Amazon Warehouse Warranty (Do They Have One + More)

Amazon offers warranties for many of its products, including the Kindle, Amazon Alexa, and other well-known products! Third-party seller items may also include their own warranties.

Customers who purchase from the Amazon Warehouse may wonder if those products contain a warranty. If you’d like to find out, keep reading through this article to see what I learned!

Does Amazon Warehouse Have a Warranty?

Amazon Warehouse does not currently have a warranty for the products listed in stock. However, the Warehouse provides customers with benefits such as a 30-day return policy, Prime shipping, and discounted prices. Customers may also receive a full refund for a product from Amazon Warehouse for any given reason.

If customers would like to learn more about the Amazon Warehouse return policy, their replacement policy, and more, keep reading for more facts, information, and useful tips!

What is the Amazon Warehouse Return Policy?

While Amazon currently doesn’t offer warranties for most of their products, they do have an accommodating return policy!

Currently, customers have 30 days to make a return from the day their item was shipped.

This also applies to open boxes or used products purchased from Amazon Warehouse.

However, some individual products may have their own requirements and policies depending on their source seller.

Additionally, certified refurbished products from Amazon Warehouse can be returned within 90 days of their shipment!

If customers wonder if an individual item they’ve purchased has its own requirements and policies for making returns, they can confirm by checking the product information on their order history!

What is the Replacement Policy for Amazon Warehouse?

In addition to their return policy, Amazon Warehouse also offers free replacements for defective products! Customers are allowed to request a replacement within 30 days of receiving their package.

Each product available in the Amazon Warehouse has its own individual list of reasons for requesting a replacement.

Customers should check the list before requesting a replacement, as not every product will have the same eligible reasons for replacement.

Customers may also request a refund if they would prefer, which can be requested within 30 days of purchase.

How Does Amazon Warehouse Rate Product Conditions?

How Does Amazon Warehouse Rate Product Conditions?

If customers are concerned about receiving products from Amazon Warehouse that are damaged or defective, they can check how Amazon rates the condition of their Warehouse products!

Amazon Warehouse’s rating system is as follows:


  • Renewed items have been inspected and tested by Amazon or a qualified performance manager supplier in order to ensure the workability and appearance of the product.
  • The item has little to no signs of wear or visible cosmetic damage when held from 12 inches away.
  • This product may arrive re-packaged, though all accessories will be present.
  • The product will come with an Amazon Renewed Guarantee, allowing for a replacement or refund within 90 days of purchase if the product is defective.

Used- Liked New:

  • The item is in perfect working condition.
  • The original protective wrapping may be missing, or the original packaging may have minor damage.
  • All the accessories for the item will be present.

Used- Very Good:

  • The product has limited use and is still in good working condition.
  • The item may retain small scratches and cosmetic blemishes, and other limited signs of wear.
  • The packaging may have some damage or have been repackaged or missing some accessories.
  • If accessories are missing, they will be clearly defined for every item.

Used- Good:

  • The item will show some signs of wear but be in good working condition.
  • There may be some marks present or some cosmetic damage, and the product may arrive either will damaged packaging or have been repackaged.
  • There may be accessories, parts, assembly tools, and/or instruction manuals.

Used- Acceptable:

  • The item will be well-worn but still works in the proper condition.
  • There will be significant signs of wear, such as scratches, dents, and worn corners.
  • The item may arrive with damaged or new packaging and may be missing multiple parts, accessories, instruction manuals, and/or assembly tools.

Customers who would like to avoid purchasing damaged products are recommended to purchase items between Used-Like New and Used-Good.

Are Amazon Warehouse Items Eligible for Free Shipping?

In addition to their accommodating return and replacement policy, some products in Amazon Warehouse are eligible for free and Prime shipping!

If an item in Amazon Warehouse is eligible for Prime, it will be indicated on the product page information!

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Amazon Warehouse does not currently provide a warranty for the items in its stock.

However, they do provide an accommodating return and replacement policy that customers can utilize within 30 days of their original purchase!

If customers are concerned about purchasing damaged products, they can consult Amazon’s product condition for the item they’re considering.

It’s recommended that customers purchase items between the Used-Like New and Used-Good conditions.

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