Does IKEA Ship To Hawaii And Alaska? (Full Guide)

As well as its 50 US stores, IKEA also offers a home delivery service to shoppers who purchase products online at

However, those who live in Hawaii and Alaska might be wondering whether they can get IKEA’s affordable products shipped to their doors, too.

Here’s all you need to know about whether IKEA ships to Hawaii and Alaska!

Does IKEA Ship To Hawaii And Alaska?

Unfortunately, IKEA does not deliver to both Hawaii or Alaska. This has to do with a lack of necessary infrastructure and the fact that IKEA does not have US stores or distribution centers near these states. Customers can instead use shipping forwarders to get items shipped to Hawaii or Alaska.

But does that mean that there’s no way for Hawaii and Alaska residents to order IKEA furniture? Keep reading to find out more!

Why Does IKEA Not Ship To Hawaii And Alaska?

IKEA will deliver to most locations throughout the US, even to those that do not have an IKEA store in their state. 

However, isolated and out-of-the-way locations such as Hawaii and Alaska are left out

This is partly because the populations of these states are not big enough to warrant their own IKEA warehouses

In the case of Alaska, IKEA simply doesn’t have the infrastructure necessary to ship products so far afield. 

However, since home delivery is still fairly new for the company, there is a chance this could change as the service expands!

How Can I Get IKEA Furniture Delivered To Hawaii And Alaska?

If you live in Hawaii or Alaska, you can still get IKEA furniture delivered straight to your door.

You can do this by ordering through a company that is able to purchase and ship IKEA goods to more remote areas.

Companies such as Haul2HI are able to ship IKEA products to HawaiiAlaska Furniture Supply offers the same service for residents in Alaska!

How To Find An IKEA Store Near Me?

If you aren’t sure whether there’s an IKEA store in your state and able to deliver to yougo to the IKEA website.

 Using the store locator toolyou can search through all of IKEA’s US stores to find the one closest to your home.

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Right now, IKEA cannot ship to Hawaii or Alaska. This is due to infrastructure constraints and a lack of nearby stores and warehouses. However, Hawaii and Alaska residents that want to get IKEA furniture delivered can order through third-party companies. Haul2HI and Alaska Furniture Supply are just two examples of companies ordering and shipping IKEA furniture to these two otherwise uncatered-for states.

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