What Is Asda? (What Is It Known For, How Is It Different, Type Of Store + More)

Primarily a UK retailer, Asda sells groceries, homeware, and even clothing through its brand, George. Founded in 1949 in Yorkshire, England, there are now Asda stores worldwide.

If you’ve never heard of Asda, you may want to know what its brand is about, including what makes it unique from other retailers and what it’s known for. After doing some research, here’s what I’ve learned about Asda!

What Is Asda In 2024?

Asda is a supermarket chain serving primarily British customers, with its headquarters in Leeds, England as of 2024. Known as one of the “Big Four” UK supermarkets, Asda is one of the largest retailers in the UK. Previously, Asda was a subsidiary of American company Walmart from 1999 until the Issa Brothers acquired the brand in 2021.

For more information about Asda, including how and where the company was founded, what types of stores Asda has, what countries have Asda, and if Asda is an English Walmart, keep reading!

What’s Asda Known For?

Asda is known for providing groceries, homeware, health, and beauty products at competitive prices.

One of the leading supermarket retailers in the UK, Asda has a range of shopping stores such as superstores, living stores (exclusively for homeware), and gas stations.

How Is Asda Different From Similar Retailers?

Asda is different from competing retailers as it focuses primarily on giving its customers everyday low prices rather than utilizing the high-low pricing methods of other stores.

That said, Asda shares the use of everyday low prices with its former parent company, Walmart, which attracts shoppers to its low prices.

Also, Asda was the first supermarket to offer customers guaranteed low prices through its Asda Price Guarantee in 2010, which would beat rival stores’ prices by 10%.

What Type Of Store Is Asda?

Asda is a supermarket chain that was founded in England in 1949. With that, the current Asda headquarters are located in Leeds, England.

As part of its branding, Asda has a range of stores that serve different purposes.

For example, the simplest form of the Asda store is the supermarket, which focuses on food and convenience items.

However, supercenters are another type of Asda store that features food, the George clothing line, household products, and concessions.

That said, the most common Asda stores are its superstores, which have a large selection of fresh foods and additional services like a pharmacy, opticians, and more extensive George selection.

Also, Asda offers Asda Living stores, which exclusively feature George clothing, homeware, and Petrol Filling stations.

What’s The Asda Slogan?

The Asda slogan “Get the Asda price feeling” has been used since 2021 and is intended to indicate joy that comes from shopping at Asda and purchasing quality products.

Previously, the Asda slogan was “That’s Asda price,” indicating its commitment to providing value prices for its customers and reflecting the everyday low price business operation.

Additionally, Asda shared a slogan with its former parent company Walmart: “Save Money. Live Better.”

Where Is The Largest Asda Store?

Where Is The Largest Asda Store?

The largest Asda store is a supercenter located in Milton Keynes, more than 100,000 square feet in size.

To appreciate how big the store is, consider that the average size of an Asda store is around 60,000 square feet.

Conversely, the smallest Asda store is a supermarket located in Meanwood, Leeds, and measures only 3,000 square feet, around 33 times smaller than the largest store.

Where Was Asda Founded?

Asda was founded on May 3rd, 1965.

Further, the Asda name derived from two existing franchises, the butcher shops owned by the Asquith family and the West Riding Dairy Farmers, who formed Hindell’s Dairy Farmers Ltd.

That said, the first two letters from Asquith and Dairies were combined to create Asda.

What Countries Have Asda?

While Asda is primarily a British supermarket retailer, there are Asda stores in other countries, including Japan and Chile.

Including its global stores, Asda has 800,000 employees and associates helping to serve 100 million customers every week.

Is Asda An English Walmart?

Asda was not established to replicate the American retail chain Walmart.

In 1999, Asda was purchased by the owner of Walmart and became a subsidiary of the larger company.

That said, Walmart has influenced Asda as a result of being its parent company, including its everyday low-value business mindset. 

Who Owns Asda?

As of 2021, Asda is now owned by the Issa Brothers through the private equity firm TDR Capital, and a majority of UK ownership now possesses Asda.

Previous to the Issa Brothers acquisition, since 1999, Asda was wholly owned by Walmart as a subsidiary.

How Many Asda Supermarkets Are There?

Currently, Asda has around 630 stores in the UK. Also, Asda superstores are the most common type of store and comprise 339 of the total stores in the UK.

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Asda is a supermarket retail chain primarily located within the United Kingdom, although it has stores in areas like Japan and Chile.

Moreover, the types of stores Asda offer differ, including supermarkets, supercenters, gas stations, and more.

As well as offering groceries, home goods, and clothing through its brand George, Asda also has services in its stores, including opticians and pharmacies.

Additionally, with over 600 Asda stores in the UK, it’s one of the biggest supermarket retailers.

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