What Is Grubhub Contribution? (All You Need To Know)

When drivers sign up as couriers on Grubhub, they get the freedom to choose when they want to work and what orders they’re going to accept.

Grubhub introduced ‘contribution pay’ to supplement how much drivers can make while working, but the company hasn’t made much information about it clear, so I did some research to gather the essential facts in one place!

What Is Grubhub Contribution In 2024?

Grubhub contribution pay refers to the amount the company adds to your earnings to reach the minimum hourly guarantee in your area in 2024. If you live where the minimum guarantee is $10 and you work a three-hour block, Grubhub will give you extra to bring your total earnings to $30 if they’re below that.

To learn everything you need to know about Grubhub contribution pay, including how it works, how you get it, and more, read on!

How Does Grubhub Contribution Pay Work?

As stated above, Grubhub’s contribution pay works by adding extra cash to your income if it’s less than the hourly minimum in your area.

However, Grubhub contribution pay is not available everywhere and is currently restricted to a few predetermined markets.

Unfortunately, Grubhub hasn’t published a list of these markets, but you could contact Driver Care to know if it’s available where you’re based.

But, based on the information I’ve gathered about Grubhub contribution pay from drivers on Reddit, you can assume that it’s still limited to only major cities.

Also, you can only get contribution pay from Grubhub if you accept at least 90% of the orders you’re offered that day.

Additionally, you must work within blocks to be eligible for Grubhub contribution, but eligibility is affected even after the block ends.

For example, if your block ends at 1 PM but you decline an offer that comes in at 1:05 PM, bringing your acceptance rate for the entire day below 90%, you aren’t eligible for Grubhub contribution.

Moreover, the fact that you need to work within blocks makes it so that anyone restricted from them can’t get contribution pay.

That said, if you work within a block but don’t make any money, Grubhub could still give you contribution pay, but it might restrict your access to blocks in the future.

For best results, you should work and find a hotspot first to ensure you get as many orders as possible and have a better chance of earning more or being eligible for contribution pay.

How Do I Receive My Grubhub Contributions?

You receive your Grubhub contributions in your pay like all your other earnings. When it shows up, you can withdraw it from your balance along with any other money you’ve made.

When Can I Cash Out Grubhub Contribution?

When Can I Cash Out Grubhub Contribution?

You can cash out your Grubhub contribution whenever you want after it reaches your balance with the rest of your earnings.

Further, unlike tips and regular delivery payments added to your balance 15 minutes after the order is completed, Grubhub’s contribution pay takes a little longer to hit your account.

That said, it’s usually available the day after you earned it, at around 12 PM local time.

Moreover, Grubhub takes the time to review your eligibility using factors like how much you worked relative and the fact that it’s calculated using your acceptance rate over the entire day.

Then, after you get Grubhub contribution pay added to your balance, you can cash out whenever you want via Instant Cash Out.

With that, Instant Cash Out lets you withdraw all the money in your account but up to $500 a day without limiting how many times you can withdraw.

Otherwise, you’ll get the contribution via direct deposit if you haven’t withdrawn it by 11:59 PM Pacific Time on Monday.

With this method, any money still in your account by the deadline will be sent to your account on Thursday that week.

Why Can’t I Cash Out My Grubhub Contribution?

If you can’t cash out your Grubhub contribution, it might be due to one of the following reasons:

  1. It hasn’t reached your available balance, and you need to wait longer
  2. You’ve reached your Instant Cash Out limit of $500 a day
  3. Your bank does not support real-time transactions, so you need to wait longer or contact customer support

How Much Does Grubhub Take From Your Pay?

Grubhub does not take anything from the drivers’ pay, whether in tips, regular delivery payments, or the Grubhub contribution pay.

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Grubhub contribution is a program available in a few cities where drivers receive extra if their earnings are below the hourly rate in the area.

To receive Grubhub contribution pay, you need to have a 90% acceptance rate for the entire day, not just your block.

Also, Grubhub contribution pay is sent the next day at around 12 PM, and you can withdraw it along with all your earnings via Instant Cash Out.

If you haven’t withdrawn it by the end of the following Monday, you’ll get it via direct deposit with the rest of your balance on Thursday of the same week.

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