely scalable, so you can stream as much data as you need to with minimal delays. No matter how many data sources there are, you can count on Kinesis to take care of the recording, storing, and analyzing of all relevant information.

Something else worth mentioning is how Kinesis is in high demand for video streaming, apps, and analytics.

Surveillance cameras and recording devices in homes, workplaces, or public settings can be used for secure streaming through Kinesis, with playback and additional review options readily available too.

How Much Does Amazon Kinesis Cost?

Zillow, Netflix, and Sonos are just a few of the companies using Amazon Kinesis for data streaming solutions, which are surprisingly affordable thanks to pay-as-you-go pricing.

Without a server, this fully managed platform quickly ingests and logs data from numerous sources, all with no minimum fees or starting costs.

You will just pay for provisioned or on-demand Kinesis capacity in line with your organization’s data streaming needs.

For example, the on-demand option is priced per each written and read GB of data, while the provisioned mode is specified according to 1 MB per second to write data and 2 MB per second to read data.

You can view more information about the average Amazon Kinesis costs on the official AWS website and try out the AWS Pricing Calculator online tool for an updated cost estimate.

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If your business could benefit from innovative data streaming and analysis, then Amazon Kinesis may be a great choice for you.

As part of the AWS cloud, Kinesis specializes in video and audio data, efficiently collecting and processing this information from all connected devices, whether it be a camera or computer.

When using these data streams, you only pay for the Kinesis services you need, which helps keep costs within your budget.

In addition to the cost-effective setup, Amazon Kinesis also offers impressive advantages like real-time data buffering, fully managed service, and unlimited processing capacity.

To explore Amazon Kinesis and set up this data solution for your business, visit the AWS Console or aws.amazon.com/kinesis/ to get started.

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