What Is An IKEA Family Card? (Price, Discounts, Benefits + More)

IKEA offers a great many things other than just furniture, and while visiting for a new desk may be necessary, it’s also great to pop in for a meal or a coffee with a friend.

If you’re a regular shopper at IKEA, you may be wondering about their loyalty program and if it’s right for you. I’ve been looking into the IKEA family card for that reason, and here’s what I’ve found!

What Is An IKEA Family Card?

An IKEA family card or account is IKEA’s loyalty program and differs from a regular account as it provides benefits and discounts to members under this specific account type. The IKEA family card also offers free workshops and events to help customers learn more about home furnishing.

So how much does an IKEA family card cost? Read on to find out more, including whether you can get free shipping with your IKEA family card and more!

What Is The Cost Of An IKEA Family Card?

An IKEA family card and account costs nothing apart from the time it takes to create an account.

IKEA has made sure that its loyalty program is completely free to sign up to, whilst offering great benefits (sometimes even free offers).

Who Can Apply For An IKEA Family Card?

There’s no prerequisite to be a family in order to get an IKEA family card. All you need to be is over the age of 18 and have a valid email address.

If you already have an IKEA account, you can upgrade this by signing up to IKEA Family on the website.

Additionally, you can also update your personal details, including your preferred store and communication preferences.

What Discounts Are Available With An IKEA Family Card?

With an IKEA family card, you can take advantage of exclusive member discounts on selected items in IKEA’s range.

When you see a blue IKEA Family label next to an item, either in-store or online, you can take advantage of that price and purchase it at a discount.

For example, a LAGAN top freezer refrigerator has a regular price of $599. However, under the IKEA family price, it is lowered to $479.

What Benefits Do You Get With An IKEA Family Card?

What Benefits Do You Get With An IKEA Family Card?

There are multiple benefits when you sign up for an IKEA family card and rewards and additional deals through IKEA family partnerships.

You’ll get a free hot drink every time you visit IKEA simply by heading to the IKEA restaurant and using your IKEA Family Card.

Additionally, you’ll also get extra time for your children to play in the children’s play area, known as Småland (depending on the capacity at the time).

IKEA also offers price protection for IKEA Family customers so that you don’t miss out on any offers.

Price protection means that if something you’ve bought has suddenly gone on sale within 90 days of you purchasing it, you can bring your receipt to IKEA, and an associate will refund the difference for you.

On top of these benefits, there is also monthly prize draws that anyone with an IKEA Family Card can enter simply by shopping in the store.

You’ll get the chance to win a $100 IKEA gift card every month and all you have to do is scan your card at the checkout or check-in at an IKEA store.

If you win a monthly prize draw, you’ll be emailed immediately with the details, so remember to opt-in for receiving communications from IKEA in order to get your confirmation email.

There’s even a Spin to Win game at the IKEA planning studio where you can win more prizes!

Lastly, IKEA Family Card offers free workshops, tutorials, and events to help their customers learn more about home furnishing and how to improve their home life.

You’ll also get a birthday surprise which will be valid throughout your entire birthday month.

Can You Use An IKEA Family Card Online?

Unfortunately, as of 2024, you cannot use IKEA Family coupons in IKEA’s online store, and you must use them in-store only.

You can use your IKEA Family Card on any blue IKEA Family labeled items in the store simply by scanning your card at the checkout.

Can You Get Free Insurance With An IKEA Family Card?

IKEA offers those with an IKEA Family Card, something termed “Oops assurance”, to ensure purchases against any accidental damage.

Simply swipe your card at the checkout when purchasing your items, and you’ll be covered.

If you have an accident or mishap with any of your purchases, you can present your receipt in store for a free replacement.

Can You Get Free Shipping With An IKEA Family Card?

Unfortunately, you cannot get free shipping with an IKEA Family Card. All shipping costs depend on the size of the package, starting at $5.99 for small order deliveries.

To have something delivered to a room of your choice (such as a sofa in the living room), the delivery rates will start at $69, and any increase in price will depend on the room of choice and the size of the item.

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An IKEA Family Card is IKEA’s loyalty program which is free to sign up to with no prerequisites required.

Members can enjoy discounted items, free drinks, entry into prize draws, insurance on their purchases, birthday gifts, and invitations to workshops.

Members will not be able to use their IKEA Family Card on online items as of 2024, however, they can use them in store on any blue IKEA Family labeled item.

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