What Is Amazon Promotional Balance? (Your Full Guide)

Amazon is a leader in the eCommerce space, generating eye-watering profits in the billions every year. If you’ve ever shopped online, chances are you’re familiar with Amazon and how big it is.

Speaking of retail popularity, you’ll probably notice a wide variety of popular promotions when shopping on Amazon. So what is Amazon’s promotional balance, and how should you use it? I was also curious about this, so I looked into it, and here’s what I found!

What Is Amazon Promotional Balance In [currentyear]?

Amazon promotional balance is located in your Amazon account and includes the total balance of Amazon gift cards and credits as of [currentyear]. Your Amazon promotional balance is listed in your Amazon wallet and can be applied toward most purchases, although certain promo codes may have restrictions. You can combine an Amazon promotional balance with credit and debit cards.

If you want to know more about your Amazon promotional balance, including where to find promos and how to redeem them, keep reading for my complete guide!

Where Is My Amazon Promotional Balance?

To find your Amazon promotional balance, simply log into your account and view your payments.

In your Amazon wallet, you should see your stored payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, or checking accounts.

Underneath your regular payment methods, there’s a section for rewards and balances.

That said, this is where any available promotional balances will appear, including Amazon gift cards, credits, and promo codes.

So, by storing gift cards and promotions directly in your Amazon wallet, you can easily add this balance to any eligible purchase on Amazon.

Then, if you don’t have enough to cover the total balance, your preferred credit or debit card will be charged instead.

Additionally, Amazon makes it easy to update your promotional balance by adding another code or gift card.

This way, you can browse millions of products and get additional savings on many already cheap Amazon products.

How Do You Redeem An Amazon Gift Card?

How Do You Redeem An Amazon Gift Card?

If you want to redeem an Amazon gift card, you just need to add it to your promotional balance and start shopping online.

To start, go to your Amazon account and select the “Gift Card” option and then follow the prompts to redeem a gift card.

You’ll need the claim code, which you can find on the back of a physical card or in the email containing an e-gift card.

Once you submit the claim code, Amazon applies it to your promotional balance, and you can shop right away.

Further, you can always check how much remains on your gift card and your promotional balance in general.

Still, remember that your gift card promotional balance automatically applies to your next eligible Amazon purchase.

However, Amazon does give you the option of keeping a gift card balance to use later, so long as you uncheck the box next to your gift card promotional balance payment when checking out.

Moreover, one other detail to remember is that if you forget to add a gift card to your Amazon promotional balance, you can add the claim code during checkout.

In that case, once you get to the “Review Your Order” page, type in the gift card claim code under “Gift Cards and Promotional Codes.”

After that, you should see the gift card balance come off your total due, and you can confirm your purchase.

How Do You Redeem An Amazon Promo Code?

Amazon promo codes are available from third-party merchants and Amazon itself, depending on the products and discounts.

With that, redeeming an Amazon promo code is similar to a gift card when you add it during the checkout process, just as you would on other major online retailers and shopping sites.

So, after adding eligible products to your cart and following the checkout prompts, an order review page will pop up with the option to apply a promo code.

When this page appears, just type in the code and apply it to your purchase for extra savings.

For most purchases, you can use a promo code and gift card simultaneously. However, note that you cannot use your Amazon promotional balance to buy additional gift cards.

What Can You Buy With Amazon Promotional Balance?

If you have an Amazon promotional balance from a special discount issued by Amazon or a Marketplace seller, you can only use it for the products listed in the promo.

As long as the promo products are valid, your discount will be applied to the order total when you use the promotional balance.

But, if the promotional balance isn’t eligible for a particular order, you’ll see a note pop up letting you know.

However, you have many more options when shopping with an Amazon gift card promotional balance, as you can use Amazon gift cards to buy almost all merchandise for sale on Amazon.

Also, you can pay for Amazon Fresh, Prime, and Kindle with your eligible Amazon promotional balance from a gift card.

However, you can’t use it for Whole Foods grocery products or Audible audiobook memberships.

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Amazon offers several ways to pay for your purchases, including your promotional balance with gift cards and promo codes.

Essentially, your Amazon promotional balance keeps track of how much you have to spend in gift cards and special promotions.

That said, you can view your Amazon promotional balance in your account wallet, just beneath your preferred payment methods like credit or debit cards.

Moreover, as you shop on Amazon and add items to your cart, you’ll see your promotional balance automatically applied at checkout.

However, you can uncheck this option and pay directly with your card if you prefer.

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