Does Petco Own Chewy? (All You Need to Know)

Chewy is arguably the biggest online platform for pet food supplies and accessories in the country at this time.

Chewy has been in the news for acquisitions and, if you’re wondering whether it’s been bought out by Petco, read on to see what we found!

Does Petco Own Chewy In [currentyear]?

Petco does not own Chewy in [currentyear]. As of now, like Petco, Chewy is an independent company, but it’s publicly traded, meaning it’s owned by its shareholders. Chewy has been owned by a few companies recently, but Petco was not one of them. Petco also owns a large collection of companies and brands, but this does not include Chewy.

Read on to learn everything about Petco and Chewy’s ownership, including the companies that have owned the company in the past, its current ownership, and more!

Who Owns Chewy?

It was previously owned 100 percent by PetSmart but, at this time, Chewy is a publicly traded company.

This means that it’s owned by several shareholders who have bought its stock.

Chewy’s major shareholders as of now include BC Partners, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, BlackRock, and Morgan Stanley.

PetSmart initially had plans to offload its Chewy stock so it was no longer the company’s subsidiary, but the plan did not go through.

The company managed to transfer 20 percent of its stock to BC Partners before the company went public, and they still has the most stock out of any other shareholder.

What Companies Does Petco Own?

Petco owns the following companies:

  1. Unleashed by Petco – this branch focuses on products and services for cats and dogs, such as food, training, washing, vaccinations, etc.
  2. Vetco – this is the veterinarian branch that provides medical care for pets
  3. PetCoach – this branch focuses on providing free information and advice to pet owners from a team of experts. They answer questions related to pet health, behavior, nutrition, breeds, and care
  4. – this service allows pet owners to compare different pet insurance options from various providers

Petco also owns the following brands:

  1. Whole Hearted – a brand dedicated to providing pet food, toppers, and treats
  2. Reddy – a brand dedicated to providing home supplies and on the go gear, like leashes and restraints
  3. EveryYay – a brand dedicated to providing key pet supplies like cages, beds, and feeding bowls
  4. Youly – a brand focused on providing highly customized pet supplies like clothing items
  5. So Phresh – a brand providing supplies for cleaning up after a pet, such as litter
  6. Well and Good – a brand focused on providing grooming supplies for pets
  7. Good Lovin’ – a brand focused on providing chew toys for pets
  8. Leaps and Bounds – a product line for pet toys
  9. Imagitarium – a product lie focusing on supplies for reptiles and fish, including decor items

Despite popular belief, Petco does not own Petco Park, the baseball stadium in San Diego.

Petco only leased the rights to have the venue named after the company before it opened, and it has to keep making payments for this to remain the case.

What Companies Does Chewy Own?

What Companies Does Chewy Own?

According to a filing with the SEC, Chewy owns the following companies as subsidiaries:

  1. American Journey
  2. Dania Pet Goods
  3. Dr. Lyons
  4. Paw and Parcel
  5. Tiny Tiger
  6. Tylee’s
  7. Chewy Pharmacy
  8. Chewy Wholesale
  9. Onguard Pet Products

Chewy owns hundreds of brands, but the biggest ones are the following:

  1. American Journey
  2. Frisco
  3. Purina Pro Plan
  4. Royal Canin
  5. NexGard
  6. Kong
  7. Nurto
  8. Acana
  9. Hill’s
  10. Blue Buffalo
  11. Orijen

Chewy also has an exclusive brand deal with Disney to provide branded pet merchandise from key franchises such as Star Wars, Disney, Marvel, and Pixar.

How Are Petco and Chewy Different?

Probably the biggest factor that sets Petco and Chewy apart, aside from being different companies with no ties, is that Petco has both physical stores and an e-commerce website, while Chewy is completely online.

Did Petco Try to Buy Chewy?

There are some sources that say Petco made a bid to merge with Chewy before PetSmart eventually bought the company, but the bid was private, so we were unable to find more details on the proposed deal.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Petco wanted to acquire Chewy by paying for the deal in part using stock, whereas PetSmart was offering all cash.

In any case, it would be difficult for Petco to buy Chewy now, because the company has grown significantly in the past few years.

Chewy’s latest reported revenue was over $7 billion, while Petco’s was $4.9 billion.

When Was Chewy Bought?

Chewy was bought in 2017 for $3.35 billion, marking the first time that the company changed ownership.

Who Bought Out Chewy?

Petco bought Chewy in 2017 for $3.35 billion in cash. At the time, this was the biggest acquisition of an online business.

However, a little while after the deal was complete, PetSmart said iti would be offloading some of its stock in Chewy.

The company transferred about 20 percent of its shares in Chewy to BC Partners, the venture capital firm that also owns PetSmart.

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Petco doesn’t own Chewy. Petco owns companies such as Unleashed by Petco, Vetco,, and PetCoach.

Chewy also owns its own companies, including American Journey, Dania Pet Goods, Dr. Lyons, Paw and Parcel, Tiny Tiger, Tylee’s, Chewy Pharmacy, Chewy Wholesale, and Onguard Pet Products.

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