When Does Petco Restock? (Days, Shipments + More)

As one of the largest retailers focusing on pet owners, Petco sells a large variety of pet food, products, services, and live pets across physical stores and online.

This makes Petco the preferred choice for most people, which is why it becomes frustrating when an item is out of stock. So, read this article to find out when Petco restocks its shelves!

When Does Petco Restock In [currentyear]?

Petco restocks weekly in shipments that reach stores either on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays in [currentyear]. When Petco stores receive weekly shipments, employees can decide to restock the shelves daily, either in the mornings before opening, or evening before closing. Items and pets that sell out faster are restocked soon after they run out and vice versa.

Continue reading for a deep dive into when Petco restocks some of its popular products, including pet food, animals, and more!

When Does Petco Restock Online?

Petco restocks its online platform depending on the supply available.

Since the website does not need a weekly shipment like Petco stores, it’s up to the suppliers and how soon they can get products to the warehouses and distribution centers.

If something is unavailable at Petco online, it should have restocked in a week or less.

When Does Petco Restock Dog Food?

Petco stores typically restock dog food when they receive the weekly shipment.

Which day the shipment arrives varies from store to store, but it’s between Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, according to employees on various online forums.

As dog food is one of the more popular products sold at Petco, it usually gets restocked within a short period of time. Therefore, your best bet is to check after the weekly shipment.

Petco’s restocking of dog food may also be affected by other factors, such as supply chain issues causing temporary shortages in the market, starting all the way from the suppliers.

Nevertheless, Petco restocks packages of dog food every day, either at night after closing, or in the morning before opening.

These stores also usually have more stock in the back, so if you ever go into Petco and find its out of dog food, come back the following day and the shelves will have been restocked.

When Does Petco Restock Reptiles?

When needed, Petco restocks reptiles along with its weekly shipments, either on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, depending on the store.

Due to the differences in popularity among reptile pet types, restocking might differ between animals.

Popular reptiles get restocked more often because they have a wider market, while less popular ones take longer to restock when they’re bought up, as there’s little incentive.

For example, turtles would get restocked more frequently compared to skinks, because they are a more common type of pet, so they have more demand.

Therefore, you should call ahead, just to be sure that the reptile you need is back in stock before making the trip.

When Does Petco Restock Guinea Pigs?

When Does Petco Restock Guinea Pigs?

Petco restocks guinea pigs along with its weekly shipments whenever needed, i.e. on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, depending on the store.

This, however, depends on the particular store’s inventory, and the demand by the customers in that area.

Since guinea pigs are a very popular type of pet, you shouldn’t expect them to be out of stock for long at Petco, so just check back a few days later.

When Does Petco Restock Fish?

There is no uniform restock schedule for fish in all the Petco stores across the country, but there are some stores that get their fish shipments on Wednesdays and Fridays.

When Does Petco Restock Hamsters?

Petco restocks hamsters on different days of the week across its stores, along with the weekly shipment on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

Like with other pets sold at these stores, the frequency at which Petco restocks hamsters depends on how fast they can be sold.

When Does Petco Restock Ferrets?

Petco restocks ferrets along with its scheduled weekly shipments on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays, depending on the existing number of the animals in the stores.

Availability comes down to the level of demand for ferrets in the area. If the batch that ran out took long to sell, Petco could be out of stock for a while longer than usual.

You should consider calling ahead at your local store to find out if ferrets have been restocked.

When Does Petco Restock Birds?

Birds are a popular product at Petco, and are often restocked with the weekly shipments at various stores, which come in either on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays.

Birds are a popular pet type at Petco, and will likely not remain out of stock for longer than a week. That said, you should call ahead before going to check if they’re back in stock.

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Petco restocks its stores weekly either, on Mondays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays. Store employees then restock the shelves every morning or evening, depending on their schedule.

While most Petco products are restocked weekly, the frequency, products, and the quantities in each weekly shipment depend on the particular store’s available inventory, availability from vendors or suppliers, and the demand for the product in the area.

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