Where Do Popeyes Chickens Come From? (All You Need to Know)

Popeyes made its name in the fast-food industry by selling delectable chicken meals. In most cases, the chicken is freshly hand-battered and then cooked until it becomes extra crispy and crunchy.

However, the delightful taste of Popeyes dishes often sparks questions, like where does Popeyes chicken come from? Well, I looked into the matter, so keep reading to learn what I discovered!

Where Does Popeyes Chicken Come From In 2024?

Popeyes sources most of its chicken from Colombia Meat Distributor, a US-based chicken supplier, in 2024. The restaurant also gets chicken from local farms such as Claxton Poultry and Marshall Durbin. Moreover, Popeyes uses 100% natural chicken free from preservatives, steroids, and hormones. Popeyes in-bone chicken is supplied fresh in various outlets where it is brined, battered, and fried.

Keep reading for more information about where Popeyes sources its chicken, whether Popeyes chicken is processed, if the restaurant chickens are antibiotic-free, and much more!

Where Does Popeyes Source Its Chicken?

Popeyes sources chicken from American farms for US-based restaurants.

In the United States, Columbia Meat Distributors is the leading Popeyes chicken supplier.

However, since Popeyes is a large-scale fast food restaurant, it doesn’t source its chicken from a single supplier to avoid shortages.

Therefore, the company often purchases chicken from various farms across the country: Amick’s Poultry, Marshall Durbin, Pilgrim’s Pride, and Claxton poultry.

These companies have numerous farms distributed in Canada, Mexico, and the US.

Subsequently, it is possible to order a meal with different chicken pieces sourced from various farms!

Does Popeyes Use Real Chicken?

All Popeyes outlets use 100% real chicken free from fillings, additives, and preservatives.

Popeyes uses real chicken, which it marinates for twelve hours, hand-breads, and hand-batters; that’s why it bursts with Louisiana flavor!

Is Popeyes Chicken Processed?

As highlighted earlier, Popeyes uses real chicken. Therefore, the restaurant chicken is not processed.

Indeed, every piece of Popeyes chicken is freshly prepared with natural ingredients to make it extra crunchy and juicy.

As a matter of fact, Popeyes does not pre-bread its chicken nuggets or buggers. Instead, it prepares all orders only on demand.

Is Popeyes Chicken Frozen?

Is Popeyes Chicken Frozen?

According to a Reddit reviewer who claimed to be a former Popeyes employee, the restaurant does not freeze its bone-in chicken, rather, it is always fresh.

However, the employee also stated that the restaurant cooks the chicken tenders in a frozen state.

In most cases, the bone-in chicken is supplied fresh at various Popeyes outlets. Afterward, it is brined, battered, and fried.

Typically, Popeyes chicken is often in high demand. Therefore, the restaurant does not have to pile or stock it, which gives the company less incentive to freeze the chicken before use.

In fact, most Popeyes chicken does not last more than a day in the restaurant. Subsequently, customers can be assured of fresh chicken whenever they visit Popeyes.

Is All Popeyes Chicken Raised in America?

According to Popeyes, all its chicken is locally sourced. Therefore, in the United States, the company purchases chicken from American farms.

However, it is essential to note that the leading Popeyes chicken supplier Colombia Meats Distributors sources its chicken from various farms.

Also, most of these large-scale farms are not just located in America, but also in Canada and Mexico.

Does Popeyes Raise Its Chickens?

Although Popeyes takes pride in selling cage-free chicken, the company itself does not raise the chicken.

Instead, Popeyes purchases chicken from meat supplier companies and farms.

Does Popeyes Sell Plant-Based Chicken?

Popeyes does not have plant-based chicken options. Therefore, if you’re looking for vegan options, you can only get chicken-free items such as grits, baguettes, or drinks.

Is Popeyes Chicken Antibiotic-Free?

Before 2021, some Popeyes chicken might have had some traces of antibiotics.

However, in this case, the antibiotics were administered responsibly and prudently, especially if they were necessary for treatment.

Moreover, such antibiotics are administered by a licensed veterinarian.

According to Restaurant Brands International (RBI animal welfare policies, at times, antibiotics are necessary to maintain animal welfare and health.

However, it is essential to note that Popeyes had set 2021 as the year to use chickens that have been raised with zero antibiotics.

Does Popeyes Chicken Contain Hormones?

Popeyes uses organic chicken that is free of added steroids and hormones. The restaurant is also working to improve broiler chicken health by offering support to animal welfare programs.

Is Popeyes Chicken Ethical?

Popeyes claims that it purchases chicken from suppliers who farm them ethically.

However, in the past, the restaurant has encountered backlash for purchasing chicken raised on factory farms.

According to critiques, such chickens spend almost all their lives enclosed and have no access to outdoors or natural light.

In retaliation, Popeyes developed policies to promote the humane treatment of the chicken used in its restaurants.

For instance, the restaurant signed on to Better Chicken Commitment, a set of animal welfare standards.

In this case, Popeyes agrees to only get chicken from suppliers who keep up with the welfare improvement policies, including eliminating cages and offering more chicken living spaces.

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In a nutshell, Popeyes sources most of its chickens from farms and suppliers within the United States. The restaurant uses 100% natural chicken freshly prepared and not processed. Moreover, Popeyes uses chicken free from steroids and hormones.

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