When Does Dollar General Restock? (All You Need To Know)

Dollar General stores have a wide range of products that customers can choose from, but not all products are readily available always.

Because of this, you may be wondering when Dollar General restocks its store shelves. Here is what I have managed to find out! 

When Does Dollar General Restock? 

Dollar General typically restocks its products and shelves once a week from midday to late afternoon on Mondays. Additionally, Dollar General will restock smaller items throughout the week. However, this restocking time can vary on shipment deliveries, the nearest fulfillment center, availability of stock, and also demand.

Read on to find out about Dollar General restocks! 

How Can I Check If Dollar General Have A Product In Stock?

Customers can easily check whether or not a wide variety of products are in stock at Dollar General via their dedicated website.

When customers search for a specific product on the Dollar General website, they are able to see how many of a product are currently in stock at specific stores.

This is incredibly useful, as, even if your local Dollar General doesn’t have what you need, you can check whether the second closest store has it in stock instead.

Does Dollar General Restock Every Day? 

Restocks can occur during normal operating hours in stores such as Dollar General, but this is generally reserved for smaller stock that sells quickly, or for fresh produce, which can perish.

If you are still looking for a larger product that may not have been restocked, you can still contact any staff member within the store, and ask if there are any of that item in the stock room, as it may not have been moved onto shelves just yet.

When Do Other Grocery Stores Usually Restock?

Grocery stores will generally tend to do the majority of their restocking overnight between opening hours.

This is so that they can avoid interrupting customers, and avoid the potential danger of moving larger stock around customers.

As a result, if you want to get the most out of a grocery store, the best time to go is as soon as the store opens, so that you can have your pick of the store at its most well-stocked period.

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It can vary greatly from store to store, but Dollar General tends to restock at least once a week. Restocks of larger products will mostly happen while the store is closed, and restocks of smaller products can take place throughout the day.  

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