What Is Chewy Autoship? (How It Works, Potential Savings, Is It Worth It + More)

Pet owners have certain supplies like food and prescription medication that they need to get frequently, and it could be a hassle to remember to get them on time.

Fortunately, Chewy says that its Autoship program is intended to solve this issue while providing additional perks to people who use it, so if you’d like to learn more about it, keep reading!

What Is Chewy Autoship In 2024?

Chewy Autoship is the company’s automated delivery system that allows you to set up regular shipments for items you use regularly. Popular orders for Chewy Autoship include pet food and medication. You get a large discount off your first order on Chewy Autoship, and smaller discounts on every order afterward. You can change, reschedule, or cancel your Chewy Autoship any time in 2024.

To learn all you need to know about Chewy Autoship, including how it works, the potential savings and more, read on!

How Do You Use Chewy Autoship?

You can get started on setting up Autoship on Chewy, either by shopping as usual and choosing the option at checkout, or by visiting the Autoship section on the company website.

Using the second option is easier and more convenient, because Autoship is only available for certain items, and going through that dedicated section allows you to find them faster.

If you’re browsing through the site as usual, you should look for items with the “Autoship and save” marker next to the listing.

When determining how you would like to use Autoship, you have the option to choose the frequency at which you would like to receive the deliveries.

You can select a range between every week to every 2 months.

Most of Autoship’s features are applied automatically after you set it up. For example, you get 35% off your first order, and 5% off all subsequent shipments by default.

How Often Does Chewy Autoship?

Chewy Autoships as often as you want. During setup, you can choose delivery dates in frequencies of every 1 to 8 weeks.

Is Autoship Free on Chewy?

Autoship is free on Chewy. There is no extra fee for using Autoship on Chewy, but shipping is not automatically free unless your order is worth more than $49.

Like other orders you place on the site, Autoship on Chewy comes with free shipping when you hit a minimum order of $49.

In fact, on top of Autoship being free to use, you also get a discount of 35% on your first shipment, and 5% on the rest.

How Much Do You Save with Autoship on Chewy?

How Much Do You Save with Autoship on Chewy?

As we’ve established so far in this article, you save money with Autoship on Chewy by getting the automatic 35% and 5% off discounts on your shipments.

However, the 35% off discount is limited in that the most you can get them to take off your order is $20, no matter how large your shipment is.

Luckily, you can increase these savings by making your order worth more than $49 to get free shipping, as is standard on Chewy.

Is Chewy Autoship Worth It?

Based on what we know about the service and have outlined so far, we would say that Autoship on Chewy is worth it for people who need to get pet supplies delivered regularly.

Autoship does not make sense for items like pet toys and accessories, but it’s most ideal for things such as pet food.

You can get bags of the food you give your pet shipped to your address at a discount as often as you need it, without much work on your part after initially setting it up.

Moreover, Autoship on Chewy is even more convenient for getting prescription medicine delivered regularly.

This way, you’re not in danger of forgetting to order your pet’s meds in time, and you’re not stuck waiting the 5 to 7 days that Chewy takes to deliver supplies with prescriptions.

You could figure out how much food you need for your pet, and set up deliveries that come at the same time as their meds for convenience.

Buying things in bulk also allows you to cut down on the cost of shipping if the items you usually get are too small to cross the $49 threshold on their own.

Aside from a better chance at free shipping, you also get the 35% discount at the start and 5% off on every shipment after that.

Autoship also allows you to add or remove items from your shipments, and you can also cancel whenever you want.

We would say that Chewy Autoship is worth it for the convenience and potential savings options that add up.

What Happens If You Cancel Autoship on Chewy?

If you cancel your Autoship, it automatically cancels all your future orders, unless they were already in transit to you.

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Chewy Autoship is the company’s service that lets you set up regular shipments for supplies you need regularly, such as food and medicine. Autoship on Chewy is free to use, but shipping gets charged as usual unless your order is $49 or more.

Aside from this, Autoship gives you a 35% discount on the first shipment, and 5% off on the ones after, but the discount is capped at $20.

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