What Is T-Mobile Digits? (All You Need to Know)

T-Mobile offers many products, services, and features to customers, but do you know about T-Mobile Digits? Are you wondering- what is T-Mobile Digits, and how it works?

If so, continue reading as I dive into this topic and answer all of your related questions so you can figure out whether T-Mobile Digits is right for you!

What Is T-Mobile Digits in 2024?

T-Mobile Digits is a service offered by T-Mobile that allows you to either use multiple phone numbers on one device or use multiple devices with one phone number in 2024. Furthermore, T-Mobile Digits allows you to use your PC or tablet to receive calls without needing a SIM card, and there is a dedicated app for both iOS and Android.

Are you looking for additional details about T-Mobile Digits, like what it costs? Well, don’t stop reading now, because I’ll answer all that and more below!

Does It Cost Money to Use T-Mobile Digits?

It doesn’t cost any additional money to use T-Mobile Digits, since it’s free for anyone to use.

However, there are special types of Digit lines that you can purchase if you’d like, including the Data with Paired DIGITS plan that allows you to use a wearable device for Digits.

Also, you can add another Digits line for $10 per month if you set up AutoPay, which will give you a different phone number than your regular T-Mobile number.

How Much Does Data With Paired Digits Cost?

If you want to get the Data with Paired Digits plan for your wearable device and keep your same phone number, it will cost you $10 per month if you have AutoPay.

In addition, you can choose the high-speed data option for $20 per month if you have AutoPay set up.

How Do I Use Digits?

If you want to use T-Mobile Digits, the first part of the Digits setup process is to download Digits from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.

Furthermore, it’s easy to setup Digits once you’ve downloaded the app by following the guide below:

  1. Have your T-Mobile phone handy
  2. Open the Digits app you downloaded
  3. Log in to Digits using your T-Mobile ID or create one if you don’t have an ID
  4. Complete the steps to set up two-factor authentication
  5. Verify your identity using the code that T-Mobile will text you, or answer your security questions
  6. Agree to the Permissions required to run the app
  7. Configurations will begin automatically
  8. Select “On” to turn Digits on
  9. Select “Continue”

Can You Use T-Mobile Digits If You Don’t Have T-Mobile?

Can You Use T-Mobile Digits If You Don’t Have T-Mobile?

Anyone can use T-Mobile Digits, even if they don’t have T-Mobile and are with a different carrier, and all you’ll need to do is download the T-Mobile Digits app and log into the app!

However, if you’re not on the T-Mobile network, and you use data, it will be deducted from your phone carrier plan.

How Do I Pair My T-Mobile Digits Line?

If you’ve purchased a Data with Paired Digits plan and you want to pair your T-Mobile Digits line with your number, then follow the steps below:

  1. Create a T-Mobile ID if you don’t have one yet
  2. Log in to the MyDigits portal your T-Mobile ID
  3. Select the line you’d like to pair Data with Digits
  4. Go to “Paired Digits” and choose which line you want to use
  5. Select “Save”

Is T-Mobile Digits Reliable?

T-Mobile Digits is reliable and you’ll get the same services and call prioritization that you have for your regular smartphone since it’s set up to link to your real T-Mobile phone number.

Therefore, what T-Mobile created with Digits was advanced at the time since it doesn’t require a SIM card to connect to the T-Mobile network, and gives customers more freedom.

Additionally, if you need to have a work phone number, you can use Digits to have that phone number on your regular cell phone. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about a work phone!

Furthermore, what sets Digits apart is that it’ll work on almost any device you own as long as you have an Internet connection since you can use the web portal or app to use the service.

Does T-Mobile Digits Work Internationally?

T-Mobile Digits will work internationally if you have the app downloaded onto your device, but there could be some slowdown and bugs here and there due to slower data speed.

However, if you use Digits internationally, you should know that the same rules will apply just as using your phone internationally would, including for texts and phone calls.

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T-Mobile Digits is a service offered by T-Mobile that allows you to use your T-Mobile number across multiple devices including tablets, computers, and iPods.

Additionally, you can choose to get multiple numbers with T-Mobile Digits and use it on one device, and it’s free for anyone to use regardless of whether you’re a wireless customer.

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