What Is Amazon Lightning Deal? (This Can Save You Tons)

If you have not heard of the Amazon Lightning Deal, you could miss out on some fantastic savings.

Lightning Deals are primarily technology items, and you are able to preview the upcoming bargains 24 hours before the sale goes live. 

So if you want a full rundown on what Amazon lightning deals are and how to get the most from them. Keep on reading!

What Is Amazon Lightning Deal?

Amazon Lightning Deals are limited-quantity items that are often low in stock and significantly reduced for quick sale. These are posted on the Prime Day pages as well as on the ‘Today’s Deal’ tab on the Amazon website. There is a limit of one Lightning deal per customer until the promotion ends or there are no more deals to claim. 

To learn more about the details of lightning deals and how you can get early access as an Amazon Prime member, keep on reading!

What Are Amazon Lightning Deals?

The Amazon Lightning Deals are offerings by online retail giant Amazon that discount merchandise for a limited period or until all deals have been claimed. 

Typically, the items that shoppers will find dramatically discounted are technology items, though some toys and kitchen appliances are found, too.

These deals are always on merchandise that is fulfilled and shipped by Amazon, so third-party vendors and their products are omitted. 

Sometimes, Amazon hosts theme days where they discount merchandise that all pertains to a common theme during their Lightning Deals, such as a specific brand or niche. 

If you are an Amazon Prime member, you can access the lightning deals a full 30 minutes before the general public- and you are also notified of the deals the day before.

Prime members will find more information under the Prime Early Access Deals tab, posted on the user’s home page.

How Do You Claim An Amazon Lightning Deal?

A Lightning Deal is a promotion that does not last very long.

In fact, most lightning deals are limited to two to six hours- or until all of the available deals have been claimed by shoppers.

Additionally, there is a limit of one deal to a customer, and it is important to complete your order quickly if you plan on snagging one of these bargains. 

Also, customers are only given 15 minutes from claiming a lightning deal to checking out- hence the name!

If you have not checked your deal out in a timely fashion, it will be removed from your cart and given to a shopper who wants the item and who is on a waitlist- but more on that later! 

What Products Are Offered As Amazon Lightning Deals?

So, what kind of products can shoppers expect to find posted as Lightning Deals?

While the majority of the promotional items are technology-related, such as the Amazon Echo or Amazon Halo Band, you can find a lot of other merchandise significantly discounted too. 

For instance, you may find toys, kitchen items, appliances, and even beauty on the Amazon Lightning Deals. 

How Can You Get Notified Of Amazon Lightning Deals?

How Can You Get Notified Of Amazon Lightning Deals?

The best way to get notifications of lightning deals is to be a Prime member.

This will earn you a full 24-hour notice of the upcoming deals and the aforementioned early access to these items for purchase. 

Check out the Upcoming Deals section on your Amazon app or homepage to see the deals that will be posted the next day. 

You can also set a notification on your phone to let you know when the deal begins; this can help remind you of the best deals before they are all sold out!

This is a particularly useful feature on Prime Day when it can be chaotic and busy on the site. 

How To Join The Lightning Deals Wait List

First, make the selection on the Lightning Deal page ‘join waitlist’ to continue.

This button will only be active and displayed when available slots are still on the waitlist. If new spots open up, the button will reactivate at that time. 

Watch the upper right-hand corner of your Amazon homepage for your alerts, including an alert indicating that you are next on the Lightning Deal waitlist and when the deal is available, if applicable.

Additionally, make sure to turn on the notifications for Amazon alerts on your cell phone to stay abreast of your waitlist status. 

Remember, even if you are purchasing the item from the waitlist, you only have 15 minutes to complete your transaction when you add the item to your cart.

If you fail to do so, the item will go to the next person on the deal waitlist- and so on. 

By joining the waitlist, you are not being guaranteed that the item will be made available to you- and the time limit for the deal still applies. When the Lightning Deal promotion expires, the waitlist also expires. 

What Is The Advantage Of Prime Membership For Lightning Deals?

While you do not need to be a Prime member to snag a Lightning deal, you do need to be a member for the Amazon Prime day shopping promotions.

Free trials could help you determine if membership is for you while giving you a sample of what to expect. 

Again, Prime members get an early notification and access to the Lightning deals- in addition to the free shipping and other perks that Amazon Prime memberships include. 

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Lightning Deals are significantly discounted merchandise through Amazon, that are typically low-stock products.

These are touted on the Prime Day page of the website and posted as ‘Today’s Deals’. There are limits on the quantity; generally, it is one deal per customer, and those with Amazon Prime membership receive notice of upcoming promotions.

If you are looking for a great online deal, check out Amazon’s Lightning Deals and save tons on merchandise you need.

All the deals sold out already? Consider joining the waitlist to be notified when and if the deal becomes available during the promotion period. 

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