Sam’s Club TV Warranty (Price, Time Frames, What’s Covered, Claims + More)

Whether you are looking for a small TV to put in your office or a 75-inch flatscreen for a home theater, Sam’s Club offers a vast selection of different TV brands and sizes.  

But you may be curious about Sam’s Club’s warranty on their TVs and how long the warranty lasts. Search no further! Here is everything you have been looking for regarding Sam’s Club’s TV warranties!  

Sam’s Club TV Warranty

Sam’s Club offers a 4-year TV warranty through SquareTrade that varies in price between $30-$129, depending on the TV’s cost. SquareTrade warranties cover TV replacements, screen failure, remote failure, and more. Additionally, most TVs at Sam’s Club come with a manufacturer’s warranty that varies based on brand.  

Keep reading to learn more about the different TV manufacturer warranties and how long you have to return TVs at Sam’s Club! 

How Does Sam’s Club’s TV Warranty Work?

Every TV sold at Sam’s Club is backed by the store’s Satisfaction Guarantee, which states that you can receive a refund or return the product if you are not 100% happy with your purchase.  

Additionally, most of the TVs at Sam’s Club also come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which varies depending on the brand.

If the manufacturer’s warranty is simply not enough coverage for you, Sam’s Club also sells a protection plan through SquareTrade (see more below).

How Long Is Sam’s Club’s SquareTrade TV Warranty?

Sam’s Club offers TV protection plans through Allstate insurance.

Although the price of coverage varies depending on the TV size, the coverage length is the same for every protection plan.  

Allstate’s SquareTrade TV coverage lasts for 4 years and includes several specifications designed to protect you from any faults in your TV.  

What Are The Specifications Of Sam’s Club’s SquareTrade TV Warranty?

The specifications of the SquareTrade TV coverage plan includes protection for various circumstances, such as:  

  • Remote failure  
  • Speaker failure  
  • Screen failure  
  • Power surges  
  • 5-day service guarantee  
  • Replacements for TVs (the price of replacement varies based on coverage plan)  

The SquareTrade protection plan also includes premium tech support, which is available 24/7 with certified technicians.

In addition, the tech support also helps set up your new device and connect your TV to wi-fi or other devices.  

As for when the warranty starts, the coverage for SquareTrade warranty plans begins on the day you purchase your plan.  

Additionally, if your new TV has a manufacturer’s warranty as well as a SquareTrade protection plan, you will be referred to your manufacturer for service if there are any issues.  

How Much Does A Sam’s Club Warranty Cost?

The SquareTrade protection plans sold at Sam’s Club vary in cost based on the price of your TV.

For example, the cost of the SquareTrade warranties are: 

  • $129 for TVs that cost $1000 or more  
  • $100 for TVs that cost between $700-$999 
  • $80 for TVs that cost between $500-$699 
  • $50 for TVs that cost between $300-$499 
  • $30 for TVs that cost up to $299  

To include a SquareTrade TV warranty in your purchase, tell a Sam’s Club associate at the Membership Services desk.  

How Do You File A Claim On Your Sam’s Club TV?

How Do You File A Claim On Your Sam’s Club TV

Let’s say you have a SquareTrade protection plan and must file a claim on your TV. For the fastest service, Sam’s Club recommends calling the Allstate customer service line at 888-240-6940.  

Additionally, you can visit to file a claim. To be eligible for a claim, you must have your receipt for your TV.  

If you happen to throw the paper copy away, copies of your past receipts are available on Sam’s Club’s website if you have registered for an account. 

In other circumstances, a specialist will guide you through the next necessary steps. Also, Allstate says that an in-home repair technician repairs most TVs on their first visit.  

However, if an Allstate technician cannot fix the TV or your TV costs under $500, they will send you a replacement or money for reimbursement.  

What TV Brands At Sam’s Club Have A Manufacturer Warranty?

Most of the TVs sold at Sam’s Club include a manufacturer’s warranty. However, the length of the warranty varies depending on the brand of TV you choose to buy.

For example, the length of TV warranty plans at Sam’s Club are: 

  • TCL – 1-year warranty  
  • VIZIO – 3-year warranty  
  • LG – 1-year warranty  
  • Sony – 3-year warranty  
  • Phillips – 1-year limited warranty  
  • JVC – 2-year warranty  
  • MAGNAVOX – 1-year limited warranty  
  • Samsung – 3-year warranty  

How Much Do Sam’s Club TVs Cost?

Sam’s Club sells a wide array of TVs to cater to as many members as possible. The cost of TVs sold at Sam’s Club ranges from $140 to $5500, depending on size, brand, and specialized features.  

Additionally, Sam’s Club carries TVs from the industry’s leading brands like Samsung, Sony, LG, and many more.

A majority of the TVs at Sam’s Club are available for purchase online and can be shipped directly to your house.  

Can You Return TVs At Sam’s Club?

Like most products, Sam’s Club sells, TVs are eligible for easy returns or refunds if you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase.  

However, you must return your TV from Sam’s Club within 90 days of the original purchase date and include all the original packaging and accessories that came with the TV.  

When you make a TV return at Sam’s Club, you do not need to bring your receipt with you. However, bringing your receipt does make the return process much quicker.

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There are 2 available TV warranties at Sam’s Club, a manufacturer’s warranty that comes with your TV purchase and a SquareTrade warranty that costs extra and varies depending on the cost of the TV.  

SquareTrade warranties last for 4 years and cost between $30 and $129, while manufacturer warranties last between 1 and 3 years, depending on the brand of TV you purchase.  

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