Where Does KFC Get Its Chicken? (Suppliers, Are They Treated Well + More)

You don’t have to be a vegan or vegetarian to care about how your food is prepared and where it comes from. Chicken lovers may, for example, hope the chicken they buy at fast-food chains has been ethically treated on cage-free farms.

Some KFC fans may carefully consider who supplies the chain with its chicken meat with this goal in mind. If you happen to be among the individuals who desire to have this question answered, read on for further details!

Where Does KFC Get Its Chicken In [currentyear]?

KFC obtains some of its chicken on the bone from the UK and Ireland as of [currentyear]. While it receives most of its chicken overseas, it also acquires chicken from the US-based manufacturer Tyson. However, Tyson came under fire for its unethical treatment of the animals in Georgia and Tennessee.

In other words, KFC has a couple of overseas and domestic meat suppliers, with one of them having a troubled reputation. If you want to learn more about where KFC obtains its chickens and if they’re healthy to eat, read more below!

Are KFC Chickens Ethically Raised?

KFC released a global cage-free commitment alongside Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, and The Habit Grill.

That said, the promise ensures that chickens used in its foods are born and raised in barns, not stuffed into tiny spaces.

Unfortunately, some 97% of American factory farms cage-egg laying hens in horrid, cramped conditions.

Regarding KFC’s commitment, the franchise promises not to align itself with any farms that cage their chickens. 

Is KFC Chicken Genetically Altered?

Rumors are circulating that KFC uses genetically altered chickens with no feet or beaks.

So, although the University of New Hampshire supposedly did a study that supports this, the accusation is not valid.

With that, UNH states that no such study exists and that the entire thing is an internet hoax. Even so, the claim persists and is still perpetuated, even among reputable newspapers and TV broadcasters.

Are KFC Chickens Cage-Free?

Technically, KFC doesn’t own any farms. However, it works with certified cage-free farms that treat their chickens well.

Therefore, this means that the factory farms KFC contracts with must prove that they operate a facility that treats its animals ethically.

That said, do factory farm chickens receive better treatment than those in cages?

The short answer is not at all, as many chickens arrive at cramped concentrated feeding areas and are often sick, diseased, or viciously debeaked.

What Are Broiler Chickens?

Many institutions that believe in the ethical treatment of animals sourced for meat have come out against KFC’s use of broiler chickens.

That said, broiler chickens come from chicks fed foods modified with growth hormones from birth.

Not surprisingly, many animal advocacy groups have called for a boycott of KFC.

However, KFC has recently committed to using factory farms that raise their chickens more humanely, although these types of farms need improvement as well.

Are KFC Chickens Pumped Full Of Antibiotics?

Are KFC Chickens Pumped Full Of Antibiotics?

Yes, KFC scored an “F” regarding its use of antibiotics. Further, the score related to non-compliance in reducing the fast-food chain’s reliance on antibiotics in its meat supply.

Correspondingly, health officials have warned that the overuse of antibiotics in meat has created antibiotic resistance in humans, a situation that has killed thousands.

That said, KFC needs to join competitors like McDonald’s, Chick-fil-A, Subway, and Papa John’s in its commitment to eliminate the use of antibiotics in its meat.

Does KFC Chicken Contain MSG?

KFC chicken and all its side items contain MSG, which is not exactly what health-conscious diners want to find in their food.

Further, you can find MSG in KFC’s boneless chicken, extra crispy tenders, chicken pot pie, and a host of popular chicken offerings.

Be forewarned, the use of MSG is highly prevalent in the fast-food industry, and there has been a renewed effort to keep this hush-hush. Additionally, MSG is hidden via terms like:

  • Yeast extract
  • Autolyzed yeast
  • Texturized protein
  • Hydrolyzed plant protein

How Is KFC Chicken Cooked And Prepared?

KFC founder, Colonel Sanders, created the trademark 11 herbs and spices that have been used to prepare the world-famous chicken for decades.

So, after coating the chicken with flour and secret ingredients, KFC pressure cooks it to give it a nice crispy flavor and crunch.

Additionally, KFC chicken is always fresh, never frozen, contributing to its juicy tastiness.

Also, a pinch of salt underscores the flavor and creates that one-of-a-kind of flavor that’s irresistible to the masses.

Is KFC Chicken Kosher?

KFC wanted to appeal to the broader market but couldn’t figure out how to make the original recipe accommodate Jewish religious laws.

For this reason, US-based KFC is unable to offer Kosher chicken. That said, KFC does provide Kosher chicken in places like Jerusalem and Tel-Aviv.

Also, anyone who wants to recreate the recipe with a Kosher bent can find a recipe online that closely emulates the flavor and texture of the famed chicken.

Is KFC Chicken Halal?

No, KFC chicken is not Halal as it doesn’t conform to the religious standards of ritual meat preparation that Muslims observe.

Furthermore, while KFC prepares its meats under strict USDA protocols, it cannot obtain Hala certifications due to non-compliance with Muslim law.

However, KFC provides halal meats at three franchises: Lynnfield, Otahuhu, and Takanini.

With that, the meat for these stores is supplied by Tegel Foods and approved by the Ministry for Primary Industries Hala Notice and Halal Conformity Services.

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KFC obtains its chicken from various sources, but its main suppliers are based in the UK and Ireland.

Also, KFC recently announced its commitment to providing cruelty-free meat from cage-free farms but still uses MSG and antibiotics in its product.

Additionally, while its chicken isn’t genetically altered, it does engineer broiler chickens, which are enhanced in ways that make their lives miserable.

As KFC struggles to become more progressive, the franchise should find new ways to provide chicken that consumers with a conscience can enjoy.

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