What Is Amazon’s Choice? (Your Complete Guide)

Customers are always on the lookout for highly-rated and exclusively-vetted products on e-commerce platforms to get an assurance of quality and value when making purchases.

So if you’ve ever noticed an “Amazon Choice” label on any products while browsing on Amazon.com, you may wonder – what is Amazon Choice? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

What Is Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon’s Choice is a black badge that appears on highly-rated Amazon products. The award is given to one product in each search term and is reserved for products that receive high satisfaction rates and good reviews. Amazon’s Choice products are competitively priced and available for immediate shipping.

If you are curious to learn more about the kind of products that can be labeled as Amazon’s Choice, what qualifies products to receive this exclusive badge, and much more, keep on reading!

What Products Can Be Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon has a lot of special badges and labels for high-performing products, from sponsored product listings to best sellers.

One of the most highly sought-after badges for sellers is Amazon’s Choice.

Customers notice these products at the top of a search results list, but it doesn’t mean Amazon employees actually hand-picked these items for the list.

If you notice a badge with a black background and orange-and-white font, that’s Amazon’s Choice, and it is set aside for items that have high conversion and satisfaction rates.

So, if many customers bought these items and shared their satisfaction through Amazon reviews data, they may wind up as eligible for Amazon’s Choice in their keyword category.

Not only are Amazon’s Choice products well-priced, but they are also available for immediate shipping.

For customers who want a certain item at a competitive time that can ship quickly, Amazon’s Choice is the way to go.

It’s almost like a customer recommendation of sorts, as successful orders and buyer feedback heavily influence it.

Note that this badge is available for products in most categories, so if you’re looking for something from a small bar of soap to a new suitcase, it will probably have an Amazon’s Choice label.

Why Did Amazon Create Amazon’s Choice?

Amazon created Amazon’s Choice primarily to help customers decide what to buy and minimize choice overload.

The e-commerce mega-retailer has much to choose from, with tens of thousands of options for many search items like towels or t-shirts.

While Amazon prides itself on a vast selection, including 10 million products eligible for one-day delivery services, it’s important to help customers sift through these options and make a decision.

That’s the idea behind Amazon’s Choice: to give customers who are in a hurry or otherwise overwhelmed by the sheer volume of items a guide on what to buy and what they can trust.

Are Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller Badge The Same Thing?

Are Amazon's Choice and Best Seller Badge The Same Thing?

Many people think Amazon’s Choice and Best Seller badges are the same, but they are different.

Both badges are reserved for high-quality items, but Amazon’s Choice is awarded to the best keyword match.

Meanwhile, the Best Seller badge is presented to the product that sold the most units per hour across its category.

Think of it this way: SEO determines Amazon’s Choice, and sales velocity establishes who gets the Best Seller badge.

If the keyword has a descriptor in it, such as “decorative” or “blue,” the Amazon’s Choice item will best match that description.

On the other hand, the Best Seller badge will belong to whatever item sold the most in that category, although it may not match 100% with the keyword search.

Note that some products can be best sellers and receive Amazon’s Choice for a similar keyword.

However, Amazon’s Choice seems to take priority over Best Seller if a listing happens to earn both at the same time.

How Do Sellers Get Amazon’s Choice?

Editorial recommendations and star ratings play a key role in determining the success of current and prospective Amazon’s Choice listings.

Like the sponsored or Best Seller badges, sellers must meet certain criteria before their items are eligible for Amazon’s Choice.

Here are the criteria a seller would have to meet to have their product marked as Amazon’s Choice:

  • It’s popular with a high customer rating
  • It’s frequently purchased by customers searching for the keyword
  • It’s available for quick Prime shipping by Amazon, even if Amazon does not always sell it
  • It’s priced competitively with a low return rate

Note that once sellers meet the criteria, they can hold the badge for more than one keyword.

For example, a handcrafted dinner plate could appear as Amazon’s Choice for both “decorative plate” and “ceramic plate” keywords.

Where Can You Find Amazon’s Choice?

When you search for something on Amazon, the results page may feature just one item with the Amazon’s Choice badge and maybe another bestseller.

There may also be a few items with coupon or discount badges or a new release for a product in its first 90 days, but the main one you want to look for is Amazon’s Choice.

Keep in mind that the badge is located on product detail pages under the title or in the top left corner of the image in search results.

Both desktop and mobile displays include Amazon’s Choice, which is also accessible via Amazon Alexa on the Amazon Echo smart speaker system.

What Does Alexa Do With Amazon’s Choice?

What Does Alexa Do With Amazon's Choice?

Amazon’s Alexa voice shopping will automatically bring up Amazon’s Choice items for you.

So the next time you rattle off a shopping list of household goods to Alexa, keep in mind that the results will most likely be Amazon’s Choice products.

Although these will be the first products Alexa recommends, you can always change your mind or opt for something different.

An interesting fact is that Amazon rolled out the badge just after the release of Alexa to help competitive listings shine and allow customers to find what they need faster.

Are Amazon’s Choice Products Good Quality?

Whatever you’re shopping for, you can expect high-quality and good pricing on Amazon’s Choice products.

To obtain Amazon’s Choice, sellers need to make it easy to buy products, and that usually means Fulfillment by Amazon.

Signing up for this seller program means Amazon takes care of order storage, packing, and shipping in exchange for a fee.

Amazon also handles customer service, returns, and exchanges, so both buyers and sellers can rest assured that they are well-protected.

To learn more on how you can get the most out of shopping on Amazon, you can see our other guides on what Amazon Basics are, what sponsored means on Amazon, and if Amazon buys gift cards.


Amazon has several distinctions given out to high-quality products, including bestsellers and Amazon’s Choice.

Products with the black Amazon’s Choice badge are highly rated and competitively priced in their specific keyword.

Typically, one product per search team can have the Amazon’s Choice badge, so it displays at the top of the search listing page. I

f you’re shopping on Amazon and see a product labeled Amazon’s Choice; you can trust that it regularly gets good reviews and is ready for fast shipping.

Amazon’s Choice also tells you that this product is satisfactory for the search term and available for quick selection through Amazon Alexa.

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