What is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club? (Cost + Cancellation Policy)

Introduced in 2005, Amazon Prime is a paid subscription service that grants users free delivery, streaming access to movies, shows and music, and lots more for $12.99 per month or $119 per year.

How this charge shows up on your debit or credit card statement will depend on your bank, but in most cases, you will see something like “Amazon Prime Subscription.” If you see “Amazon Prime Shipping Club,” there’s likely a problem. Keep reading to find out what it means.

What is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club In [currentyear]?

The Amazon Prime Shipping Club is not affiliated with Amazon. Rather, it’s a monthly credit card billing scam. Victims report seeing different amounts charged monthly (from $13.09 to $15.05) in [currentyear]. This scam usually affects people who already have an Amazon Prime account, which Amazon cannot resolve. Therefore, you must go to your credit card company.  

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Is the Amazon Prime Shipping Club Part of Amazon?

Amazon Prime Shipping Club is a credit card billing and/or phishing scam. It has no connection to Amazon and is not affiliated with the e-commerce giant in any way.

While the information on the scam is scarce, it does seem that scammers are trying to take advantage of the Amazon Prime name and the fact that free shipping is one of the big selling points of a Prime membership.

If you notice a charge from the Amazon Prime Shipping Club on your credit card statement, Amazon will not be able to help you resolve the issue, as they won’t have any record of the transactions you’re mentioning.

What is the Charge for the Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

As the Amazon Prime Shipping Club is a scam, there isn’t a set amount of money victims will see on their credit card statements.

That being said, most people report seeing monthly charges for amounts between $13.09 and $15.05.

There are some cases where people are charged twice a month, either with a small amount (under $3) and a larger amount ($14 or more) or with two larger amounts.

How Do I Know If I’m Being Scammed By Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

How Do I Know If I’m Being Scammed By Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

There are several ways to find out if you’re a victim of the Amazon Prime Shipping Club scam, and one way is to get in touch with Amazon’s customer service to ask them about the charges.

If they don’t have any record of the transactions you’re mentioning, there’s a good chance that your card is involved.

You should also take a look at the amount you’re being charged and the name of the transaction.

If you signed up for Amazon Prime annually, you should only be paying Amazon once a year for your Prime membership.

If that’s the case, but you’re still seeing monthly charges, you may be involved in the scam.

If you’ve elected to pay monthly, know that the Amazon Prime membership costs $12.99 plus tax.

First, check to see if your state charges tax on Prime memberships (only 34 do).

Next, calculate how much your subscription plus tax costs based on your state’s law. If the number doesn’t correspond to your bill, then it’s likely a fraudulent charge.

In terms of the name on the transaction, many scam victims report seeing the charge listed under SHIPPINGCLUB on credit card statements.

A true Amazon transaction will say “Amazon Prime” or something similar. Therefore, if your bill has shipping charges, but no mention of Amazon, the transactions are likely fraudulent.

Finally, many victims report seeing these charges on their American Express cards.

Fortunately, it doesn’t seem that other card providers like Visa or Mastercard are affected.

However, if you have an American Express card, it’s worth taking a second look at your past statements to make sure everything is legitimate.

How Do I Cancel the Amazon Prime Shipping Club?

If you’ve determined that your credit card is being used as part of the Amazon Prime Shipping Club scam, you’ll want to resolve the issue as soon as possible.

As mentioned previously, this scam has nothing to do with Amazon. Therefore, it’s a waste of your time contacting the company to resolve the fraudulent charges, as they won’t have a record of the transactions or will be able to cancel them.

Instead, try disputing the charges with your bank or credit card company.

This may be something you can do over the phone, or it may require you to file a formal report.

In most cases, your bank or credit card company will cancel the card being used as part of the scam and issue you a new card.

You may not get the money back from the fraudulent charges (or if you do, it may take a while), but at least you can prevent any future charges to your account.

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Unfortunately, the world is filled with scammers and people looking to make a quick buck off of hardworking people who are too busy to scrutinize their monthly credit card statements.

Amazon Prime Shipping Club is an example of one of these tricky scams that have raked in hundreds of thousands of dollars or more from unsuspecting victims. So, the next time you get a bank statement, make sure you verify everything.

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