What Is Amazon Outlet? (All You Need to Know)

Who doesn’t love a good deal while shopping? Whether you prefer shopping online or in-person, you can’t dispute the fact that Amazon has some pretty good deals on a huge variety of products.

If you’ve ever shopped on Amazon, you’ve probably noticed big discounts on certain items. You may even be wondering: what is Amazon Outlet? I was excited about this topic so I dug deeper and learned everything there is to know, so keep reading!

What Is Amazon Outlet In [currentyear]?

Amazon Outlet is a discounted section of Amazon.com where shoppers can get great deals on clearance items and overstock goods from popular brands in [currentyear]. It’s similar to traditional retail outlets in that the prices are lower on slightly older or overstocked goods, and there’s plenty to choose from including clothing, kitchen appliances, furniture, and outdoor equipment.

If you’re ready to learn more about Amazon Outlet, including how it works and what kind of discounts you can get, check out the rest of this guide!

How Does Amazon Outlet Work?

Amazon Outlet is essentially one big clearance section for the leading e-commerce platform.

When sellers have too much excess stock or they need to discount current products to make room for new ones, they cut prices and put them on Amazon Outlet.

These Amazon Outlet listings appear with a red price box and “on deal” text, so it’s easy to see how much the discounted price is and which Marketplace seller is offering the deal.

Other than the awesome discounts, Amazon Outlet works much the same way as any other section on Amazon.

You can still get free shipping and use gift cards on Amazon Outlet, just like with other departments.

Essentially, Amazon Outlet functions as another section or department on Amazon.

You don’t need to do anything special to shop there other than visit www.amazon.com/Outlet/ to get started.

Just keep in mind that Amazon as a whole doesn’t go out of its way to promote these outlet deals, which makes sense considering they are pretty discounted.

=Think of it like shopping in a brick-and-mortar store – often you’ll find clearance items tucked away on the back shelf, rather than clearly visible in the front of the store.

It’s the same thing with Amazon, as the company prefers to focus on full-price sales or limited discounts rather than clearance deals.

This is why Amazon Outlet isn’t that well-known or heavily advertised.

Luckily for you, the word is out and now you know where to score hot deals, as you can just type “outlet” into the top search bar to bring up the Amazon Outlet homepage.

What Can You Buy on Amazon Outlet?

What Can You Buy on Amazon Outlet?

“Overstock items at under-budget prices” is the tagline for Amazon Outlet, and it certainly holds true considering you can get over 50% off on some deals.

There are thousands of goods up for grabs across popular Amazon categories, including home, kitchen, clothing, beauty, lawn and garden, tools, books, grocery, and pets, just to mention a few.

Basically, whatever category or department you are looking through on Amazon, chances are there will be some impressive discounts on Amazon Outlet.

Even premium brands make an appearance on Amazon Outlet, with dresses and shoes from some of the most popular fashion-forward finds on clearance.

While you won’t really find high-end tech brands like Apple, Bose, or Sony, the opportunities are otherwise endless on Amazon Outlet.

Sellers have the option to add merchandise to the outlet based on their clearance and overstock needs.

So, the selection is constantly changing and you never know when you’ll score an awesome deal without needing to wait for Prime Day or another special promotion.

How Much Is Amazon Outlet?

Shopping on Amazon Outlet is the way to go if you want affordable deals on quality products, backed by Amazon’s high level of customer service.

Prices vary based on the product and brand, but it’s possible to get over 50% off on some Amazon Outlet items.

There is a section for items under $10, so the prices start low and items are really priced to sell, as Amazon Outlet deals are the lowest prices you’ll find across the whole site.

It’s easy to scoop out the best deals in each category because all the related products are listed on the same page.

So, you can scroll through the relevant department and compare brands and clearance prices to find what you’re looking for.

Even for higher-ticket items from premium fashion brands, the Amazon Outlet price may be significantly discounted from the regular full price.

Are Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse the Same?

Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse are similar in that they are specially discounted sections of Amazon.com, but they are not the same thing.

These are two distinct sections on Amazon.com, so you have to pull up Outlet and Warehouse deals separately.

While Amazon Outlet focuses on new clearance and overstock goods available at attractive discounts, Amazon Warehouse sells refurbished and open box goods at generous discounts.

In other words, you’re more likely to find new products that are just going out of season on Amazon Outlet, including fashion, home, and beauty.

In contrast, Amazon Warehouse has quality used products typically in the tech and tools space.

Either way, you can look forward to some of the lowest prices across the whole website while shopping on Amazon Outlet and Amazon Warehouse.

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If you like scooping up a great deal and are always on the hunt for a bargain, then Amazon Outlet is perfect for you. This heavily-discounted section on Amazon.com has thousands of clearance products and overstocked goods across all your favorite Amazon categories.

Amazon Outlet features popular products from a wide variety of sellers who may need to clear out stock and sell some slightly older products to make way for new releases coming soon.

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