When Does Amazon Pay? (Sellers, Employees + More)

When sellers make accounts on Amazon, they receive the majority of the money for the products they sell. After Amazon deducts a commission, the money is added to their paycheck.

However, new Amazon sellers may wonder exactly when they receive their paychecks and how they are paid. If you want to find out, keep reading this article to see what I learned!

When Does Amazon Pay?

Amazon generally pays their sellers every two weeks, starting from the date when a seller makes an account on Amazon. Amazon keeps payments on hold for 7 days after the estimated delivery date of purchase in case the buyer has any issues and requests a refund or return. Each payment contains 14 days of orders.

If customers would like to learn more about Amazon’s payment schedule, how they process payments, when employees are paid, and more, continue reading this article for more useful facts, tips, and information!

When Does Amazon Pay Sellers?

When sellers make an account on Amazon, they will receive their bi-weekly payments from the date of their initial sign-up.

Therefore, sellers may not be paid on the first or fifteenth of the month like other retail marketplaces.

While Amazon pays bi-weekly, they will keep funds on hold for up to 7 days after the estimated delivery date of a product.

This means that even if a seller made a sale shortly before their next paycheck, that sale might not be included until their next paycheck.

Sellers should note that when they change or add information to their payment account, Amazon will place a one-time 3-day hold on their pay disbursements starting from when the changes are made.

When Does Amazon Pay Their Employees?

Unlike sellers on Amazon, workers employed by Amazon are paid on a weekly basis.

Amazon recently changed this payment policy so that all their employees are paid on a weekly basis, whereas before, staff was paid on a bi-weekly or monthly basis.

However, some Amazon employees may still be paid on a bi-weekly or monthly basis, depending on their role and the payment requirements for their region.

If potential staff members are curious about their payment schedule, they are recommended to contact Amazon for more clarification or check with employees in their local area.

When Does Amazon Send The First Paycheck?

When sellers and employees are paid, it usually takes 3-5 business days for their money to arrive if they are using direct deposit, and checks will come in the mail at about the same time.

Both sellers and employees are paid after their first two weeks or 14 days either of working at or selling through Amazon.

Sellers who require funds earlier than two weeks may be able to make a transfer request for the first half of their paycheck. However, these requests are not always approved.

Therefore, sellers who need their money earlier are recommended to contact Merchant Help for a more immediate transfer.

Does Amazon Pay Sellers on a Bi-Weekly Basis?

Does Amazon Pay Sellers on a Bi-Weekly Basis?

Amazon pays sellers on a bi-weekly basis or every 14 days from the date sellers made an account.

Therefore, sellers are not always paid out at the end of the week like most marketplaces.

For example, if a seller made an account on a Wednesday, they would be paid every 14 days from that Wednesday, unlike other businesses, which usually payout their staff on Fridays.

Does Amazon Pay With Direct Deposit?

Amazon pays both its sellers and employees with direct deposit and paper checks.

Sellers and workers can select which method they prefer and will receive their payout according to Amazon’s payment schedule.

Amazon currently does not allow sellers to receive payments through PayPal.

Therefore, sellers who generally use PayPal for transactions may have to open a new chequing account or use their personal account for Amazon.

Can Amazon Sellers Get Paid Early?

Amazon sellers have a “Request Transfer” button on their account that allows them to initiate a payment transfer request before their regularly scheduled payout!

However, requesting a transfer doesn’t necessarily mean sellers will be paid in full early.

The currently available payout (orders delivered 7-10 days ago) will be transferred to their account, will close the originally scheduled payment, and move the pending funds to the following schedule.

In other words, sellers will receive a portion of their payment earlier than scheduled, but the remaining portion will be added to the following check/deposit, which won’t be received for another 14 days.

Payment transfers are generally requested to enhance payment frequency, but Amazon may not approve payment transfers in every situation.

Therefore, it’s recommended that sellers refrain from altering their payment schedule unless they require funds immediately.

If sellers do require immediate funds, it’s recommended they contact Merchant Help on their Amazon Pay page, as they may be able to have their request approved quicker.

If you are an Amazon employee, you might also be interested in reading up on Amazon VTO policy, Amazon mandatory overtime policy, and the Amazon employee discount.


Amazon pays their third-party sellers every two weeks or every 14 days, depending on when they opened their selling account, while Amazon employees get paid on a weekly basis.

Both direct deposit and paper checks are available as payment options.

Sellers may be able to access a portion of their funds earlier by requesting a payment transfer. However, transfers are not always granted through Amazon Pay.

Therefore, sellers who require funds immediately are encouraged to contact Amazon directly.

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