What Is Amazon Launchpad? (What It Works + Other FAQs)

Amazon Launchpad is a program that aims to help new products reach their potential in the Amazon marketplace.

So, if you’re an Amazon seller, check out this guide to explore how the Amazon launchpad program benefits new sellers on the marketplace!

What Is Amazon Launchpad In 2024?

Amazon Launchpad is a program that makes it easy for new products to enter the Amazon marketplace in 2024. Strict criteria must be met to be eligible for the program, and sellers are charged a 5% premium on sales for participation. Once the product is live, sellers will receive support and feedback that can be used to improve the product.

To learn more about how the Amazon Launchpad program makes it easier for new businesses to introduce products on the marketplace, keep reading!

Why Should Sellers Use Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad is a program that aims to help new products in the Amazon marketplace by providing resources and opportunities for early-stage companies.

By joining, sellers will access Amazon’s marketing power, customer service, and fulfillment infrastructure.

If you’re an entrepreneur with a great idea, but not much capital, then Launchpad could be the perfect place for you.

Furthermore, if your business has a good plan and team in place, getting your foot in the door with Amazon’s Launchpad program could benefit.

All in all, the program will bolster your company’s visibility.

What Services Are Provided by Amazon Launchpad?

Amazon Launchpad offers many benefits to brands and standard Sellers that can be used in Amazon’s seller environment.

This includes opportunities not available in Seller Central, such as the following:

  • Dedicated Amazon support consultants:Your supporting agent will work for Amazon, and they’ll have insider knowledge that’s only shared with participants of the program.
  • Advisor for sponsored products: If you are new to Amazon advertising, you may find a dedicated specialist from Amazon helpful. They can give advice related to your PPC campaigns and answer any questions.
  • Premium A+ Content: With Premium A+ content, Launchpad products and brands get access to additional modules that are typically only available for larger businesses.
  • Additional placements: Since your product is one-of-a-kind, Launchpad offers exclusive features. Some of these include being featured on Amazon Launchpad’s category page and new releases page. This can provide products with additional exposure and reduce the competition!
  • Email newsletter promotion: With this feature, Amazon promotes product listings by sending emails to select shoppers. This free traffic from external sources will improve your listing’s organic ranking, which means you can start seeing an increase in sales.
  • Featured thematic campaigns on Amazon: When there is a planned promotion for a relevant category, your product can be showcased in Amazon’s marketing campaign.
  • Self-service business insights report: This set of self-service reports provides intelligence that meets the needs of marketplace sellers who need more market data than what is available in a standard platform.

What Are the Eligibility Requirements to Participate in Amazon’s Launchpad Program?

Any entrepreneurs and brand owners with unique or innovative products can apply to the Launchpad program.

After submitting the application, if approved, sellers will receive a response within 7-10 business days.

To ensure the best experience for Amazon customers when browsing Amazon Launchpad products, sellers wishing to participate in this program must meet the following:

  • A minimum of 3.5 stars on all products
  • At least five reviews
  • Enrolled in Fulfilled by Amazon (FBA)

Can Sellers Already on the Marketplace Participate?

If you’re an existing seller, you can participate in the Amazon Launch can program.

To qualify for this opportunity, sellers must have products on Amazon that are less than three years old, and gross sales of under 5 million dollars annually.

Are Sellers Charged a Fee for Using Amazon Launchpad?

Are Sellers Charged a Fee for Using Amazon Launchpad?

To start, Amazon will add a 5% premium on all of your sales fees. Conveniently, sellers can see this information in their “Selling on Amazon Fee Schedule.”

Additionally, Launchpad participants that exceed $1 million may have this fee lowered to 3%.

As long as the business is thriving, there are opportunities for other features like enhanced services that will benefit you- so don’t be discouraged!

What Are the Terms for the Amazon Launchpad Program?

When you sign up for Amazon Launchpad, you commit to 12 months from the day of acceptance.

In addition, sellers must provide written notice at least 30 days in advance if they wish to cancel their participation.

Furthermore, Amazon has sole discretion, and reserves the right to transition brands out of the program if they so choose.

What Types of Products Can Be Found in the Amazon Launchpad Program?

Products accepted into Amazon’s Launchpad section must abide by some strict criteria. There is also an estimate of likely sales for the product in question.

This program’s most popular product categories are as follows:

  • Health & personal care
  • Home & kitchen goods
  • Grocery
  • Toys
  • Electronics
  • Sports & outdoors
  • Pet supplies
  • Clothing & accessories

Find out whether your product would be a good fit for the Amazon Launchpad program by browsing through crowdfunding sites like Kickstarter. 

Commonly, those products that generate the most considerable pledged amounts are successful in the program.

Another indicator for potentially successful campaigns are products that solve old problems in innovative ways.

What Type of Support Is Available for Sellers After They Leave the Launchpad Program?

After leaving Launchpad, Amazon will no longer be able to provide administrative support for your products.

For continued assistance on Amazon, sellers can do the following:

  • For Seller Central User, log in and visit Seller University Resources
  • Sign up for weekly webinars to learn more about Amazon Advertising

Also, if it’s an admin issue that needs help, please use the Contact Us page (login required) on Seller Central.

Following the transition, the seller’s A+ module will remain live on their detail page. To switch to standard A+, please contact AmazonLaunchpad-Aplus-help@amazon.com.

Likewise, you can create new pages through Seller Central as a registered brand owner, and access the standard A+ to change your content.

For additional information about this process, check the Seller Central FAQs.

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Join Amazon Launchpad, and you can promote your product to Amazon’s 230 million active customers. Since Amazon is the largest internet-based retailer globally, this is an excellent opportunity to reach a vast audience.

Sellers will be provided a page with pictures, product details, reviews, and a video on the Amazon website. In addition, they will be provided marketing support, a dedicated support consultant, and many other benefits to grow their business.

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