What Is Samsung Health? (All You Need to Know)

Wellness apps and accessories are popular among smartphone users who like to stay on top of these things because they’re convenient to have.

In the case of people with Galaxy devices, the first option they’ll have is Samsung Health, which we’ll be digging into below, so keep reading!

What Is Samsung Health in [currentyear]?

Samsung Health is an app that tracks different factors and activities of daily life, such as diet, sleep data, and physical movement in [currentyear]. A lot of its functionality is tied to Galaxy Watches that are used to take readings. It generates reports and visualizes data using charts and scores and provides goals and coaching tied to users’ overall wellness.

Keep reading to learn all you should know about Samsung Health, including what it can track, how to use it, and more!

Is Samsung Health Free on My Phone?

Samsung Health is free on your phone, and you can access all its features without having to pay any fees.

You might have to buy certain accessories, usually a Galaxy Watch, to unlock some functionality, but that’s about it.

It comes preloaded on most Galaxy devices, but it’s also available to download for free on other Android devices via the Google Play Store and for iPhone via the Apple App Store.

Do I Need a Samsung Account to Use Samsung Health?

You don’t need a Samsung account to use Samsung Health, but you won’t be able to access certain features, such as backing up your data.

What Watch Is Compatible With the Samsung Health App?

Only certain watches made by Samsung are compatible with the Samsung Health app, despite it being available for download on phones from other companies.

Currently, the only models of Galaxy brand watches that are compatible with the Samsung Health app are as follows:

  1. Gear S2
  2. Gear S3
  3. Gear S4
  4. Gear Fit2
  5. Gear Fit2 Pro
  6. Gear Sports
  7. Galaxy Fit
  8. Galaxy Watch Active2
  9. Galaxy Watch3
  10. Galaxy Fit2
  11. Galaxy Watch4

Even then, certain features are only available on certain watches because not all of them are capable of taking the same readings.

For example, readings about recovery heart rate, sweat loss, blood oxygen, body composition, and snoring are only available on the Galaxy Watch4 series.

How Do I Activate Samsung Health App?

To activate the Samsung Health app, you’ll need to start by opening it either from the app drawer or home screen, depending on how you’ve set up the device.

Go through the terms and conditions as well as permission requests and approve what you want until you get to the main screen.

From here, the app will be activated, and you can use it by opening it up at any time. Depending on what you’re doing, you might receive requests for permissions such as location data.

What Does Samsung Health Do?

What Does Samsung Health Do?

Samsung Health can do most things that similar apps and services can in terms of tracking wellness data.

It’s known for steps, but some of the other statistics it can track, depending on what device and accessories you have, include:

  1. Active time, including distance, walking, and running times
  2. Exercise data from your workouts
  3. Food, including calories
  4. Water intake
  5. Caffeine intake
  6. Sleep, where you can also get recommendations and targets to improve your sleeping habits
  7. Weight
  8. Stress
  9. Blood glucose
  10. Blood pressure
  11. Blood oxygen
  12. Water
  13. Heart rate
  14. Menstrual cycle
  15. Body composition

Additionally, there’s a function called “Together,” which allows you to set up challenges and hit targets with other app users.

Can My Samsung Phone Track My Steps?

Your Samsung phone can track your steps via the Samsung Health app. You can view them and set targets by following this procedure:

  1. Open the app and go to the “Home” tab
  2. Tap the tile marked “Steps,” where you can see your recorded counts by dates
  3. Tap the three vertical dots to open the menu
  4. Select “Target” to set a count you want to hit

Also, you can add a widget for steps to your home screen for easier monitoring as follows:

  1. Touch and hold a blank area of the home screen
  2. Tap “Widgets”
  3. Find and tap “Samsung Health”
  4. Find the “Steps” widget and add it to the home screen

After you’ve added the widget to the home screen, you can tap it to open a section with your step count in the app.

As well, you can track how many floors you’ve gone up, where every 10 feet you climb is recorded as one floor.

Can You Access Samsung Health on PC?

Unfortunately, you can’t access Samsung Health on PC because its functionality is limited entirely to mobile apps, and there isn’t a web version.

Apparently, the people at Samsung are aware that some people want this feature, but the company’s official position is that they can’t confirm it’s in the works.

Does Samsung Health Have GPS?

Samsung Health uses GPS for certain features, such as mapping, and one of the permissions the app asks for is access to your location.

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Samsung Health is an app that tracks and displays wellness-related data, such as steps and water intake. You don’t need a Samsung account to use it and can access most of its features without one.

It’s free and available on Android and iOS, but it only works with Galaxy Watches. That said, some data is only available on certain watches, e.g. sweat loss and blood oxygen only being readable on the Galaxy Watch4 series.

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