What Is DashPass? (How It Works, Price, Benefits + Other FAQs)

On-demand food delivery services such as DoorDash offer convenience to customers, but this comes with additional costs such as delivery fees, service fees, and tips.

To address this, these companies have come up with subscription programs that offer additional savings. DashPass is one such program, and we looked into what it is for the article below!

What Is DashPass In [currentyear]?

DashPass is a monthly subscription service offered by DoorDash that provides free delivery for orders worth at least $12 from eligible restaurants, and orders of at least $25 from eligible grocery stores. DashPass users also get reduced service fees on their orders from eligible restaurants. DashPass is currently only available in certain parts of the US and Canada in [currentyear].

Continue reading to find out what we learned about DashPass, including how it works, the costs, benefits, and more!

What Is the Difference Between DoorDash and DashPass?

DoorDash is an on-demand food delivery service while DashPass is a subscription service under DoorDash.

DoorDash charges its users a delivery fee which goes to pay couriers, known as dashers, and it charges restaurants a commission fee which it keeps.

DashPass is a subscription service provided by DoorDash that allows its users to get free delivery on orders above $12 from eligible restaurants.

You can also use DashPass at eligible convenience and grocery stores and enjoy free delivery for orders above $25.

How Does DashPass Work?

DashPass works by eliminating delivery fees and offering other discounts at a subscription rate when the subscriber meets the minimum order requirements at eligible locations.

You are not required to pay delivery fees after paying the subscription amount, but you will still have to pay the restaurants’ service fee (at a reduced rate), dashers’ tips, and taxes.

DashPass incentivizes users who frequently use on-demand delivery services to take up the subscription instead of paying delivery fees on each order.

It is estimated that the membership typically pays for itself after around 3 deliveries.

For example, according to one DashPass subscriber, they saved over $100 in delivery and service fees within 2 months.

How Much Does DashPass Cost?

A DashPass subscription goes for $9.99 a month and $96 a year, which is equivalent to $8 monthly with the Annual Plan.

If you haven’t used DashPass before, you are eligible for a one-month free trial. In order to start your free trial, DashPass requires you to enter the details for a payment method.

You can cancel the DashPass free trial at any time before you’re billed, but the benefits will stop immediately when you cancel your free trial.

If you cancel your free trial after the billing period, the payment method you signed up with will be charged and the benefits will be valid until the end of the billing cycle.

Once the trial period is over, DashPass will automatically enroll you in the membership plan you chose and the payment method you signed up with will be charged.

What Are the Benefits of Using DashPass?

What Are the Benefits of Using DashPass?

DashPass offers free delivery for orders of above $12 from eligible restaurants and eligible grocery store orders of $25 or more.

In addition to free delivery,  you get reduced service fees on your order.

DashPass offers great savings if you frequently get food delivered to your home.

According to the DoorDash official website, DashPass subscribers save an average of $4-5 per eligible order.

DashPass subscribers also enjoy exclusive member benefits, like priority customer support and DashPass-only promotions.

Certain DashPass subscribers can enjoy 5% back in DoorDash credit for pick-up orders from participating DashPass partners up to a maximum credit of $100 per order subject to terms.

You also get to enjoy the above benefits on Caviar, a subsidiary of DoorDash, without the need to subscribe twice.

Use the same login information for both Caviar and DoorDash, and your DashPass benefits will automatically be available on both platforms.

DashPass also offers a one-month free trial for its new customers that can be canceled at any time before the billing period without incurring further charges.

With its flexible monthly subscription plans, customers can enjoy the subscription without the commitment as they cancel whenever they want.

How to Sign up for DashPass

You can easily sign up for DashPass either on your mobile app or on a computer through the following process:

  1. Open the DoorDash app if you’re on a phone or log in to your account on the website if on a computer
  2. Tap the account icon at the top left of the screen for mobile app users. This icon will be in the upper right corner of the website
  3. Tap “Get $0 delivery fees with DashPass”
  4. DashPass benefits and a link to Terms and Conditions are displayed on the “Get DashPass” page
  5. A recurring monthly charge will be billed to the card displayed on the screen (this is your default card on file with the last 4 digits displayed). You can change to a different card by clicking on Change
  6. Tap the “Get DashPass” button to sign up
  7. Wait for an in-app confirmation message letting you know that you have successfully signed up

How to Use DashPass

After signing up for DashPass, select an eligible restaurant and then add items to your cart. You can tell eligible restaurants by looking out for ones tagged with a green check.

You can proceed to checkout after meeting the order minimum.

If the DashPass subtotal order minimum was not met, the difference to reach the target will be displayed at checkout.

You can tell how much you have saved by looking at the DashPass savings, which will also be displayed on the checkout page.

How to Cancel Your DashPass Subscription

You can cancel your DashPass subscription at any time but you should try to do it at least 1 day before the next billing date to avoid being charged for the next subscription period.

You can cancel your subscription either on your mobile app or on the website by following this process:

  1. Open your DoorDash app or log in to your DoorDash account on the website
  2.  Go to your account
  3.  Go to “Manage DashPass” and tap “End Subscription.”
  4.  Confirm on the next page by tapping “End Subscription” to cancel your DashPass subscription.

 After canceling, your DashPass benefits will be valid through the end of the current billing period. If you cancel during a trial period, your benefits will be terminated immediately. 

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DashPass is a subscription service offered by DoorDash that eliminates the delivery fees for orders above $12 at eligible restaurants and above $25 at eligible grocery stores.

DashPass subscribers also enjoy reduced restaurant service fees, priority customer care, exclusive offers, and special menu items. A DashPass subscription is $9.99 a month or $96 a year for the annual plan, with the option for a free trial.

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