Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards? (List Of Stores)

Do you have someone in your life who enjoys McDonald’s, and you’d like to get them a McDonald’s gift card to fill their cravings?

If so, you might be wondering where exactly you can get McDonald’s gift gift cards (also known as Arch Cards). Here is a full list of locations you can get them!

Where Can I Buy McDonald’s Gift Cards?

McDonald’s is available at Walgreens, Kroger, Food Lion, Kohl’s, McDonald’s, and other retail stores. However, smaller retail stores may only offer a few different dollar denominations, so not all money amounts will be available at every location. You also can purchase the McDonald’s gift cards straight from McDonald’s.

We have all of the details on which stores sell McDonald’s gift cards, so keep reading to get the full list!

1. Walgreens

Walgreens sells McDonald’s gift cards, but the specific value of the gift card will vary by location since they do not carry more than one or two denominations, and you can get the gift card online or in-store.

2. Kroger

If you want a lot of options in terms of the money amount of the McDonald’s gift card, then check out Kroger because they offer a bigger selection.

Additionally, you’ll find that they carry a $25 gift card and then a different gift card that you can choose the value of between $15 and $100.

3. Safeway

You can purchase gift cards for McDonald’s at Safeway, although each location will have a different selection of denominations available, so check your local store to see the offers.

Additionally, you can purchase them either online or in-store, so you have more than one way to purchase them for your convenience.

4. Food Lion

Food Lion carries McDonald’s gift cards both in-store and online, although some locations only sell $25 or $10 cards, so it’s best to call your local store to see which McDonald’s gift cards they sell.

5. Giant Eagle

5. Giant Eagle

Head on over to Giant Eagle and see the selection of Arch Cards that they offer, and you’ll be able to purchase them both in the store and online.

6. SuperValu

SuperValu has a good selection of McDonald’s gift cards to choose from, and they range between $5 and $100, with them being offered both in-store and online.

7. Ahold

Ahold will carry the McDonald’s gift cards, but they usually don’t have a huge selection, so it’s limited to popular denominations such as $10, $20, and $40.

On top of that, you can purchase them either in-store or online, whichever is easier for you!

8. Kohl’s

You might not think about Kohl’s as a place to purchase gift cards, but they have a huge selection of gift cards, including the McDonald’s gift card, and they come in various money amounts!

Further, you can get gift cards either online or in-store, and you can also earn points and rewards if you have a Kohl’s card on the purchase!

9. McDonald’s

It shouldn’t be a surprise that you can purchase McDonald’s gift cards at the restaurant itself, and they offer the most variety and money denominations out of all the listed stores.

Furthermore, it might be more convenient for you to just purchase them from McDonald’s if you go there a lot.

What Are the Dollar Denominations Available for a McDonald’s Gift Card?

The McDonald’s gift cards come in various dollar denominations starting at $5 and going all the way up to $100.

Not every store is going to carry a wide selection, though, which means you might only find $5, $20, and $40 gift cards at some retail locations, while others have a bigger variety.

Additionally, these gift cards never expire, and there is no fee associated with them, so you can keep them around as long as you want and use them as you feel the urge.

However, if something happens and you need to replace a lost card, you’ll need the activation receipt and any reload receipts, so make sure you keep all receipts with your McDonald’s gift card!

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