What Is Zara’s Return Policy In Canada? (All You Need To Know)

Zara is one of the largest clothing retailers in the world. Furthermore, it has thousands of stores throughout the United States and Canada. Plus, it has a huge market in Europe, too. 

However, its policies can differ a bit from country to country. So, let’s take a look at the company’s return policy in Canada below. 

What Is Zara’s Return Policy In Canada In 2024?

Zara’s return policy is similar across all countries in 2024. Furthermore, while some markets make different decisions on return policies, Zara’s main policies remain the same. In Canada, the company allows a 30-day window for returns, however, the item has to be unused and unworn.

For more information on its return policy, keep reading below!

Will Zara Accept Returns Past 30 Days?

In most cases, Zara will not provide a full return after 30 days as it has a strict 30-day return policy. 

However, the company may give you an in-store credit for items that you return after 30 days. Still, this does not occur all the time. 

Additionally, you must have the original receipt, and the item must be intact and never worn. 

Specifically speaking, it must be “new, unwashed, unworn, and unaltered.” Basically, this describes anything that you purchased but never wore or prepared to wear. 

How Long Do You Have to Return to Zara?

You have about 30 days to return items to Zara. Furthermore, if you purchase from a physical store, the countdown starts when you finish your order. 

However, if you order items from the website, then it begins when the items ship. 

Therefore, if you order from the website, you actually have less than 30 days from the time you receive the item to return them. 

So, if you need to return the item for one reason or another, we highly recommend returning it promptly. 

Can I Get a Refund at Zara Without a Receipt?

Can I Get a Refund at Zara Without a Receipt?

Technically, the company has no return policy regarding customers with no receipts, therefore, some stores may allow you to return the item even if you have no receipt. 

However, many of them do not accept returns unless you have a receipt. 

So, when making a return, it would be best to have either a paper or digital receipt to make sure the store will accept your return.

With that said, some stores have different policies regarding making returns without receipts. 

For instance, some of them will provide in-store credit, but that’s it, so you’ll have to ask the store what its policies are. 

Can I Return Zara Items without a Tag?

The return policy of Zara is a bit complicated. However, the company typically does not mind if the tags are off or not. 

Furthermore, Zara expects you to try on the clothes, which often means you will take off the tags. 

Additionally, if you return the item online, then you’ll usually be asked to put the item back in its original packaging. 

Is Zara Charging for Returns?

Sadly, Zara has started charging for some returns. 

Often, these fees are applied when Zara customers decide to use a third-party courier to deliver their returns, as you’ll often need to pay for the shipping and a fee. 

However, you can opt to take your returns to a store instead of paying this fee. 

Of course, charging fees is nothing new for all industries. However, it is something new for the clothing standard. 

Furthermore, experts are concerned that the inclusion of fees may make customers turn to other companies, instead. 

Therefore, if they continue to be the only retailer in the industry that charges for returns, they may lose business over time. 

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Zara’s return policy is pretty similar throughout the world. While there are some small differences between store locations, most of them are extremely similar. 

Furthermore, in Canada, the company lets you return items for 30 days after you purchase them. Additionally, the item can have the tag removed, however, it must be unworn and unwashed. 

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