What Scanner Does FedEx Use? (+ Other Common FAQs)

If you’re anything like me, then you enjoy refreshing your tracking information to see updates as often as possible. But have you ever wondered how FedEx is able to provide such accurate, up-to-date information about the whereabouts of your package?

Well, this accuracy is thanks in large part to the scanners FedEx uses throughout its logistics network. In this article, you’ll learn what types of scanners FedEx uses, who makes them, and what they do, so keep reading!

What Scanner Does FedEx Use in [currentyear]?

FedEx Ground facilities use either laser scanners or high-speed, camera-based scanners to sort packages and update tracking information in [currentyear]. Drivers use handheld scanners to update tracking and delivery information. Scanners are also used for clocking in and out, getting route information, and finding directions. Some drivers use Star VI scanners, while others use TC77 scanners or Leos.

 If you still have questions about FedEx’s scanners, then make sure you finish this entire article for more useful facts and tips!

What Type of Scanners Does FedEx Use?

FedEx employs a number of different scanners throughout the course of a normal business day. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Some FedEx Ground facilities use laser scanners to read package barcodes.

Other facilities use high-speed, camera-based scanners. These scanners read all 6 sides of a package to capture digital images of each bar code.

FedEx drivers use handheld scanners to scan barcodes and update tracking information.

At the time of this writing, most FedEx drivers use Android-based Star VI scanners.

However, some companies contracted by FedEx Ground use TC77 Mobile Hand Computer Scanners. Still, others use Leo scanners.

Who Makes FedEx Scanners?

Scanners used inside warehouses and other shipping hubs are produced by Telford, Pennsylvania-based Accu-Sort Systems Inc.

Star Handheld scanners are made by Symbol Technologies Inc. from Holtsville, New York.

TC77 scanners are produced by Zebra Technologies, a company based out of Lincolnshire, Illinois.

Leo scanners are made by Artec, a company from Luxembourg.

What Does a Scanner Do at FedEx?

What Does a Scanner Do at FedEx?

Whether they’re in warehouses or out on the road, FedEx scanners have a number of features.

First and foremost, they’re used to scan package barcodes so that customers’ tracking information gets updated.

Whenever a barcode is scanned, customers can see the location of their package and whether it’s arriving, departing, or being delivered.

In addition to updating customer package information, package handlers at FedEx facilities and warehouses use scanners to sort and organize packages efficiently.

Here, scanners are essential in making sure packages get placed on the correct delivery trucks.

While scanners are important for FedEx’s internal operations, perhaps no one gets more use out of them than drivers.

FedEx drivers can use scanners to do the following:

  • Clock in and out of work
  • Complete a pre-trip vehicle inspection
  • Find delivery addresses
  • Report milage
  • Get driving instructions

Do FedEx Scanners Have GPS?

Most FedEx scanners have a built-in GPS feature that allows drivers to navigate quickly and efficiently while delivering packages.

This feature is easily accessible from each driver’s daily package manifest list.

In addition to seeing the package number and address, the driver is also able to get turn-by-turn directions if needed.

Newer scanners allow drivers to choose which navigation program to use. They can choose from FedEx Navigation, Google Maps, or Waze.

Some drivers also report having trouble with these programs, stating that they direct them to the wrong address or are off by more than 200 feet.

While this tool may come in handy from time to time, most drivers know their route pretty well and don’t use the GPS feature very often.

Indeed, it seems as though most drivers see the GPS as a nice backup feature but don’t need it to successfully deliver packages throughout the day.

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FedEx first started using scanners in 1986 with the SuperTracker handheld barcode scanner. Nowadays, Star, Zebra, and Leo scanners are used most often. Indeed, these small devices are a vital part of daily operations at the company.

They are essential for keeping tracking information updated, but they also help package handlers sort packages correctly. But perhaps no one benefits from them more than drivers. In fact, drivers use scanners to log their hours and get directions.

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