What Is Sephora Squad? (All You Need to Know)

Over time, Sephora’s marketing department has developed unique strategies for promoting and selling its products and services through various platforms, including limited to social media pages.

Recently, Sephora launched a team of social influences known as Sephora Squad to boost the company’s product visibility. If you are wondering what Sephora Squad is, stay and get enlighted!

What Is Sephora Squad in 2024?

Sephora squad is a marketing tool composed of social media influencers who actively market and increases the visibility of the company’s products in 2024. The squad was launched in 2019 and dabbed #SephoraSquad, which consists of inspiring artists, storytellers, and beauty enthusiasts with a diverse range of interests, points of view, and followers.

To discover more on Sephora Squad, how to be a Sephora Squad member, and much more, keep reading for more facts!

How Many People Are in the Sephora Squad?

Sephora squad is composed of 24 diverse influencers who are recruited annually.

Each year, the beauty brand announces the newest members of the #SephoraSquad, its sought-after partnership with diverse groups of content creators.

Why You Should Be A Squad Member?

Joining the Sephora squad will immediately connect you to like-minded creators and offers networking opportunities to meet up, ask questions, and find support.

 Additionally, it gives you numerous opportunities to collaborate on Sephora campaigns and work with various Sephora brands.

Does Sephora Work With Influencers?

Sephora accepts applications from beauty influencers of all backgrounds, not limited to Sephora team members.

Successful Squad members will enter into a yearlong, paid partnership with Sephora.

During this time, they will work on various exciting campaigns and marketing initiatives in partnership with the ambassador marketing platform.

What Are the Benefits of Being a Sephora Squad Member?

Check out the full range of benefits below:

  • Beauty swag– working as a Sephora squad member will grant you early access to some of the industry’s most highly anticipated launches.
  • Unlimited peer and professional coaching- all members of the Sephora squad have unlimited access to resources (company experts) they might need to realize and achieve their dreams.
  • Growing your following– working for Sephora will grow your networks and drastically increase your following. The company’s vast following will see your work.
  • Chance to be featured– working as a Sephora influencer will also see you featuring in Sephora videos and campaigns, including chances to film at Sephora’s LA studio.
  • Access to Industry events and leaders allows connecting with other influencers, the Sephora team, and brand founders to build your network and make meaningful industry contacts.
  • Community building and mentorship- Sephora squad members can be part of Sephora’s equity partners, Charity Rewards, and diversity and inclusion efforts and benefit from growth guidance.

How Can I Join?

How Can I Join Sephora Squad?

To be a member of the Sephora squad, follow the steps below and join:

  • Step 1: Create Your Account

Visit the Sephora squad online platform and create your account by entering your email address and phone number (ensure you have a US or Canadian number to receive the code).

Sephora will then send you a four-digit verification code to the phone number provided and prompt you to enter this code on the web page.

  • Step 2: Fill Out the Application

After creating your account, fill out the Sephora squad application online form.

This will take at least 10mins, after which you carefully read the applicable terms before submitting your application.

  • Step 3: Get Testimonials

The last stage is to get your followers to vouch for you by leaving testimonials on a unique web page Sephora will make for you once your application is submitted.

You’ll receive a unique testimonial link and custom #SephoraSquad Instagram assets to help spread the word.

Vouching by your fans and followers will help Sephora rate you and understand the scope of your influence on your community.

When Will I Find Out If I Have Made It Into the Sephora Squad?

Once you’ve submitted your application and the application closes, you will receive an email in your account updating you on the status of your application.

After which, all Sephora Squad members of that particular year will be announced within two months of application.

In case you don’t get a response, you can alternatively contact the Sephora squad support team for more information.

How Long Does the Sephora Squad Partnership Take?

The Sephora Squad partnership will last 12 months, with the selection of new Sephora Squad influencers every year.

After 12 months, you may opt to renew your partnership with Sephora Squad or end the contract.

Does It Matter How Many Followers I Have to Join Sephora Squad?

Sephora doesn’t entirely rely on applicants’ number of followers to award them a chance as company influencers.

On the contrary, the company values unique, unfiltered, sorry-not-sorry storytellers, regardless of their number of followers.

Sephora is looking for individuals ready to show their passion for beauty, learning, and content creation on their social page and converse with the beauty audience online.

What Type of Influencer Can Apply for Sephora Squad?

Sephora accepts applications from individuals with an active Instagram interested in becoming the creators of new generation beauty content and ready to join the company trailblazers.

Sephora also encourages applicants from UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Qatar, or Bahrain who reside in Canada or the US to apply regardless of gender.

Can a Sephora Employee Apply for Sephora Squad Influencer?

Sephora employees who have worked for at least three days and have a good working relationship with their managers or supervisors can apply for the Sephora squad.

In addition, to the above requirements, you must possess an active Instagram account.

However, FSC employees who work directly with Sephora brands or influencers are ineligible for the Sephora squad position.

This also applies to Kohl’s and JCPenney employees who work at Sephora counters

Is There a Minimum Age To Join?

To be a member of the Sephora squad, you must be 18 or older.

Is the Sephora Squad Application Open Globally?

Unfortunately, the Sephora squad is only open to residents of the US and Canada who can access either of the two countries’ mobile numbers.

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The Sephora squad is a twenty-four-influencer member team open for US and Canada residents only. Sephora squad is tasked with marketing and selling the company’s products.

Regardless of your following, you can opt to join the Sephora squad by visiting the company’s official page, following the procedure, and patiently waiting for a response from the company.

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