What Is Sephora VIB? (All You Need to Know)

Sephora administers its loyalty program under the Sephora Beauty Insider reward system, which rewards customers depending on how much they spend.

Beauty Insider’s loyalty program is three-tiered: Insider, VIB, and Rouge. So, if you would like to know more about VIB, then read on!

What Is Sephora VIB in [currentyear]?

VIB is the second of the three-tiered Sephora Beauty Insider loyalty rewards system in [currentyear]. To qualify, one must spend at least $350 in a year. Its privileges run from the year it is earned into the following year and include Sephora points, birthday gifts, early-bird privileges, and superior choices on rewards.

Stay on if you want to know more about Sephora VIB, how to earn it, what privileges accrue, whether it is worth it, and much more!

What Is Sephora VIB Tier?

Sephora VIB stands for Very Important Beauty Insider and is the second of the three-tier rewards system at Sephora. The other two are Sephora Insider and Sephora Rouge.

Sephora Insider offers the most basic privileges, while Sephora Rouge has the most generous benefits.

VIB’s privileges share many of the benefits of Sephora Rouge but on a less grand scale. These privileges run from the year they were earned to the following year.

After that, they terminate unless the customer has qualified again in the meantime.

How Do I Qualify for Sephora VIB?

To qualify for Sephora VIB, one must satisfy the following conditions:

  • You must be at least 16 years old. If you are younger than this, then you need your parent or guardian’s written permission to participate.
  • The Beauty Insider loyalty program runs in the US and Canada. You must be a legal resident of the country you intend to participate in.
  • You must be a member of the Sephora Beauty Insider Program.
  • You must have made purchases worth at least $350 in the year you qualify.

Note that purchases may be made online on Sephora’s websites, in-store, at Sephora at Kohl’s, or Sephora inside JCPenney (but only in the US).

The calendar year runs from January to December 31st.

  • You can only qualify as an individual. That means purchases made by an artificial person do not qualify.

What Are the Benefits of Sephora VIB?

What Are the Benefits of Sephora VIB?

Sephora offers a host of benefits to its Beauty Insider VIB customers, rewarding them for purchases made and motivating them to spend more.

However, some of these rewards are discretionary and subject to availability. Therefore, you should always claim them as soon as they are made available.

Here are Sephora’s VIB benefits:

  • VIB Points

Beauty Insiders earn a point for every dollar they spend. If the Beauty Insiders are Sephora VIB, they earn 1.25 points for every dollar and can accumulate points faster.

These points don’t expire unless your account has been inactive for over 18 months. Always try to use your account at least once every 18 months to keep your points valid.

  • Brand Points Multiplier Events

Twice a year, Sephora provides unique opportunities for customers to stack up on their points by offering more points for a dollar.

VIB members can triple their points during these events. Instead of the usual 1.25 points for a dollar, a VIB member can make up to 3.75 points per dollar spent.

Save your money to do most of your Sephora shopping during such advantageous windows to stretch your dollar.

  • Sephora Rewards Bazaar

Occasionally, Sephora will offer rewards in exchange for points you have accumulated.

Sephora reserves the right to offer or withdraw a reward, which you can only redeem subject to availability.

VIB members will be forewarned of an impending Rewards Bazaar and may be granted a head start.

Moreover, VIB members can also redeem their points more than once, a privilege denied to Insider members.

Birthday Gifts

All Beauty Insider members qualify for a birthday gift, which you can redeem two weeks before or after the birthday date.

Usually, the gift is limited to a choice provided by Sephora. Insider members pick from only one of two options.

On the other hand, VIB members have a choice of four gifts to choose from, and their choices carry better options.

Sephora VIB Sales

For up to four times a year, Sephora offers a sale exclusive to Beauty Insider members, which is very easy to join.

The amount you can save from this sale depends on how much you spend at the retailer.

Sephora VIB members get up to 15% off items, unlike Insiders who get only 10% off. Rouge members get 20% off.

VIB members also get a longer time to shop since the sale opens before it does for Insider members, and they can get their pick of offers before they run out.

Fortunately, the sale is accessible both online and in-store.

How Do I Redeem My VIB Points?

You can redeem your points online or in-store. The least number of points you can save is 50 points.

To redeem fewer than 750 points, you must purchase something, especially if redeeming online.

Keep in mind that your points are not transferable, nor can they be redeemed for cash.

The products for which you can save your points are at Sephora’s discretion and subject to availability.

Additionally, points over 750 don’t require a purchase, and also qualify you for free shipping.

Is Sephora VIB Worth It?

Sephora VIB offers a host of benefits similarly provided by the Rouge status for a relatively more achievable goal of only $350 a year.

Some members who have tried both VIB and Rouge hold that VIB status offers a better return on investment.

To know more, you can also read our posts on whether or not Sephora offers birthday gifts, does Sephora price match, and do Sephora points expire.


Sephora VIB offers better benefits than the bare-bones Insider status, but you need to buy at least $350 worth of products to qualify.

The rewards include faster point accumulation, better discounts, and a better choice of gifts and rewards. Overall, many consider it a worthwhile achievement.

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