When Does Walmart Put Halloween Stuff Out? (All You Need To Know)

Halloween is a very popular holiday all around the world. It has become especially popular for people who like to dress up and decorate their homes and yards to celebrate.

So that might make you wonder when you can go shopping at stores, such as Walmart, for the occasion. I researched when Walmart puts out its Halloween stuff, like decor and costumes, and here is what I discovered!

When Does Walmart Put Halloween Stuff Out In 2024?

Walmart usually starts to put its Halloween stuff out for sale around the end of September and by the time October starts all the Halloween stuff is out as of 2024. Fortunately, even though there has been a shortage of items due to Covid-19, everything should be in full stock this year.

If you want to learn more about what Halloween stuff Walmart sells, when the best time to buy your Halloween stuff is, and more, then keep reading!

Does Walmart Sell Halloween Stuff all Year Round?

Thankfully, Walmart does sell Halloween stuff all year round online, however, Walmart only sells Halloween stuff in-store during the Halloween season.

Moreover, as stated before, the Halloween season for Walmart is usually the end of September and all of October.

Additionally, you can shop Walmarts Halloween stuff online here all year round.

What Is Walmart’s Halloween Hours?

Fortunately, Walmart stores will be open on Halloween. Furthermore, some Walmarts are open 24 hours, but if not, most Walmarts are open 6 AM to 11 PM.

What Does Walmart Sell for Halloween?

What does Walmart Sell for Halloween?

Fortunately, Walmart sells a large assortment of everything for Halloween. Moreover, Walmart sells:

  • Halloween costumes
    • For kids and teens
    • For Adults
    • For dogs and cats
  • Indoor and outdoor decor
    • Inflatables
    • Animatronics
    • Wreaths
    • Skeletons
    • Spiders
    • Spiderwebs
    • Lights
    • Fog machines
    • Pumpkins
    • Straw bales
    • Witches
    • Tombstones
    • Wall decor
    • Hanging decor
    • Blankets and pillow
    • Curtains
    • Table decor
    • Garlands
  • Party supplies
    • Signs and Banners
    • Plates
    • Napkins
    • Cups
    • Gift bags
    • Cards
    • Wrapping paper
    • Streamers
    • Goodie bags
  • Baking stuff
    • Sprinkles
    • Candy eyeballs
    • Icing
    • Baking pans
    • Cupcake wrappers
    • Cookie cutters
    • Already made cookies, cupcakes, and other sweets
  • Halloween candy
  • Trick-or-Treating baskets/bags
  • Books
  • Toys
  • Halloween makeup
  • Glow sticks
  • Jewelry
  • Halloween outfits that aren’t costumes
  • And much more

When Should I buy Halloween Stuff?

Thankfully, you can buy Halloween stuff any time of the year, even if Halloween items aren’t on store shelves because you can order items from Amazon, Walmart, etc.

However, if you want to decorate your home you need to make sure you have all your Halloween stuff by the beginning or middle of October.

Furthermore, the best time of the year to buy Halloween stuff and get the best prices would be after Halloween when everything goes on sale.

Additionally, Walmart usually begins putting its Halloween stuff on sale a week or a few days before the day of Halloween and drops the prices even lower after Halloween.

Unfortunately, buying stuff after Halloween means you won’t be able to use it until next year.

Why Is There No Halloween Stuff In Stores?

Thankfully, there will be the full amount of Halloween stuff in stores this year, however, recently in the past, there was a shortage of Halloween items due to Covid-19.

Moreover, this is because during the Covid-19 pandemic, because everyone was quarantined to their homes and only essential workers were allowed to work, many items became very scarce.

Additionally, some factories that were allowed to work were converted into producing essential items for the pandemic instead of what they originally produced.

Therefore, because Halloween items aren’t considered “essential”, there was a shortage for a while.

However, now that the pandemic has mostly cleared up and people are allowed to go to work and be out and about, there is no longer a shortage of items, including Halloween supplies.

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Walmart always begins putting its Halloween stuff out around the end of September that way by the beginning of October all the Halloween stuff is on the shelves. Furthermore, everything Halloween should be in full stock this year, with no shortages.

Moreover, the best time of year to buy Halloween stuff is right after Halloween when everything goes on sale and you can get the best deals. Additionally, Walmart sells a very large variety of Halloween stuff, from costumes and makeup to toys and books all year round.

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