Where Does IKEA Ship From? (Distribution Centers + Other FAQs)

If you’ve ever ordered a piece of furniture from IKEA, you must have noticed how quickly the items get delivered and how efficient the overall delivery service is.

Knowing that IKEA maintains this standard of delivery all over the country, you may be curious to know – where does IKEA ship from? Here is what I’ve found out through my research!

Where Does IKEA Ship From?

IKEA ships its online orders from a warehouse location based on the customer’s zip code. IKEA will usually find the closest stock-holding location to the noted delivery address, and process and send the order from there. Recently, IKEA has started using warehouses as distribution centers.

If you want to know more about whether IKEA ships items from stores and distribution centers, where it imports its designs and furniture from in the U.S. and much more, keep on reading!

Does IKEA Ship From Its Stores Or Warehouses?

IKEA ships items ordered online from warehouse locations only, rather than from local IKEA stores.

This is why the stock available in-store is different from that sold on its online website.

How Does IKEA Manage Its Deliveries?

IKEA uses DPD delivery services for smaller orders throughout the week from Monday to Sunday.

For larger deliveries, IKEA has its own distribution process that sees most orders delivered within 14 days of initial purchase. Note that the actual delivery time depends on stock levels, product availability, and delivery location.

The furniture giant utilizes 33 different distribution centers and 11 customer distribution centers to help efficiently ship its products to customers.

These distribution centers are located in 16 countries (where IKEA receives the most orders).

What Is IKEA’s Updated Shipping Strategy?

IKEA has recently started a new delivery system that uses warehouses as distribution centers.

Under this system, IKEA can fulfill orders using multiple warehouses from different locations to efficiently pick orders. Alternatively, if stock levels are sufficient, IKEA will just use the warehouse location nearest to the delivery address.

This shipping strategy allows IKEA to cover a wider range of stock from different warehouses for its customers.

Note that although customers may be receiving stock from two different warehouse locations as part of their order, they will only have to pay a fixed delivery fee.

Where Does IKEA Import From?

IKEA imports its design ideas and concepts from Sweden, as this is where IKEA is ultimately based.

However, IKEA has been known to outsource its manufacturing process to China as well as other countries in Asia.

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IKEA uses distribution centers and warehouses based around the world to ship its items. It has a smart distribution system that searches for warehouses closest to the order delivery address to find the correct levels of stock that can be shipped in the least amount of time.

Additionally, IKEA does not ship from its own stores, and due to this, stock availability can vary between stores and its online website.

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