Amazon Empty Package (What To Do, Contacting Amazon, Refunds + More)

Amazon has a large fulfillment center, and many packages have to be boxed and shipped per day. Due to the high volume of packages Amazon sends, they often run into packaging issues.

One issue customers have noticed is receiving an Amazon package with nothing inside the box. So, what should you do if you receive an empty Amazon box? If you’d like to find out, keep reading this article!

Amazon Empty Package 

Customers who receive an empty Amazon package should first contact the seller they purchased the item from. If the seller is unable to assist customers with the issue, they can contact Amazon customer service and file a delivery complaint. After filing a complaint, Amazon will provide the customer with a refund or replacement.

If you’d like to learn more about why Amazon packages arrive empty, who to contact if an Amazon package arrives empty, and more, keep reading for more facts, tips, and useful information!

Why Did I Receive an Empty Package From Amazon?

If a customer has received an empty package from Amazon, it could be for a couple of different reasons.

One main reason is that, due to the large amount of orders Amazon has to fulfill on a daily basis, a box could be prepped for shipping but be missed during the packaging process.

Another common reason for receiving an empty box from Amazon is that the recipient may be the victim of a scam.

If the recipient is concerned about the box being a scam, they are recommended to report it to both Amazon and the Federal Trade Commission.

What Should I Do If I Receive an Empty Amazon Package?

If a customer has received an empty Amazon package, there are a number of steps they can take to rectify the situation.

First, customers are recommended to check their Amazon account to verify whether or not the package they received was one that they ordered or if it was delivered to their house by accident.

If the package sent to their house was not a package they ordered, customers are recommended to contact Amazon directly and inform them of the delivery mistake.

However, if the empty package is an order a customer has been waiting for, they are recommended to check the tracking status of their order to ensure it’s the same item they have been waiting for.

After confirming the package belongs to the recipient, they must contact the Amazon seller directly and inform them of the delivery mistake.

Do I Contact Amazon If I Receive an Empty Package?

Do I Contact Amazon If I Receive an Empty Package?

If customers receive an empty package, they are recommended to first contact the direct seller of the item, as this may be an issue on their end.

However, if customers don’t hear back from the seller, or the issue was caused by the fulfillment center, customers must contact Amazon and file a delivery complaint.

In order to file the complaint, customers can either phone Amazon’s customer service center or use the instant messaging feature on to speak with a customer service agent.

Amazon may refund customers if the empty box was supposed to contain an order they had previously placed.

Otherwise, if the box was sent by mistake, customers can report the incident and dispose of the box.

Does Amazon Refund Empty Packages?

Amazon will refund empty packages if they are confirmed to be an order that a customer placed and if the tracking status on their Order page states that the item was delivered.

However, if customers have not placed a recent order or a package they’ve sent away for hasn’t had their transit status updated, Amazon may not grant a refund if there is no proof of purchase.

Nevertheless, customers are encouraged to report the package if it was sent to their address wrongfully, as the customer could either be the victim of a scam or the original purchaser may be waiting for their package to arrive.

Does Amazon Offer Replacements for Empty Packages?

If customers have ordered an item from Amazon and receive an empty box, Amazon will offer a full refund.

Customers may also request a replacement item for their purchase that didn’t arrive.

However, if customers place an order through a third-party seller, Amazon cannot offer a replacement, as their fulfillment centers are not in charge of packaging and shipping such purchases.

Therefore, if customers prefer a replacement, they can contact the third-party seller directly and request a replacement.

Additionally, if the third-party seller doesn’t answer their request, customers may file an A to Z Guarantee against the seller.

Are Empty Amazon Packages a Scam?

While Amazon fulfillment centers are often the cause of empty Amazon packages being shipped, there are also some scam artists who will ship empty Amazon boxes to recipients’ houses.

Empty box scams usually come from Amazon sellers that list fraudulent content they claim to sell, pocket the money made from the sale, and then send an empty box instead.

Therefore, customers are urged to be careful about which sellers they purchase from on Amazon.

If customers are unsure if a seller is legitimate, it’s recommended they contact the seller and ask for a picture of the item they’re selling.

If the seller refuses to offer evidence of their product, they may be running a scam, and customers are therefore urged to refrain from purchasing anything.

Customers can report an empty box scam by contacting Amazon customer service and the Federal Trade Commission.

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