Does IKEA Accept Checks? [All You Need To Know]

The Swedish brand IKEA has grown into a worldwide conglomerate that sells a vast breadth of affordable home furniture, self-assembled goods, home accessories, and kitchen and bathroom appliances.

To this day, checks are still popular among those aiming to avoid Credit Card expenses, but are they accepted at IKEA? I have the answers to your questions right here!

Does IKEA Accept Checks?

IKEA does not accept checks as they incur hefty banking fees and cannot guarantee full payment. There are plenty of alternative ways to pay at IKEA, such as Credit Cards, Debit Cards, Cash, IKEA Gift Cards, and contactless mobile payment.

If you’d like to ensure a speedy payment process at IKEA, keep on reading!

Which Forms Of Payment Are Accepted At IKEA?

IKEA is a contemporary brand that strives to deliver modern services, as reflected in its current payment methods.

Aside from cash, most major Credit and Debit Card networks such as VISA, VISA Electron, MasterCard, Maestri, Delta, and American Express are all accepted at IKEA stores and online.

Additionally, IKEA Gift Cards can complete online and in-store purchases using a unique code and 4-digit PIN. Meanwhile, IKEA Home Cards are accepted exclusively in-store.

Customers are encouraged to use swift payment methods such as contactless Apple or Android Pay linked to smartphones and watches.

Why Doesn’t IKEA Accept Checks?

Why Doesn’t IKEA Accept Checks?

When it comes to checking payments, Companies such as IKEA are more likely to experience disadvantages.

Not only do they incur significant banking expenses, but they run the risk of receiving insufficient funds, which may not be compensatable.

Furthermore, IKEA primarily operates self-service checkouts, where checks cannot be processed.

Can I Use My Credit Card Instead Of A Check At IKEA?

Yes, Credit Cards powered by Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Delta, and American Express can all be used to pay for goods at IKEA.

If you’re interested in financing IKEA furniture, you may want to consider the IKEA Projekt Credit Card, which is exclusive to IKEA stores.

You can receive up to 4.99% APR financing for 60 months on purchases worth $5,000 or more. You will not need to pay an annual fee to maintain the Card or prepayment penalties.

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Conclusion: Does IKEA Accept Checks?

No, IKEA does not accept checks as they incur large banking bills and run the risk of insufficient funds being paid.

There are plenty of alternative payment methods accepted at IKEA stores and online such as most major Credit and Debit Cards, cash, IKEA Gift Cards, and mobile payment methods.

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