What Is Uber X? (All You Need to Know)

Uber launched as a way for people to request rides from people in their area, but it’s now grown to offer a variety of ride types depending on the users’ needs and budget.

Uber X is one of the options that you get now when you request a ride. Read on to find out everything you need to know about Uber X to decide whether it’s the right choice for you!

What Is Uber X In [currentyear]?

Uber X is the standard class of Uber rides that the company is most known for in [currentyear]. Uber X offers normal rides in vehicles that can accommodate up to 4 passengers: one in the front and three in the back. As for the prices, Uber X is marked as affordable and is often the cheapest option after Uber Pool.

Find out everything you need to know about Uber X, including how it differs from the other Uber ride types, what kind of vehicles qualify, and more!

What Is the Difference Between Uber and Uber X?

Uber X is one of the ride options offered by Uber. It’s the standard one, so it’s what most people refer to when they talk about Uber.

What Is the Difference Between Uber X and Uber XL?

Uber X is the standard ride type while Uber XL uses larger vehicles to provide rides for more people at a time.

Vehicles that are used for Uber X are sedans and cars of that size for four passengers, while Uber XL uses SUVs and minivans to accommodate up to 6 riders or additional luggage.

For this reason, Uber XL is usually more expensive than Uber X, even if you’re just riding by yourself.

What Is the Difference Between Uber X and Uber Select?

Uber X is the standard ride type available via the service while Uber Select provides rides in more luxury vehicles, although both have the same capacity (4 riders).

Uber Select drivers also need to have a very high rating to qualify, while Uber X drivers can have low ratings and still maintain access to the tier.

Uber Select gives you access to more expensive and newer models of luxury vehicles, usually sedans, from manufacturers such as Audi, BMW, and Mercedes Benz.

This makes Uber Select one of the most expensive options available on Uber, even more than something like Uber XL that can accommodate more passengers.

What Is the Difference Between Uber X and Uber Black?

Uber X is the standard tier available via the platform, while Uber Black is a premium option that costs more but carries additional perks.

Uber X uses regular, everyday cars, but Uber Black vehicles are new and from high-end makes and models that are black both on the exterior and interior, the latter of which needs to be leather.

Vehicles that are often available in this tier include Mercedes Benz E Class, Cadillac XTS, and Jaguar XF.

There’s also a category within this called Uber Black SUV where vehicles need to meet the same standards but they’re SUVs.

Some of the most popular models in this class are Cadillac Escalade, Mercedes Benz GL Class, GMC Yukon, and Lincoln Navigator.

What Is the Difference Between Uber X and Uber Green?

Uber X uses regular vehicles while Uber Green uses electric or hybrid vehicles. However, vehicles in either category need to have 4 doors and be capable of accommodating 4 riders.

Popular vehicles used for Uber Green include Teslas, Priuses, and Chevrolet Bolts.

Is Uber X Better Than Uber Pool?

Is Uber X Better Than Uber Pool?

Whether or not Uber X is better than Uber Pool, which recently relaunched as Uber X Share, depends on your personal preference, but X generally costs more than Pool.

It’s more than the price difference, but because the tradeoff is that you have to ride with strangers in an Uber Pool and you can only bring one person with you at a time.

Both Uber X and Pool allow for up to 4 riders, but in the latter, you can only bring one person with you and the others will be strangers.

Is Uber X Bigger Than Comfort?

Uber X is not bigger than Comfort. We know this because Uber Comfort is intended specifically for vehicles that are more spacious, with increased leg and headroom.

Some of the vehicles that are usually used for Uber Comfort include the Toyota Camry and Honda Accord.

Uber X, on the other hand, doesn’t have many requirements about the size of the car, as long as it has 4 doors and can fit 4 riders at once.

Does Uber XL Pay More Than Uber X?

Uber XL pays more than Uber X per trip because the fares are higher per trip owing to the increased capacity.

However, Uber X receives more bookings than Uber XL, so it’s the option that might net the driver more earnings overall.

Moreover, because Uber XL allows drivers to use SUVs, they could end up with something that costs more to maintain and isn’t as fuel-efficient so the spending on gas is higher.

Is Uber X for a Single Person?

Uber X is not exclusively for a single person, as you can ride by yourself if you want or with more people, but the price does not change.

When you request an Uber X, you can bring along up to 3 other people because the vehicles are intended for a maximum of 4 riders.

What Kind of Car Is an Uber X?

An Uber X is usually a 4-door vehicle, sedan, or hatchback. These designs allow for up to 4 riders and light luggage.

Can Uber X Carry Luggage?

As we’ve established above, an Uber X is usually a sedan or hatchback with 4 doors, and this means that it can accommodate light luggage if you’re traveling by yourself.

If your luggage is small enough to fit into the trunk of a sedan or in the back of a hatchback when the seats are folded down, then you shouldn’t have an issue getting it into an Uber X.

Where Is Uber X Available?

Because it’s the standard ride type, Uber X is available wherever Uber is functional.

Sometimes, however, you might struggle to find one if there are no available drivers in your area when you request a ride.

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Uber X is the standard ride type available from Uber, and it’s often cheaper than other car options except for Uber Pool.

Cars used for Uber X are 4-door sedans and hatchbacks that can carry Uber X and are available wherever Uber is functional.

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