Where Are AirPods Made? (All You Need to Know)

You’ve probably heard of Apple AirPods as they’re one of the most popular Apple products on the market. However, you may want to know: where are AirPods made? 

Well, I have been looking into this question and have found the answer, so keep reading to find out where AirPods are made and so much more information that I’ve discovered! 

Where Are AirPods Made in 2024? 

Apple AirPods are made in either China or Vietnam, with Apple moving some production of the AirPods to Vietnam in 2024. However, it depends on which generation you have. Generally, most of the AirPods are assembled in China. Further, many consumers have complained about the poor quality of the AirPods made in Vietnam. 

Do you have even more questions, like whether the first and second generations were made in the same country? If so, continue reading as I dive further into where AirPods are made. 

Are Apple AirPods Made in China or Vietnam?

Apple AirPods Pro 2 is going to be produced in Vietnam instead of China because Apple is slowly moving away from China as the main manufacturing country for its products. 

However, AirPods 3 are made in either Vietnam or China, since Apple was using both countries for the production of the AirPods 3. 

Are Apple AirPods Gen 2 Made in Vietnam?

The Apple AirPods 2 were made in Vietnam, with a large majority of the first generation being made in China. However, those made in Vietnam seemed to be of poorer quality. 

Are Apple AirPods Made in Vietnam Real?

The Apple AirPods that say “Made in Vietnam” is real because Vietnam is where Apple moved some of the AirPod production. 

That being said, the reason that people think the “Made In Vietnam” AirPods are fake is because so many consumers complained about the quality. 

Are AirPods 3 Assembled in Vietnam?

Are AirPods 3 Assembled in Vietnam?

AirPods 3 are assembled in both Vietnam and China, but China has about 70% of all manufacturing responsibilities of the Apple AirPods. 

Are Apple AirPods Made in Japan?

Apple AirPods aren’t made in Japan. If you have a set of AirPods that say “Made in Japan,” they are either a replica or fake pair of AirPods and not the real deal. 

Furthermore, genuine Apple AirPods will only say “Made In Vietnam” or “Made in China.” So, if you see the “Made in Japan” variety, don’t purchase them because they’re fake. 

Are Apple AirPods Made in California? 

Apple AirPods aren’t made in California since they’re made in either China or Vietnam. However, the design for Apple AirPods happens in California, just like with other Apple products. 

How Can You Tell If AirPods Are Fake?

There are several different ways that you can tell if your AirPods are fake, which include:

  • Checking the serial number on the Apple Check Coverage website is the quickest and easiest way since only genuine AirPods are registered on the website 
  • Seeing a “Made In Japan” label instead of China or Vietnam 
  • The case should use the same cable that the iPhone uses, and if it doesn’t, then it’s fake
  • Fake AirPods will contain typos in the manual, AirPods, and on the AirPods box 
  • Fake AirPods will feel cheap and plastic-like 
  • If the button on the back of the case pokes out or seems loose, then it’s likely fake as the genuine AirPods button is flat 
  • When connected, fake AirPods don’t appear within the Find My app 
  • If you don’t automatically get the popup menu to connect them to your iPhone, then it’s fake

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AirPods are made in either Vietnam or China, depending on which version of AirPods you have, although most of the AirPod production is done in China. 

Therefore, if you see AirPods that say “Made in Japan,” they are fake and one of several ways you can tell fake AirPods from the genuine real Apple product. That being said, a lot of people questioned the authenticity of “Made In Vietnam” AirPods because the quality was subpar. 

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