What Is Audible Plus? (How It Works, Cost + More)

Whether you’re trying to read more or just love having loads of content at your fingertips, then Audible Plus may be just the thing you’ve been looking for.

But before you purchase the subscription, you might have some questions. For example, what exactly is Audible Plus? And how much does it cost? I’ve looked into the service, and here’s everything I found out!

What Is Audible Plus In 2024?

Audible Plus is a monthly membership that gives you access to unlimited streaming and listening from the Audible Plus catalog as of 2024. This catalog includes a selection of more than 11,000 audiobooks, sleep tracks, meditation programs, podcasts, and Audible originals. Membership costs $7.95 per month and comes with a 30-day free trial.

If you’re trying to figure out whether Audible Plus is right for you, then check out my comprehensive guide to find answers to all your urgent questions!

How Does Audible Plus Work?

For those unfamiliar with Audible Plus, think of it as the Netflix of audiobooks.

For $7.95 a month, you get streaming access to the Audible Plus catalog, which includes more than 11,000 titles.

Like other streaming services, you can choose titles from multiple genres, and the app’s algorithm will make recommendations based on your listening preferences.

Also, you can listen to audiobooks anywhere the Audible app is installed (e.g., smartphone, tablet, or Alexa device).

Moreover, audiobooks are available on Fire tablets, Kindles, Sono devices, and more.

Further, there are two more ways Audible Plus is similar to other streaming services. First, you can save titles to your library and listen to them offline.

Second, you lose access to your saved items and the app’s catalog if you cancel your subscription.

To find titles included in your Audible Plus subscription, head to the Audible app. Then, look through titles and find those with the “Included” tag.

From there, hit “Play Now” and stream directly from the app. Also, keep in mind that Audible Plus doesn’t operate with credits.

For example, if you were an Audible Gold or Platinum subscriber in the past, you’re used to receiving one or two credits per month.

After earning credits, you could exchange them for any audiobook in the Audible catalog. Put another way; you paid for audiobooks in credits that you received from your subscription.

Rather than credits, your Audible Plus subscription gives you access to select titles. So, if you want to buy an audiobook that’s not in the Plus directory, you’ll have to pay full price.

How Do I Sign Up For Audible Plus?

Before dropping a dime, sign up for your free 30-day trial of Audible. By doing this, you’ll have access to the entire Plus catalog, as well as a free audiobook of your choice.

If you enjoy the service, then sign up for a monthly Audible Plus subscription at the end of the trial period, for which you’ll use your Amazon account for registration

How Much Does Audible Plus Cost?

Audible Plus costs $7.95 per month. However, new subscribers can try out the service free for 30 days.

What Does The Audible Plus Catalog Include?

What Does The Audible Plus Catalog Include?

Audible Plus’ catalog includes more than 11,000 titles, and the service adds new ones weekly. With that, this service will become an even better value as time goes by.

What’s more, Audible Originals are released monthly, so you’ll have the guarantee of having a few new things to listen to regularly.

When it comes to specific titles, it’s difficult to say exactly what the catalog contains at any given time.

However, the two genres with the most titles include Thriller/Mystery and Science Fiction/Fantasy.

Also, it’s the case that many audiobooks in the Plus catalog are old titles because they’re now in the public domain, and anyone can create recordings of them.

Further, you can check out the complete Audible Plus catalog here and use the search bar to filter by your favorite genres, writers, or titles.

Do You Have To Pay For Books On Audible Plus?

Whether or not you have to pay for books on Audible Plus depends on which books you’re interested in reading.

So, if you find enough interesting titles in the Audible Plus catalog, then no, you won’t have to pay for books (outside of your $7.95 monthly subscription).

However, if you’re not finding enough books that you’re interested in, you will have to pay for premium titles on top of your monthly subscription.

Currently, Audible’s pricing structure is a bit confusing, but in general, buying a credit to cover an audiobook purchase is about $15. 

Is Audible Plus Included With Amazon Prime?

While both Prime and Audible are Amazon services, Audible Plus is not included with your Prime subscription.

You can, however, sign up for a 30-day free trial of Audible Premium Plus and receive free credits that you can redeem for audiobooks.

But, non-Prime members only receive one free credit, while Prime members receive two free credits. In this respect, being a Prime member is advantageous.

In addition, Prime members receive access to several free podcasts and a few dozen Audible books (most of which are classics).

Is Audible Plus Worth The Subscription Fee?

Which subscription services you deem valuable or worth the money will ultimately depend on your interests, what you value, and how tight your budget is.

Still, I’ll try to give some insight into what Audible Plus offers to help you decide whether or not to subscribe.

In the simplest terms, if you love listening to the audio on the go and love reading, then there’s a good chance you’ll get a lot of value out of an Audible Plus subscription.

For $7.95 per month, you get unlimited access to more than 11,000 books in the Audible Plus catalog. Also, you can download at least 20 Plus audiobooks to your device for offline listening.

What’s more, members can download two of the six Audible Originals on the first Friday of every month without using any credits and keep them forever.

While there are plenty of perks, recognize that Audible’s entire library has over 450,000 titles, including new releases and best sellers.

As a Plus subscriber, you’ll only have access to a fraction of them.

Additionally, it’s important to keep in mind that you don’t get to keep the titles you download as part of Audible Plus. If you end your subscription, your access to those titles ends with it.

Therefore, if you want to keep audiobooks or find yourself purchasing additional audiobook credits, then Audible Plus may not be right for you.

Instead, consider joining Audible Premium Plus.

With that, Audible Premium Plus gives you access to everything in the Plus catalog and one audiobook credit for $14.95 per month.

Given that most audiobooks cost $30 or more, a Premium Plus membership tends to offer more value than Plus, especially if you’re interested in new titles.

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If you’re sick of binge-watching TV and want to fit more reading into your busy schedule, then consider subscribing to Audible Plus.

For less than $8 per month, you’ll have access to thousands of hours of content easily accessible across all of your devices.

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