What Is Starbucks Reserve? (+ Other Common FAQs)

Starbucks is known for its premium coffee and upscale decor, and Starbucks Reserve locations take that up several notches. The Starbucks Reserve locations are gigantic coffee megaplexes, with exclusive roasts, cocktail bars, and much more.

If you’ve been wondering what Starbucks Reserve is, how it’s different from ordinary Starbucks stores, and where the locations are, you’ll want to check out all of my research below!

What Is Starbucks Reserve In 2024?

Starbucks Reserve refers to the rarest and finest single-origin coffees offered by the company and the special locations showcased as of 2024. The special locations include the Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, Starbucks Reserve bars, and stores around the world. The Starbucks Reserve locations offer an individualized, immersive experience of the craft of coffee making.

If you want to find out the difference between an ordinary Starbucks store and Starbucks Reserve and what you can expect to find at the Starbucks Reserve locations, keep reading!

What’s The Difference Between Starbucks And Starbucks Reserve?

Starbucks has always been known for premium coffee and upscale decor. However, the Starbucks Reserve stores take the love of coffee to the next level.

That said, Starbucks introduced Starbucks Reserve artisanal coffees in 2010 as part of the “third wave” of coffee drinking in the US.

Further, Reserve coffees are carefully sourced coffees roasted in small batches aimed at the coffee connoisseur demographic.

Also, you can buy packaged Reserve coffees at many Starbucks stores.

Moreover, Starbucks Reserve refers to the locations where special stores showcase these coffees and the art of brewing coffee.

In 2014, Starbucks opened the first Starbucks Reserve Roastery in the company’s hometown of Seattle.

Since then, Starbucks Roasteries has been described as a more upscale version of Starbucks and offers an immersive experience in the craft of coffee making.

Also, there are Starbucks Reserve Stores, which are a smaller version of the Reserve Roasteries, and Reserve Bars at many locations around the world.

That said, the Reserve Roasteries serve coffee made from fresh-roasted single-origin coffee beans.

Additionally, the coffee is roasted on-site and in small batches for the freshest taste and unique flavors.

How Many Starbucks Reserves Are There?

You can experience Starbucks Reserve coffees and drinks at three kinds of locations: Reserve Roasteries, Reserve Bars, and Reserve Stores.

Currently, there are six Starbucks Reserve Roasteries, four Starbucks Reserve Stores, and 31 Reserve Bars worldwide.

Where Are Starbucks Reserve Stores Located?

The first Starbucks Reserve Roastery was opened in the company’s hometown of Seattle, close to the original store at Pike Place.

In addition, the other five Starbucks Reserve Roasteries are located in New York, Tokyo, Shanghai, New York, and Milan.

Moreover, the four Starbucks Reserve Stores are located in Seattle, New York, Shanghai, and Naperville.

Finally, there are Reserve Bars at locations in the US, Japan, Mexico, and Chile.

Also, you can use the Starbucks Reserve locator tool to find Starbucks Reserve locations near you and around the world.

What Are Starbucks Reserve Locations In The US?

What Are Starbucks Reserve Locations In The US?

The Starbucks Reserve locations in the US take the love and craft of coffee to another level.

That said, the six Reserve Roasteries can be described as coffee megaplexes, with on-site roasters, the Italian bakery Princi, and cocktail bars.

Further, these mammoth stores can seat over a hundred people at multiple levels, and bars and counters are scattered throughout the space.

Also, the decor is more upscale with the signature colors of gold and black and artwork on the walls.

At these locations, customers can view the whole process of roasting and brewing coffee for a multi-sensory experience.

Besides the different coffee flavors, you can experience the different tastes produced by various methods of brewing coffee.

With that, manual brewing techniques like pour-over, Chemex, and siphon all bring out the nuance and flavor of the coffee beans.

Additionally, baristas are happy to discuss the process of brewing, the coffee, and food pairings as you sample different coffees.

Finally, there are gift shops so you can take home souvenirs, coffee, and eats to share with friends and family.

What Is The Starbucks Reserve Menu?

The Starbucks Reserve menu is built around coffee made from small-batch roasted fresh-single origin coffee beans.

In addition, Starbucks Reserve locations have Arriviamo cocktail bars that serve alcoholic drinks, including coffee-based cocktails.

Regarding the food menu, it includes pastries and sandwiches from Princi, the Italian bakery at Starbucks, and even pizza.

Also, Starbucks Reserve locations serve its versions of special seasonal and holiday drinks.

At these stores, you can take hours sampling different flavors of coffee, accompanied by bread and pastries from the Italian bakery.

Or, you can choose to pair a flight of coffees or coffee-based alcoholic drinks with chocolates.

What Is The Purpose Of Starbucks Reserve?

The purpose of opening the Starbucks Reserve locations was to bring customers closer to the craft of coffee making with an immersive experience.

On top of that, Starbucks was trying to compete with third-wave coffee houses that offer artisanal coffees and unique and personalized coffee drinking experiences.

Coffee education is a big part of the Starbucks Reserve experience, and baristas will tell you about the journey from bean to your cup as they brew your coffee.

Overall, some business analysts feel the upscale Reserve stores were the logical next step for Starbucks since the market for its regular stores was so saturated.

Further, the Starbucks Reserve locations, especially the Reserve Roasteries, tend to become destinations for coffee lovers and tourist attractions.

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Starbucks Reserve refers to its best, single-origin, small-batch roasted coffees and the special stores that offer an immersive experience.

Also, Starbucks Reserve locations include the Reserve Roasteries, which have something of the atmosphere of an upscale coffee theme park and smaller Reserve stores and bars worldwide.

Additionally, the Starbucks Reserve locations have unique coffees, food items, cocktail bars, and surprisingly good pizza!

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